TAS 243 – How MindSet and Taking Action Helped Bobby Jacques Leave His Full Time Job

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  • Hi Scott & Bobby,
    first of all, thanks alot for this episode, great content!

    Bobby talked about his cousin helping him in the product research phase. That is also the step with which I still have problems. It would be great if you could describe what you learned about product research from your cousin. Is it just deciding to make the next step or how is your process each time you are researching now?

    Thank you! 🙂

  • Thank you so much for this Scott and Bobby, very much appreciated. Would anyone be so kind as to explain in further detail what “phrase and exact matches” means and how to implement that. Its was spoken about in this podcast. Thank you

    • Hey Maximillian if you want a full breakdown of phrase and exact, you may want to give a listen to episode 119. Essentially phrase matches certian words in a row and exact will only work when someone searches for EXACTLY that set of words.

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