TAS 242 – (Hot Seat) How to Optimize Current Product to Increase Conversions and Sales

One of the things Scott and his friend Chris Schaeffer love to do to help private label sellers boost their sales is to do these “hot seat” episodes. It’s a real life Amazon product that is already selling that is submitted for review and suggestions to increase sales. Scott and Chris are looking at a product today that is in a tight niche and is very low priced – both of which are problems from the get go. But there are some things that can be done to improve the sales of this product regardless. You can hear Scott and Chris’ suggestions on this episode.

A bad thing will happen when you’re product price is low to begin with.

If you get into a market where the sales price for the product is $7 or so, you’re going to run into a problem. Even if your product only costs you $1, you’re going to pay a lot in Amazon fees and not have much product margin to play with. That’s why Scott recommends that you look for products that will sell for $15 or more most of the time. You can hear more insights into the way the product cost impacts your profits and success, on this episode.

The first thing your potential customers see is the photo. Make sure it’s a good one.

When you’re putting together your Amazon listing one of the most important things that can’t be underestimated is the photo you use to highlight your product. Amazon requires that your product photo is the product alone on a white background – and Scott and Chris both feel that it’s vital that the photo be high quality and positioned in a way that shows it as large a possible. Today’s hot seat product needs a better photo and Scott and Chris will tell you exactly what they’d do to make the listing photo better.

Providing a bonus item for freer is a great idea – but this seller didn’t use it well.

The product that’s on the “hot seat” on this episode of The Amazing Seller also includes a free ebook to help the user learn how to use the product. It’s a great idea and is a powerful way to increase the perceived value of the product. However, this seller hasn’t taken advantage of the bonus. How did they miss the opportunity? The bonus item is not mentioned in the title of the product OR shown in the product image. Both of those are great opportunities to stand out from the competition. Find out how you can use this example to improve your product listing on this episode.

Bundling may be the key to increasing your private label product sales.

Often, once a private label product is introduced into the market others begin to jump on board and offer the same product. Before long that niche is flooded and the price begins to race to the bottom. It’s not a good situation for anyone but there are ways to become the dominant seller in the market, and the main way is by bundling your product with accessories or related products that purchasers might need in order to use your product. You can hear some great ideas for how you can think in terms of bundling for your product on this episode.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this hotseat episode with Chris Schaeffer!
  • [3:00] Introduction to this hotseat scenario.
  • [6:19] The market today’s product is in: good or bad?
  • [9:21] The market looks saturated and the price point is low.
  • [14:22] An interesting market that should allow for increased sales.
  • [15:55] Why the product photo is important: and this one needs to be improved.
  • [20:25] Looking at the listing for issues that could use improvement.
  • [29:02] Looking at related products to come up with bundle ideas.
  • [39:12] The more you look into the bundles, the more opportunities you see.


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TAS 242 – (Hot Seat) How to Optimize Current Product to Increase Conversions and Sales


[00:00:03] Scott: Well hey, hey what’s up everyone. Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 242 and today I’m excited as usual because we’re going to do another hot seat session and I’ve invited on my good friend, once again, Chris Shaffer who’s going to help me kind of go through this. Him and I we go back and forth…

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…when we look at someone’s listing or their product and we’re able to break it down from just another set of eyes and ears to really see what we think could improve this listing or this product.

Really we’re going to be talking about optimization in a sense to increase conversions and sales and a lot of times people will say, “You know what, my product it’s up and running, I’m getting 4 sales a day or 6 sales a day, I’m just not getting the traffic. I’m not getting found,” or maybe, “I’m running pay per click but I’m not getting the results I think I should be getting.” A lot of times it comes down to either the title or your optimization as far as your keywords or it has to do with your image, your photo or it has to do with reviews. There’s a lot of different things that it can be so what we want to do here is really break this down live in front of your and it’s a way for us to kind of also get prepared for a live event that we do. We just started doing these.

We had one back in Denver not too long ago it was called TAS Breakthrough Live. It’s a way for us to do these here because that’s what we do here at these live events if you guys don’t know. If you guys wanted to learn more about that I should probably give you guys the link. You can head over to theamazingseller.com/live and you can see a little clip from last year’s, well not last year’s, this year’s but it was a few months ago and you can go ahead and check that out. If you’re interested in attending one of those it is very limited. We only have 30 people that attend.

It’s a closed kind of room, kind of discussion and mastermind, and just a great place to be able to really take businesses and dissect them and you just learn a ton by being able to be in that room.

[00:02:02] Scott: If you want to attend one of those possibly in the future definitely get on the registration list, it’s a notification list and that is over at theamazingseller.com/live. Now before we do jump into that, I did want to remind you guys that all of the show notes and the transcripts can be found at this episode by heading over to theamazingseller.com/242. Again that’s theamazingseller.com/242 and that will get you the show notes, the transcripts, anything that we discuss there, that we reference to will be there.

I’m going to stop talking so we can go ahead and listen to this conversation that I had with Chris Shaffer all about this gentleman’s listing, his product, what we think can be improved and you’re going to really get our take on the entire big picture. Enjoy this hot seat with myself and Chris Shaffer.


[00:02:58] Scott: Okay Chris what’s up man, how is it going? Another day we’re going to be able to do a hot seat together, what’s up?

[00:03:07] Chris: Loving it man, getting in those reps.

[00:03:09] Scott: For anyone that doesn’t know when we do these hot seats we talk about it a lot like working out because we do a live event or we have done one, we’re going go to do one in the future called the TAS Breakthrough Live. This is like our training. It’s like, you’ve heard the commercial probably Planet Fitness. “I pick things up then I put them down, I pick things up, I put them down”. It’s like that.

I’m excited Chris to be able to pick things up and put things down this morning which I actually went to the gym this morning by the way at Planet and I was there… It was funny Chris, I was there and I thought I was doing really good I’m like, “I’m going to get there at 6:30 knock it out on a Saturday.”

