TAS 241 – Ask Scott Session #72 – Your Amazon FBA Questions

Here is the regular Friday version of The Amazing Seller Podcast – the “Ask Scott” session! This is where you’re able to ask your very own questions about Amazon Private Label sales, online sales in general, and how to do your pay per click, promotions, and more. If you’ve got your own questions about selling on Amazon you can ask Scott directly and possibly be featured on an episode just like this one. You can find out how to ask your question by listening to this episode!

I have an online following and want to promote a private label product through it. Is that a good idea?

One of the listeners to the Amazing Seller is a guy who does his own podcast and has his own online following established already. He wanted to know if there is a way that he could effectively begin selling physical products that he lists on Amazon through his other brand. Scott’s answer to his question was a big, fat, enthusiastic, “YES!” and you can hear why Scott’s so excited about this kind of opportunity by listening to his response.

Can I get a Chinese supplier to customize a product for me in unique ways?

Ordering products from China is one of the most affordable and easy ways to get a private label product brand started. But are you limited to the products the suppliers have on hand? Nope. You can take any product idea – even one you haven’t seen on their platforms – and send them sketches, schematics, etc. and ask if they can build it for you. You’ll go back and forth with the supplier for a while getting the details right, then you’ll have to front some cash to get a prototype made. You can find out what comes next by listening to Scott’s answer to this great question – on this episode.

Is it OK for me to copy the URL of my Amazon product and ask people to go there to buy?

It’s the most natural thing in the world to ask people to buy your product. It’s also natural to make it easy for them to purchase by sending them the direct link to your product on Amazon. But the way Amazon’s algorithm works that’s not always the best idea. Why? It’s because Amazon continually calculates how many purchases of your product happen based on the number of views it receives. So if you send someone directly to the product and they don’t purchase, you could be hurting your product rankings. Find out how it all works out on this episode.

Is it OK for me to try to sell a product where the competition has more than 100 reviews?

A listener has been doing his product research and wants to know if he would be safe to try to enter a product into a market where the competition has over 100 reviews. Scott says it’s OK but more important than the reviews the competition has is what he calls the “depth of market.” What is that and why does it matter? You can find out all the details by listening to this episode of the podcast.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to the podcast!
  • [0:34] Scott’s recording on his birthday to spend time with his family later!
  • [5:09] A question to ask yourself right now.
  • [7:42] QUESTION ONE: I have an online presence and brand already. I want to combine that with private labeling. Will product suppliers customize products for me?
  • [16:05] QUESTION TWO: What links should I use to drive outside traffic to my listing?
  • [22:19] QUESTION THREE: I’m having trouble finding a product to start out with that has competition with lower numbers of reviews. Is that OK?
  • [27:20] An audio from a listener about the success she is experiencing.


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TAS 241 – Ask Scott Session #72 – Your Amazon FBA Questions


[00:00:03] Scott: Well hey, hey what’s up everyone! Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 241 and session number 72 of Ask Scott. This is where I answer your questions here on the podcast and I do…

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…my best to answer them or give you my opinions or just some advice. You guys know that I genuinely love, love, love doing these because I get to hear questions in your own voice and it really does allow us to connect on another level.

Now today’s episode is a little special and it’s a special day from me that is, not that I really look forward to this day as much anymore but today that I’m recording this. Not the day that it airs but the day that I’m recording it which is July 30th which generally I don’t record on Saturdays but I’ll tell you why I’m in here in a minute. July 30th is my birthday and I turned 44 today. 44 years old. I have a 21 year old daughter, an 18 year old son and an 8 year old daughter and my 21 year old is actually on her way here now.

My wife just left to go to the airport and I said I’m going to go ahead and record an episode quick because, well next Tuesday when I generally record she’s still going to be here. See how I can maneuver things around my schedule? Well that’s what I’m doing here as well because I want to be able to spend more time with those guys when they come in, her and her fiancé. You heard that right her fiancé. My 21 year old got engaged, if you haven’t heard it already, I’ve mentioned it before and I also have an 8 year old daughter who I’ll be going through that in a few years and I’m really hanging on to that 8 year old age because it’s so precocious.

If you guys have kids definitely, definitely enjoy each and every moment, each and every phase that they go through. Again I love where my older daughter is in her life as well.

[00:02:01] Scott: I’m enjoying it but I’m also sad because I remember the days when she was 8 years old, 9 years old and going through those things. It makes you really understand that time does fly and it doesn’t wait for anyone. Again it was funny, I was going in the gym this morning, I’ve been committed to go into the gym, back in the gym now for over just about a month, a solid month which it feels really good.