We’re recording this on a Saturday anyone listening. I get there ready to go and the parking lot is like no one there and I’m like, “What’s going on here?” Well come to find out they don’t open till 7:00 at this particular Planet Fitness. I’m like, “What do I do?” I sat there and I did a Snapchat and I did a couple other things and I listened to some podcast and then I went in and I worked out. Hey you know what, we have these little obstacles. We plan and then something happens, we got to adjust and I adjusted so I still got the workout in.

[00:04:29] Chris: That’s what I like to hear man.

[00:04:31] Scott: Let’s go ahead.

[00:04:32] Chris: Going with the flow.

[00:04:33] Scott: Yeah it is, let’s go with the flow today and let’s do another hot seat and I’m going to have you read the email that I received because you read so much better than me Chris. Not to put any pressure on you but you do. You’re very, very clear and everyone can understand you and you always set it up really nicely. Why don’t you… The funny thing is I’m looking at your screen right now because we’re doing this so we can kind of go back and forth and I was trying to scroll your screen because I thought it was my screen.

[00:05:01] Chris: I do that all the time, that’s fine.

[00:05:03] Scott: All right, go ahead and why don’t you kick things off, why don’t you read a little bit of this email about Alexander’s problem and then we’ll go ahead and try to dive in and help him.

[00:05:14] Chris: All right. The email says, “My name is Alexander I’m a private label seller on Amazon and I’ve been listening to your podcast for the last 3 months. Been very impressed with your actionable and insightful content and your honesty and your integrity, no pressure.” The hot seat needs to be all about actionable and insightful content.

[00:05:33] Scott: It will be.

[00:05:34] Chris: “I live in the UK but I’ve been selling on Amazon in the US for the last 9 months. I have one product at this stage which is selling an average of 4 to 8 units daily which isn’t bad and I’m looking for ways in which to push this consistently past the 10 to 20 sales a day mark. I’d be grateful if you could provide your advice and I would appreciate if you could keep my product anonymous for obvious reasons.” No problem there.

“My question can be broken down into two parts.” Basically he wants to understand kind of what’s happening. He gave us a little bit of his results on his PPC campaign, a little bit of his organic search traffic. Scott, why don’t we just dive in and give our initial thoughts on the market as a whole and see if we can nail down maybe an easy way and then we can dive in a little bit further and maybe give him some specific pointers on something like his PPC.

[00:06:30] Scott: Well, first off and I think anyone listening right now because I get a lot of people that ask that. They’re like, “I launched a product,” or, “I’m about to launch a product,” or, “I want to launch a product and the market just seems like saturated,” or maybe they launched and it wasn’t that saturated then all of a sudden it starts becoming very saturated. I’m going to say this right now and I’ve never talked about this but my daughter was actually, my older daughter she’s always listening to me with products.

Whenever we see something we’re like that would make a cool little product. She came to me one day and this was before the summer of this year which is 2016 and she’s like, “Dad I think I found something. It’s really cool, it’s light weight, it’s all this,” and I’m like, “Cool, let me see.” It was and you’ve probably seen it and everyone else listening has probably seen, has been seeing this.

[00:07:24] Chris: Low cut barbecue gloves.

[00:07:25] Scott: It’s not those but it the water melon slicer. I’m like, “Oh, this is really cool.” I go, “There’s a problem. It’s going to be oversaturated. I can just tell you that right this second. Right now the numbers look great but before you know it it’s going to be oversaturated,” and guess what, it’s oversaturated. Now that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t have added that to an existing brand or maybe if you’ve already launched that or if you have one of those then you’re going to have to just think outside the box and start as far as like what else you could sell that with or what that market would also want.

I just thought I’d throw that out there. I get that question a lot like, “Scott I’m selling now but I’m all of a sudden noticing a lot of competition coming in.” The other thing that happens with that is the price point will go from $24.95 to $7.95 and that’s the kind of that race to the bottom that we talk about. My initial thought here where it is right now today that we’re looking at the results for this is it’s very similar to that. It’s very saturated, it’s a low ticket price now. We’re talking $7.95 to $10.99-ish. I even see some for $5.99. Chris there’s not a lot a lot you’re going to make on a product that’s $5.99 even if you get it for a dollar. I mean FBA fees alone.

That’s my first initial thought here on that but we’re going… Again I don’t want to be totally like we’re going to deflate here but we are going to give you some ideas on what you can do to continually grow your sales but then also how to position this thing so you can maybe get another product or a bundle or a kit or something like that together. Chris why don’t you pick up from there.

[00:09:19] Chris: The first thing that we like to do and you guys have heard these before is we like to jump into Amazon and take a look at the broader keyword and run Jungle Scout on it just to give us an idea of the market. He was able to give us some numbers but this gives us an even clear picture of what’s going on. Scott what you said hits home for me, the reason we talk about products above $19 mostly, again guys like $17.99 is fine. It doesn’t have to be exactly 19. The reason that we talk about products like that is so that you can have some margin to play with. At an average price point of $8.83 as of when we were recording this with $3 in Amazon fees that leaves you with a very thin profit margin which makes thing like PPC extremely difficult.

It makes getting into some of these more competitive niches right now extremely hard because you don’t have the added benefit of being able to sell via PPC and still make money. Two clicks on a pay-per-click campaign and you’re done in terms of profit margin in something like this. That’s the first thing that sticks out to me but he doesn’t seem to be too worried about the profit margin. It sounds like Alexander is doing okay in terms of that. He just wants to up the sales volume. To me there’s two ways you can go about that. You can either say I want to raise my sales volume or you can make more per product.

In this case it looks like we’re going to focus on seeing if we can get that sales volume up just a little bit and along the way I have a feeling just because it’s you and I talking about it that we’re going to find some other ways that he can make a little bit more money in this in the same industry.

[00:11:00] Scott: I think the goal here for him it’s to be able to increase sales, I get it but the other thing is sometimes we get married to a product and we don’t want to do that because we want to have that flexibility to pivot. What I want to do here is give him some ideas on what he can do to increase sales potentially but then also how you can pivot a little bit and then make more profit by maybe selling other products. Let’s start from kind of how we can increase sales.

[00:11:35] Chris: All right, Scott after we talked about that price point what do you think about the overall volume in this space just looking at the first page of Jungle Scout?

[00:11:44] Scott: The first page is pretty good. The first six I believe, the first six are, they’re crazy numbers. The first is 3,500 sales a month, the next one is 4,200 sales a month, the next one’s 152 which is kind of weird. I’m kind of interested to see why that would be. It looks like maybe a promo because they have 36 reviews. Everyone else has well either a 1,000 reviews or 400 reviews and then 200 reviews.

Then the next one in line there is a 1,000 and the next one is 1,800 and then the next one is 595. Then it goes to 84 and then it goes to 280 and then it goes to 545, 577 and then 1,318 and then 590 and then 554. This meets the depth. We have enough depth, we have enough demand because we can even go to page two and find that there’s demand there but the thing that’s alarming to me is the 795, the 472, the 797, the 599, that’s alarming to me.

[00:12:56] Chris: The reviews don’t even bother me. There’re obviously guys like the top seller here, well he’s not even the top seller he’s just the guy that ranks number one for this keyword has a 1,000 reviews but everybody else is under 500. That’s not even really a problem.

[00:13:14] Scott: No, the reviews don’t, they would jump out to me and say, “Oh don’t do this.” It’s really the price that does. Now if we have a product like this and it is selling that many units even if you’re only making a dollar a unit for the number one and number two, if you’re making a dollar a unit you’re still making $3,000 or $4,000 a month on one product. It’s a lot of volume. You’re pushing a lot of items but the other thing that I would think in this case is if I was at that level is now I’ve also reached that many people’s mailboxes with an insert and I’m also able to now extract their phone numbers and possibly use them into some external Facebook traffic or also from there I’m able to possibly get them to buy something else from me on the back end whether I have it on Amazon or not. Just some initial thoughts but the reviews don’t bother me at all.

[00:14:20] Chris: No, and I think outside of the price point this is a really interesting space. The volume is definitely there, the reviews are definitely there.

[00:14:29] Scott: On the market side.

[00:14:30] Chris: The price point…meh. Everything else seems to be there so he should be able to move up to that 10 to 20 sales a day mark.

[00:14:41] Scott: The one thing I’m noticing with everyone pretty much, scroll back to the top Chris so I can see the top listings again. Pretty much, not the sponsored the other one, the first one they have something else that they’re including with the product. The second one they’re not, the third one they are the exact same accessory and then if you move down a little bit further Chris I think I’ve seen it there, then the next one is, the next one is and he is not.

I’m seeing these other ones they’re able to charge maybe $11.95 but they have another piece that goes with it, an accessory but again that adds to your cost of your inventory. I’m already seeing that that’s something that’s differentiating amongst the ones that aren’t.

[00:15:38] Chris: The other thing that sticks out to me and Scott I’m sure you notice this as well is the first thing that I see as I’m scrolling down through the ones that work, that are selling really well is again that primary listing photo. This is something that you and I have talked about a whole bunch in these hot seats is that that photo is key, it needs to grab my eye. The reason that Amazon wants these on a white background with just the product is because it does that. It showcases the product, it eliminates distractions, it eliminates anything else and what it looks like he did here was he tried to show case his packaging and he tried to do all of those kinds of things.

The first thing that I notice is the product is upside down in the photo but it also is kind of busy and the ones that are selling really well seem to be just the product or the product and the accessory and they really do stand out in the listings because it immediately pulls your eye to it especially when the ones that are kind of in the list are busier photos. Does that make sense?

[00:16:44] Scott: That makes total sense. The upside down thin that would be the first thing that I would change. I wouldn’t want the thing to be upside down because then you don’t really understand the direction when everyone else is clearly showing you the direction. I would probably remove the packaging in there and if not I would separate them. It almost looks like it’s just like floating so I would make it look a little bit grounded if possible and I would have it facing down.

I would have it in the same direction or the similar direction as the top sellers. Of course it’s like we said like why reinvent the wheel when we can just model what’s working. I would look at that stuff and I would change that up, that would be probably my first thing because you’re on page one for this one keyword. Now I can almost guarantee there’s a lot of other keywords that are being driven for this product and not just this main keyword and we’ve already seen one is just being plural. If you can have a plural same keyword in there that’s going to help you. I don’t see it here, that doesn’t mean it’s not in the back end or anything but I would probably try to put that in the title as well to help get ranked for more places.

[00:18:05] Chris: I want to disagree with you here for a minute on the photo. I’m generally a fan of modeling what works exactly and then iterating on it. If you notice like number one, number two, number five, they’re all using the same angle which is great and it showcases the product. I’m thinking maybe you just take that and flip it and that’s going to make you standout even more. If you model that photo and you reversed so that the product is facing the other direction it is going to make you stand out even more. That’s just something I may try.

[00:18:48] Scott: Again it’s like it’s an educated guess but you really won’t know until you split it. I would say split it. The other thing that I’m noticing if you look at the one where your cursor’s on right now they’re showing the package standing upright, they’re showing the device standing upright, they’re showing the accessory standing upright. That to me stands out because everyone else is doing it at an angle. Maybe that’s it so you cans still show your packaging if you want to. What are they? They’re just above his so there are 595. They’re selling 600 a month so that 20 a day and let’s see. You’re selling 84. I would try that. I would try those different things but again trying it means you have to wait and you have to test.

[00:19:41] Chris: I think I finally figured out what my issue is with the more clattered photos. The product is small in the photos and we talked about this in one of the previous hot seats but the other reason you want to show just the products in that main photo is because it makes it look bigger in the thumbnail. I have no idea what his product is looking at this. The ones that are shot really well, even the one above his that’s doing 585. It’s hard to tell what it is because it’s so small compared to the ones where the product is the showcase item. Keeping in mind that there is probably a couple of different ways that he can go in terms of changing that primary image on the listing. Let’s jump into the listing itself and see if there is anything else that we can kind of identify that might be a problem.