I haven’t missed a day. I’ve had days off but on those days off it’s just a one day off, I’m usually walking a good five miles a day. I won’t bore you guys with the details here but I’ve been Snap Chat’ing about it a little bit because it’s a commitment that we all make and if you’re thinking to yourself, “You know what, I don’t know if I can do this business,” or, “There’s just so much stuff going on in my life.” Here’s the deal guys we all have the same amount of time.

We have the same amount of time it’s just how do we divide up that time. I made a ton of excuses of why I couldn’t get back in the gym and then finally I just put my foot down and I put it on the schedule and I planned it and now every day at 6:30 a.m I am in the gym and I’m usually there for about an hour. Today was my birthday and some could have said, “You know what, I’m not going to go in on my birthday because well it’s my birthday I should just be able to hang out and relax.” Well guess what, I went to the gym, I feel amazing right now, I’m ready for the weekend, my daughter’s coming to town with her finance and my whole family’s going to be here.

I’m really, really excited, I’m pumped for today and it was funny though when I was walking into the gym and you scan your card there at Planet Fitness, that’s where I’m going right now, and it say happy birthday. The person behind me kind of goes, “Oh happy birthday.” I’m like, “Can we turn that off maybe?” because as you get older it’s not as exciting. I know some people listening might be like, ”Well it all depends on how you feel,” and you’re right. At this stage when you hit 40 or you’re heading towards 50, I don’t know, it’s just I feel different and your mind changes because once I was 20, 25 years old I didn’t think about how I would feel once I hit 40 and I would always say it’s not going to bother me.

[00:04:09] Scott: I got to be honest guys, it kind of does mentally a little bit but that’s why I want to keep my body clean, I want to go ahead and do the most that I can with the time that I have here. I’m going to stop talking about this right now so we can get into today’s questions. If you guys are nearing a certain age whether it’s 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 whatever it is, I do think that we have to remind ourselves it’s all about the day that we’re at right now. We’re here today, let’s be present and that’s what I’m really trying to focus on in my own personal life. It’s how to be present and also how to get things done, more things done by scheduling it into my planner and I think that’s key. It really is.

If you don’t put it in your calendar or your planner and you don’t create that schedule it will not get done and I think you guys can probably attest to that. It’s pretty much true. If you want to get something done get it done by putting it in your schedule. I did a Snapchat and I did a Periscope and I mentioned this and I’m going to mention it right here. You guys can do the same exercise real quick before we jump in today’s first question.

Ask yourself this one question and there’s probably a bunch of different things swirling around your brain all the time that you keep coming back to and you’re like I got to do that. Then you don’t write it down but you say, “I got to get doing that,” or, “I really know that I should start doing this, I’m going to start on Monday.” You just keep kind of swirling it around and that takes energy inside of our brain but if your write those things down, it’s going to seem a lot easier to not have to think about that stuff because you know in your mind that it’s written down and you’re not going to forget it and you’re also going to be reminded of it.

You might even want to put a post it note up and kind of remind yourself. Pick one thing out of those different thoughts that are swirling around in your head, pick one and do it. Do it, commit to it, make the commitment to yourself whether it’s life, whether it’s business.

[00:06:07] Scott: We’re talking business on this podcast a lot. If it’s about your business and you’re saying, “Well I’m going to wait until I get this done and then I’m going to start this,” well that just doesn’t usually happen.

I know people that have said I’m going to start as soon as I figure out the product. Well guess what, they’re still in product research stage and it’s been a year and a half. We got to make a decision and we have to commit to it and get it done. Set yourself some deadlines. All right guys. I was not planning on doing this early pre-show rant but I think it’s worth mentioning. Let me just remind you guys as well about asking a question of your own. If you want to ask your own question and have it aired her on the show head over to theamazingseller.com/ask, you can again visit that page, leave a voice mail, leave your first name and a brief question and I’ll do my best to answer it.

I’ll give you my opinion or my advice. I’ll try to help you the best I can and I really do love hearing the voices of the listeners. Definitely do that for me that would be awesome. The other thing is our Facebook group, a lot of conversation is going on over there every single day. Head over to theamazingseller.com/fb.

One last thing is the show notes and transcripts. If you guys want to download the transcripts, show notes to this show or any of the other shows head over to that episode. This episode is going to be theamazingseller.com/241 and it’s a pretty special one, it’s my birthday. I’m pretty excited, this is going to be a good weekend. Let’s go ahead and listen to the first question and I’ll give you my answer.