[00:20:31]Scott: That sounds like a plan. Let’s do that.

[00:20:34]Chris: Scott, you can see the listing on my screen here as well, correct?

[00:20:37]Scott: Absolutely yup.

[00:20:38]Chris: All right. Is there anything just at the top portion of the listing that stands out to you?

[00:20:44] Scott: Well, for just looking at the main listing, we’re not looking at the image right now, right? Just the listing itself?

[00:20:49]Chris: Right.

[00:20:49] Scott: Yes. Well, I see that his main keyword is… The very first thing, which I think is great but I also looked at the other ones and I see that we could probably enhance that a little bit from what they have in their front end. Well, that one that just showed me is the identical one I guess. Let’s see here. I’m looking at the bullets and from there I’m thinking to myself that those could be better. Right off the top, that’s the first thing that I see. What do you see?

[00:21:26]Chris: I would agree with that. He mentions in the email for those of you guys who don’t have the email in front of you like Scott and I do, that his conversion rate is 7 and 24%. Recently it has been around 15%. To me that smells like he’s just not getting enough people to the listing to get the sales that he wants but once they’re here we need to be able to make sure that we convert consistently at that 15% rather than 7% or 24%.

Obviously if we can always convert at 24% that would be even better. The bullet points are kind of the first thing that stick out to me. They don’t have that benefit called out at the front like some of his competitors do and then we’ve talked about a couple of different times, tends to work really well especially on the Amazon platform. I would come back and again switch those bullets from features of the product to benefits of the product, and he has the benefits called out but they’re in the middle of the bullet points. Does that make sense?

[00:22:27] Scott: Yeah, yeah. It does. If you can envision this, anyone listening, just picture that you have full capitalization about… I don’t know, about a third of the way through the first bullet or maybe even further, maybe even over half. It’s not in the main eye view of the scan. Like we scan usually left to right but depending on I guess if you’re right or left handed but most people it’s left to right. You kind of want to have those bullets where they’re a little bit more bold. You can’t bold them technically but you can add some capitalization even to the front letter of each word just to make it stand out. Maybe put a dash in between it, just to give it a little bit more of a break. But yeah, I agree. That’s one thing that I would say would help the conversion but what was it? 7% to 15%, was that the conversion?

[00:23:23]Chris: It was 7% to 24%. He said currently he’s at about 15%.

[00:23:23 Scott: Okay, I was going to say that’s a very wide, a very wide range. I would say I would look more as far as like okay, the past thirty days I think is what I would do so that way I’m more relevant as far as like what timeframe I’m looking at. If we’re looking at like a 15% conversion rate. It’s not terrible but again, if the traffic isn’t there it doesn’t really matter. As far as like how many more sales that you’re going to get so I think what he was asking is like how do I get more traffic or how do I get more people to click on my listing? That comes before you get in the listing.

[00:24:03]Chris: Changing the bullets for him is just kind of the best practice. It’s going to boost his conversion rate a little bit but the real win is going to come from getting more traffic to the listing and he does rank on the first page for his keyword. Again, we’ve talked about it before that primary listing photo is extremely critical. It’s a really well shot photo. It’s a cool looking photo but it doesn’t necessarily stand out from the crowd and looking at his supporting photos here, I actually think his second photo and he actually in his second, he did exactly what I disagreed with you and said maybe do it at the other angle. That second photo is exactly the photo that I would use as the primary listing photo.

[00:24:46] Scott: Yeah. It’s on a white background. It’s clean. It shows a little bit of a drop shadow to give it a little bit of grounding. It’s a nice clean file. Yeah, I would agree with you on that as well. Again, worth testing. I would remove the other one, other than I would possibly, again test, I would put the box in there but maybe stand it upright and have that standing next to the box or something like that.

[00:25:11]Chris: Then nice thing about this is you can swap this right now and go get that other photo done and run it as a truce split test but he should be able to in the meantime have an understanding of whether or not it drives a little bit more traffic by looking at the sessions report.

[00:25:25]Scott: Yeah. One other thing I just pointed up or I want to point out by looking at the bullets. I can see at the very last bullet, he’s got a special bonus in there, and he’s got an eBook that he’s giving away which I don’t see any reference in the pictures of an eBook, do you?

[00:25:40]Chris: The other place that I don’t really see it mentioned at all, you mentioned in in the photos, I don’t see it in the title. He just says free bonuses. I know what the product is and it’s the product that I’m looking for but the eBook is a cool bonus. It makes sense. It’s something that I would want if I was buying the product. Free bonuses doesn’t tell me that. Tell me what the bonus is in the title and if you say, “Chris, I don’t have enough room to tell you that.” You have your brand name in the title.

You can have it there if you think… If you’re selling hundreds a day to me you can make the argument that it’s driving sales for you. It’s probably not for most of us in the private label world because people don’t generally search for our brand to buy our products. They buy from the broader search terms. I would probably drop that and instead of the free bonuses portion of your title, I would say, “It’s X, Y, Z eBook included with every purchase,” and go from there. That alone should boost your clicks from search as well as changing that photo. That’s going to help a lot.

[00:25:54]Scott: Again, we’re trying to take what’s already existing and trying to optimize what’s already currently there, so just to let people know because I think personally that this is very saturated but you still can do it but there is not a whole heck of a lot of profit at all that’s going to be made from selling at that price but again, I just want to let people know that are listening that we’re just trying to find a way to optimize what’s already there.

[00:27:24]Chris: Starting there makes sense. There are some small things that Alexander can do to make a difference in this listing. Primarily the photo and then maybe optimizing that title a little bit with what you just called out. I really think it is a matter of eyes on page frame just based on the volume in the market. There are people buying this product so it shouldn’t be a huge problem for him to be able to get from that like five, six sales a day mark to that ten or twelve sales a day mark.

But there are also a lot of other things that he can do and just scrolling down here, you guys have heard us talk about this in previous hot seats. That ‘frequently bought together’ section can be extremely powerful. If you notice that the thing… Scott, what’s the very first thing that’s bought with his product? It’s the bonus that’s included with the other people’s thing.

[00:28:13]Scott: You were supposed to let me answer that though.

[00:28:18]Chris: I didn’t want to. I was on a roll.

[00:28:19]Scott: Come on man, I had that. Yeah. You’re absolutely right though. If you look at frequently bought together you’re going to see the exact accessory that’s been bundled with everything else and there is also a third that’s not being bundled that could be bundled. Depending on how much you could source that for, if you took all three of them because if you purchase these individually it’s showing the total price would be $21.62, so if you’re able to take those three and bundle it and sell it for $19.97 and still have profit in there, then it’s worth doing it. These are pretty small lightweight items and I would think that the company that makes this one item would definitely make those other two.

[00:28:55]Chris: Well, and looking at the competitors again, the first item that’s the most frequently bought together is the giveaway, the bonus item that comes with most of his competitors thing and they’re selling even at $2 more, right?

[00:29:09]Scott: Right.

[00:30:00]Chris: $2 more, $3 more and it’s basically the same main product with just that additional product bundled to it. Even if what you did was make fifty cents on that. Right, that’s actually fifty cents profit on every sale that it’s worth taking a look at. The other thing that I would probably consider here is once you get a little bit more of that traffic just through some of the stuff that we talked about, is maybe bringing on some of these additional items as a variation that is a bundle. A bundle of those three items and then there are larger collections of items.

[00:29:46]Scott: But do you know what? Do me a favor real quick. We’re going to do this on the fly. Go ahead and look up the accessory and see what it’s selling for and also how the sales look.

[00:29:59]Chris: Which accessory?

[00:30:00]Scott: The one that’s most common. Yeah, that one. We’re going to go ahead and we’re going to look and see because now what could be happening too is people that are looking for that accessory are going to stumble on the main product. Now, you’re going to be able to capitalize. Here, I’m seeing these accessories selling for $6.60, $7.57. That’s a bonus item that’s being offered… Most of his competitors are offering that they’re getting for basically free or maybe even a dollar or two more so they’re able to get it without having to leave. Chris, if you’re machine will load that. It looks like it’s spinning.

[00:30:40]Chris: Jungle Scout. There we go.

[00:30:43]Scott: There we go. Okay …

[00:30:44]Chris: Oh wow, it’s because there is like thirty results on the main page.

[00:30:48]Scott: Okay, let’s take a look at the top ten. If we look at the top ten, well, the first one seems like it might be a major brand. That one is selling three thousand of that accessory every single month. Then we go to the second one is 491 with only 42 reviews. Then we’ve got another one that is a thousand a month. Then the next one is 189 with only 24 reviews, 186 with 5 reviews, then the next one is… It looks like it’s important to on the size of this particular item.

[00:31:22] Chris: This is actually his main competitor.

[00:31:25] Scott: There you go. Look at that guys. The sixth position rank for this secondary keyword, that’s the accessory, they’re showing up for on page one number six. That same one is showing up number one for the other product or for the other keyword, so they’re getting double the traffic because of that accessory. Does that make sense Chris?

[00:31:51] Chris: Exactly. That’s one of the things where I can tell you just by looking at the accessory that it’s not going to cost you all that much to bundle it with it and what you can do if you want to get really fancy is you could offer it as a bundle for $9 and you could offer item individually for whatever they competing price is.

That gives you then three listings to compete in the same space all legitimately because it’s the thing by itself, the other thing by itself and then the combo packed together. All three appear to sell on their own, the combo pack and each individual item appears to sell so there is no reason not to take advantage of something like that and kind of get traffic from other sources beyond just that main keyword.

[00:32:36] Scott: Yeah.

[00:32:37] Chris: That’s something that we don’t talk about a lot.

[00:32:40] Scott: No, it’s a great point though.

[00:32:42] Chris: You shouldn’t be focusing just on one keyword. There is other keywords that sell stuff and you guys have heard Scott and I talk about it. It’s the long tail. It’s about getting one sale a month from a thousand keywords not a thousand sales from one keyword because the day you get knocked off then you drop to 800 and then 600 and then 500. I would rather expand my real estate with the same product than have to worry about sourcing something else and in this case it’s a pretty easy change to make.

[00:33:06] Scott: I would think that your manufacture is going to have that. Let’s people and example. Let’s here for the example we’re selling the garlic press, we found out that people are also… Frequently bought together is a garlic press storage bag, not a bag for that but for the garlic, right. A garlic…

[00:33:28] Chris: Garlic bag.

[00:33:28] Scott: Bag, garlic sack, whatever.

[00:33:29] Chris: Fresh in a sack.

[00:33:29] Scott: Yeah. Whatever, and let’s say that they’re sold separately and together. Well, if you see that in this case, let’s say for example that on the top ten if we’re going to add up all the sales on the top ten we’re going to definitely get probably… Well, if there is one of them there that’s combined, that’s the one. We can’t use that one but let’s just say combined. They’re probably around 2,500, maybe at least two thousand.

That’s on the, let’s say smaller item that could be bundled with it but that’s just additional traffic now that we’re going to get automatically and then on our main item we’re going to get all of that traffic for the garlic press so we’re able to now piggyback on both and you might be just looking for the garlic freshness sack and then say, “Oh well, I’ll get this because it’s bundled with a brand new garlic press.”

[00:34:17] Chris: Look at this, the top guy selling the accessory is doing exactly what we’re talking about.

[00:34:25] Scott: Yeah. They have a variation.

[00:34:26] Chris: He’s got the accessory, the main product by itself and then he’s got a completely unrelated product. I would replace with the bundle of the two but he’s doing exactly what we’re talking about and he’s selling what was that? Like three thousand a month.

[00:34:37] Scott: Yeah. Three thousand.

[00:34:39] Chris: A thousand a month of just the accessory.

[00:34:41] Scott: Yeah. Of just the accessory. This is a good example of that, of by taking a product, looking at frequently bought together and then if it makes sense to bundle them because now you are able to piggyback off of the keyword traffic for both of  those products because some people are looking for the one and some people are searching for the other. Chris, click on the one down there that has the three in the picture a real quick. I’m curious in that.

[00:35:05] Chris: This one?

[00:35:06] Scott: Yeah. That’s a different little device there. I’m seeing it’s bundled with that one. Let’s take a look at the numbers on that though. I’m curious to see what the numbers are on this little bundle that they put together. That one there is like three thousand and they have another component that is bundled with this one, and that one there has what? That’s revenue. I’m sorry, it’s 154 sales. I’m sorry. It wasn’t that great.

[00:35:30] Chris: But here is what they’re doing. They added, it’s the two products that we’re talking about. The main product and the accessory and then there is a third accessory, but the third accessory added $10 in value to that price because the people who are selling just the first two things we’ve been talking about together are selling them at $9/$10. This listing is selling a 154 at $19.97 with something that probably cost a dollar or more.

[00:35:56] Scott: Can we look at that keyword for that one and see what’s the traffic that’s bringing for that particular one real quick? I’m trying to see here what they’re calling that.

[00:36:05] Chris: I know what it’s called.

[00:36:06] Scott: Okay. Well, if you know what it’s…

[00:36:08] Chris: It’s not fairly in the title but I want to see if this is a better… No, because that’s different. Okay, let’s use the actual keyword.

[00:36:16] Scott: We’re going to actually take the keyword from that third accessory and we’re going to take a look at those numbers real quick. Again, that’s about a $6 to an $8 product. It looks like that it sells for, so let’s see here if the numbers will pull up. Scroll down while you’re doing that too. I want to just see some of those numbers so that we can maybe talk about those as that’s loading.

[00:36:36] Chris: It’s another one of those like thirty five search result pages.

[00:36:40] Scott: Yeah. There is a lot of traffic but again think about what we’re doing guys. We’re just like reverse engineering different products that are being bundled together. Some are already being bundled and some aren’t and the advantage of that is because you are able to now take those smaller products and then bundle them and make a bigger package. Let’s see, what’s the top one selling? Okay. For $8.99, now that’s a bigger brand, but we’re still going to see the volume in it, right? So $8.99, it’s selling 4,186 of them per month.

If we go to the second one which is definitely a private labeler selling for $6.50 and it’s selling… Oh, that’s a bad number, 666 sales with a 188 reviews. Then we go to the next one. They’re selling a thousand. We’ve got another one that’s selling 2,600, another one that’s selling a 104, another one that’s selling 117, another one that’s selling another 314, so you can see clearly their search volume for this accessory.

[00:37:45] Chris: Look here down at number ten. This is that guy again that had the random collection of things, that it appeared to be random collection of accessories is the top selling one for the other accessory that we just looked at and he’s number ten for this third accessory.

[00:38:02] Scott: Exactly. Each of these products sells for between I’d say $6 and $8 and now what they’ve done is they… This one person has bundled those three together. Again, now you’re able to take those three different products with three different unique keywords and drive traffic to your listing. That wasn’t necessarily looking for the garlic press, they were looking for the garlic freshness bag or they were looking for… Oh I don’t know. What’s another thing with the garlic press? Could have been a lemon squeezer, I don’t know. Whatever it is.

[00:38:34] Chris: Garlic peeler.

[00:38:34] Scott: A garlic peeler, there you go. Garlic peeler, garlic press, garlic storage bag so all three of those. People are looking for just the garlic press. Some people are looking for just the garlic freshness bag and some people are just looking for the garlic peeler. All three of them bring traffic and when it brings traffic guess what?

If yours is a better deal because if they bought them individually for $8 a piece it would be twenty four dollars and they’d have to go find all three of them at different places, it’s kind of like the convenience element. If you’re able to offer that for even $19.95 or $22.95, it just makes more sense. I like that. I like that a lot. I’m so glad that we dug into it that way too.

[00:39:11] Chris: The thing that’s kind of interesting with this is the further we dig into this market, even though most of the products are like sixty to eight bucks, every time we do this I’m finding a bundle or two bundles that are $29.99 and it’s really not anything more than what’s already there. Oh, here is the thirteen piece bundle with kind of lower quality products. You can mimic some of those things. This guy, the products don’t even look like a good quality. The picture is terrible, he’s selling like a thousand a month and it’s a bundle of some of this very similar products that we’re talking about right here.

You can take what you already have and kind of capitalize on that by expanding in some of these other smaller products that are in this space and create some combos and utilize the listing that you already have and you’re halfway there.

[00:39:55] Scott: Yeah. If anyone is just starting again just thinking about like people saying  like, “How do you take a small product and still make it work?” This is how. You take a small product and you bundle it together and you make a kit or you make a package because if people aren’t going to buy the one thing, they’re probably going to buy the others. I like that. Can you go back real quick Chris to the one that we’re looking at before we jumped on here? We were talking about like creating the bundles and this just naturally happened. No, the very, very first one before we even got on air. You went to another one. I think it’s in one of your tabs up there.

[00:40:32] Chris: It’s the one I’m clicking back.

[00:40:33] Scott: Yeah. There it is. Okay. This one here… Let’s look at the numbers on this one too real quick but this one here sells for $29.97. It has one, two, three, four, five, six pieces in it. Really nice looking product and they’re selling 859 of this and it is totally in line with the one product that we started with and that one product is not in this bundle. It shows me that you could do a separate bundle or you could even add that to your bundle and make it even better. Yeah, they’ve got nice decent pictures. Can we do one other thing Chris quickly? Can we take that and run it through camelcamelcamel? I’m curious to see how that they’ve been selling and what they’re doing.

The other things is too you can clearly see that they’re a private labelers. They’ve got special offers and they’ve got their special offers and product promotions, spot they’ve got a bunch of different combos where they have their other products that are separated that they could do like, “Save 10% when you buy this.”

[00:41:38] Chris: This listing… I don’t mean to cut you off. First of all in his title he’s doing exactly what we told Alexander to do. He’s calling out what the bonus is. Just something I noticed but if you look at the special offers and product promotion section, he’s cross-selling to other related products. He’s got this like great starter kit and then he’s cross-selling to other related products, “Save 10% if you get this plus this other thing,” that you’re probably going to use with it anyway, that may not sell well on its own but it would be an easy up-sell or cross-sale for somebody who is buying this, this first product.

[00:42:12] Scott: Yeah, absolutely. Let’s go ahead and punch that in… Again guys, what we’re going to do, is we’re going to go to camelcamelcamel.com, we’re going to punch in the ASIN and we’re going to see what’s happening here. Back in 2015, looks like they started around December-ish and we’ve got the… Let’s see. They started out in about a $30 price point. They went all the way up to a $45 price point and then they brought it back down to $30, and then went up to a $34 in May of this year and then in June they went up to a $49.97. Either they were running out of stock or there was a hotspot there. Then they went very back down to $30, so looks like consistently about $29.97. Let’s look at the sales… Let’s see here. Okay yeah.

[00:42:57] Chris: Up in the right.

[00:42:58] Scott: Yeah. The BSR here from December of last year to right now which they were recording this in July of 2016, it’s had a couple of ups and downs but it’s been pretty much going up and I would say right around the 3,000 to right now about 1,500 or 1,600-1,700 on the BSR. That’s on the bundle for $29.97. There is people out there selling just those individual products for $6.50 and he’s taken a lot of those products and put them into a bundle and made them $29.97 and he’s selling 900 a month.

[00:43:39] Chris: Here is the other thing. This is a six… It says it’s a seven piece section because he’s counting holder for all of the different products but each one of these… A dollar, a dollar, maybe two bucks, two bucks, a dollar so you’re talking $7 to $8 in product?

[00:43:59] Scott: I would say at most that would that. I would say probably for this, like there is your pride talking seven or eight bucks.

[00:44:06] Chris: I’m willing to bet he’s making fourteen or fifteen bucks on this.

[00:44:10] Scott: I would say at least twelve.

[00:44:16] Chris: It just goes to show that if people are buying these individually, they will buy them as a kit.

[00:44:20] Scott: Yeah. One other thing I want you to do real quick, take his main and for this one particular product, take that one front end keyword that looks like they’re targeting and then run it… Yeah, run it and see if there is any pay-per-click for him or her. Let’s just see if anything comes up. I’m just curious if they’re driving it to this or if it’s been driven to the other products. Good photos by the way. Some good photos. Let’s see. I’m not seeing any on the right hand side. I’m not seeing… Oh yes, is that him there? No, there is another one selling for $19.99.

[00:44:58] Chris: This is his other product.

[00:45:00] Scott: Aha yes. He’s got another product that is showing up but not this particular one. There is other people that he’s competing with or that they’re competing with him now, so that’s interesting. Click on the one there, right where your mouse is right now or your cursor is. Yeah. Go ahead and click on that and let’s run Jungle Scout on that real quick. I’m just curious. This person pretty much did almost identical. It’s probably the same manufacturer.

[00:45:26] Chris: That’s right. That’s him.

[00:45:26] Scott: And selling 652 at $24.97 with a 144 reviews on a bundle. We can keep going here Chris. You can see this market definitely has depth but in order to compete you have to be able to do a bundle or you have to be able to figure out a way to take a lead in, which could be the basic one that you’re currently selling and then creating this bundle. Then by looking at the frequently bought together and then coming up with some ideas that you can do that.

[00:45:57] Chris: The thing that I want to point out here before we jump off of this and the frequently bought together is, both in the first listing, that was this bundle that we looked at, and now this listing, the frequently bought together is the two same exact listings. It’s two different listings that are frequently bought with this and with the other set, which tells me the people that like this really like both of those other things. You can just keep building that bundle bigger and bigger or offer those as additional products where you’re doing that cross-promotion in the listing. I just wanted to point that out.

[00:46:31] Scott: There is a… Scroll back up again though Chris. I wanted to point something out to you. Stop, back up back up. Yeah. Keep going, keep going. Right there, look at the one, one, two, three, four and you guys can’t see this but yeah, right there. Look at that. Right there, we’re looking at a book that is like really just about… I’ll just…

[00:46:53] Chris: It’s very niche.

[00:46:54] Scott: It’s very niche. There is actually books, hardcover books that are being offered or being suggested that also they viewed or bought. That clearly tells me that you could be offering a book or maybe a book is part of your bundle. Think about that Chris. Take a book like that, have it written or have an expert write it and maybe give them a cut or whatever but then bundle that into your actual bundle.

[00:47:24] Chris: Yeah.

[00:47:24] Scott: It’s just a great idea but again I’m just getting more ideas by looking deeper and deeper into this market. Anyway, I just wanted to point that stuff out. We’ve gone on quite a while here Chris. We didn’t even set our timer on this. We should have because we will be doing these in about a thirty minute interval. Let’s go ahead and wrap up with some final thoughts. What’s your final thoughts that you have about what we just discussed?

[00:47:50] Chris: We covered it when we started looking at this listing, but the thing… The biggest problem you have right now Alex is you just need more traffic. You seem to be converting okay. 15% isn’t the best conversion rate I’ve ever seen but its pretty darn good. Double digits is generally pretty good which means fifteen out of every hundred people that come to that listing are buying.

You’re just not getting a lot of people to that listing. I don’t know necessarily that I would focus on PPC right now just because of your margins. If you can make it work, great but it appears just in your space that there is a lot of people selling pretty well without it. You do rank on your first page for your terms so I wouldn’t worry that much right now. Your focused needs to be getting more of those organic searchers to that listing to convert so you can start to really rump up sales.

Swapping that photo is going to be important. Squaring away your titles so people understand what your bonus is, that’s important and then once you’ve done those things and you start to see that traffic increase, I would definitely look at some of the ancillary products, the related products in this market and see if you can create a bundle or add one of those products to this listing as a variation because that’s going to massively spike your traffic.

[00:49:02] Scott: Yeah. I’m going to echo all of that and again just hopefully shed light on this for you but also for anyone listening that… We hear a lot of people all the time like, “Is there still enough demand out there for me to come in the market, to sell products or less expensive products?” We’ve always said even in the past before it was really this saturated, it’s just bundling does make a lot of sense and really Amazon is giving us all the data. Here is the cool thing though, we’ve talked about this on other episodes and we’re going to talk about it more but as you start thinking about your market that you are selling to, then you can start to think about all of these related products.

It’s going to help you sell on Amazon but it’s also going to help you build a brand that will also sell outside of Amazon because there is a lot things here. Chris, think about how we could create a really awesome funnel with these types of products. You bought this thing, you are probably going to need this thing or we’ve got a special offer on this bundle or we’ve got a special offer on this exclusive book that was written for our brand, whatever.

There is so many things that we could put in front of this person once we get them to see, and take action on one of the sales. With Amazon, obviously we’re hoping that they’re going to help us sell our stuff because the more that buy our own stuff it’s going to show up in frequently bought together and also show up on other people’s listings. That’s where you can start to get some of that additional traffic.

There is just so much stuff that we can do but hopefully this has helped you get… I guess give you some ideas that you can do to enhance the listing that you have but also get you to start thinking a little bit more further down the line as far as what you can do to expand this out and use this listing and this product to then get you to more products and more bundles. That’s all I have to add. Chris, this has been awesome, this has been fun. This has been really fun actually because I love just discovering on the fly and we did that today. I want to thank you again for hanging out with me and I’m sure that we will be hanging out real soon, so thanks again brother.

[00:51:24] Chris: Thanks for having me friend.

[00:51:26] Scott: Okay. There you have it. Another great episode where Chris and I were able to break down a real live example. We can always sit here and talk about like what’s best practice is and all these stuff but really to see it in action… I get it. You’re not seeing it in action, but you’re hearing it in action, of us actually going through and seeing something and then being able to reflect on that one thing. It just does make a difference to be able to go through a live example. Again, we look at this as kind of a way for us to help you and the person that we’re critiquing but then also getting us ready, getting us our training for our live event that we do.

We’re going to be doing one in the next few months, we haven’t announced the official date yet depending on when you listen to this, so if you are interested at all in attending one of these limited live events where we actually take ten businesses, ten hot seats and we do them inside of a closed room. We meet, we’re able to brainstorm together, and it’s just a lot of fun but really valuable. If you’re interested in attending our next one or one in the future and you want to get on that prelist or that registration list, head over to the amazingseller.com/live and you can get on that pre-notification list there and we’ll let you know all the details when we know them.

We’re still kind of planning the next one. All right and for anyone that’s brand new and you guys want to get caught up to speed and maybe you just found this one, this episode somewhere maybe on iTunes or maybe it was on Google or wherever you found her, maybe someone shared it with you and you wanted to really understand this whole Amazon, FBA, private labeling thing, well Chris and I also do a workshop, a live workshop where we walk you through the five phases for picking your products, sourcing your product, doing a prelaunch, doing a launch and then doing a promotion for that product, getting you up to speed really, really quickly during this workshop.

[00:53:22] Scott: If you want to attend one of those, head over to theamazingseller.com/workshop. Once again, that’s theamazingseller.com/workshop. You can register for an upcoming one there. We also answer live Q&A there as well, so a great place to come hang out and learn more about this business model and then lastly I just want to remind you guys about the show notes.

Okay. We have show notes, transcripts, full transcripts of the entire discussion that Chris and I had today and you can find them by heading over to theamazingselller.com/242. Again, that’s theamazingseller.com/242 and all of the resources and transcripts will be there for you.

That’s pretty much it guys. I hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed doing it for you, and I know Chris enjoyed doing it for you. Just go out there, take some of these lessons, some of these things that we talked about and apply them to your products or your listings and test it out. See if it works for you.

All right. That’s it. That’s going to wrap it up. Remember, I’m here for you. I believe in you. I’m rooting for you but you have to… Come on, say it with me, say it loud, say it proud, you know what’s coming, “Take action.” Have an awesome amazing day guys and I’ll see you right back here on the next episode.


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  • Another amazing podcast Scott & Chris!
    Assuming the bundle is selling a lot, are you suggesting that we create another listing and sell the separate product? Or do you mean using the same listing and adding in a child within it?

    Thanks a lot Scott & Chris! You guys are absolutely amazing.

  • Hi Scott,

    Question for you.

    I know this an older episode now, but I’ve always wondered – how did you know the watermelon slicer would become over saturated?

    I tried to get into that niche early on, that’s why I’d love to know what not to do next time.


    • Hey Dave, I’m sure when we were looking at it, it was a fairly hot item. Additionally, everyone was selling and buying virtually the same model. that’s usually a red flag!

  • Great episode! I am particularly intrigued by the idea to give a free downloadable bonus (i.e. an eBook) as a way to stand out from the competition and further optimize current products.

    My question is, how exactly do you deliver this free downloadable bonus to the customer? It is my experience that the buy/sell process is very much controlled by Amazon. How exactly will I get the Amazon customer this bonus?

    Thanks in advance! You really are amazing!

  • Thanks for the suggestions as We are latching our first and second products this month.
    Appreciate the mastermind

  • Great session guys. It sounded quite hard for you guys not to mention what the product is, so well done, good job

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