[00:07:48] David: Hi Scott, my name’s David. My wife and I have setup a pretty successful FBA business that we’ve been doing via retail arbitrage for a couple of years now. Going well getting the bills paid and everything but we’re interested in moving into private label. Now I have a completely separate entity that is a brand that I run where I run a blog and a podcast and it has nothing to do with that particular business but I’m also trying to monetize that brand.

Now actually I’m starting to think of things that I can sell for that brand and how I can kind of make my businesses work together so that if I’m selling physical products I can do that through the FBA channel but sell them to the audience that I’ve already built.

My question is, let’s say and I’m just going to make a hypothetical scenario here because garlic press doesn’t really work for this. Let’s say that I have a huge audience of video gamers and I’ve got a good email list and all that kind of stuff. I want to start selling a product like a custom controller. I’ve convinced my audience that the Play Station 4 controller is great but only if there were some buttons rearranged in a certain way it would be way better.

How do I go about selling products like that and is it worth it to market through that separate channel if that makes sense? In other words can I go to the manufacturer through Alibaba or whatever when they offer these OEM services? How far does that go? Is that just branding and packaging and logos and stuff like that or will they actually customize a product if I say I want this button here and this button here? Is there any wriggle room like that for some of these manufacturers and if not how do I go about that? Thank you very much, bye.

[00:09:47] Scott: Hey David, what’s up man? Thank you so much for the question and congratulations on your success with FBA retail arbing and all of that stuff. I hear a lot of people say like, “Retail arb is dead, you can’t really make money doing it anymore,” and I hear a lot of people that are still having success with that. Anyone out there listening right now that’s thinking to themselves like, “I don’t have enough money to get started in private labeling,” listen to what David just said. A pretty successful FBA business paying the bills it is work, it is a job but it’s possible, so no excuses.

This is a show for no excuses. David you’re in a very unique situation and I love it by the way. When I was listening to your question I got kind of excited because I just started getting all these ideas on what you can do because you have the audience already, that’s the key. We’re usually working towards that, you’re already there. Now all of a sudden you just have to tap in to that market that you’re sharing and I think your example of the controller in the video gaming market is a beautiful example. I understand it totally, completely.

Let me just say first off you’re on the gold. You’re on the gold. Like I said, this is a great situation for any one listening. If you have a digital product or a digital platform and I mean digital like if you have a podcast, if you have a blog that’s popular. I actually have someone that I met recently that has a blog, very successful blog, gets probably close to 50 to 75,000 maybe even more visitors a month to the blog building an email list, been doing that for 8 years, has no physical product of their own, has no digital product of their own.

Well guess what, I got excited, “I’m like this is what you need to do. Boom, boom, boom.” Well a few things that I recommended to that person and I’m going to recommend to you David. First thing is understand what your market wants. Well, how do you do that? You ask them.

[00:11:46] Scott: You have a podcast, I would put it out there, “Hey I am right now thinking about this one or two or three different products that we’re going to be creating our own version of because there’s a lot of them on the market but they’re flawed. They don’t have this, they don’t have that. I want your guys as feedback.

Can you guys go to XYZ.com/poll or survey or whatever and give me your feedback on it and then go to surveymonkey.com and create a nice short little survey or you can use Google Docs they have a thing in there where you can make a survey there. I’ve used that and it works great. Then just have people start to vote on it and then start to become part of that process and then they can help build those products with you on that product. Then guess what, you start to show them screenshots of the progress.

You start to ask them about graphics for a certain cover that you’re making for that product and then you say to them, “Oh, we’re almost done actually. Here’s some pictures from the manufacturer that they sent me last week they’re on the production line, I’m really excited about this. You can ask about, have them give you feedback on names that you’re thinking about using, different packaging,” and then they become vested in it.

You might even want to get an email list together from your list so make a sub-list of your main list and say, “Hey, I want to go ahead and get your feedback and your help on creating this brand new controller that we’re thinking about doing and what I’m going to do here is I’m going to let you guys get it for half off once we launch. All I need you to do though is just go over to this page and request that you want to be in this group so this way here you can help us with this and I’m not going to be bugging everyone else.” Now these people feel more special because they’re part of this exclusive insider’s group and then from there you start to get all of this information.

You might even want to jump on Skype with some of these people and say, “Hey, what exactly do you want to do? I’ve also heard people say well if I do that won’t people, my audience do what I’m doing? The answer is probably not because it’s not going to be that easy and most people don’t understand about private labeling or even affiliate marketing for that matter.

[00:13:53] Scott: You’re definitely sitting on a gold mine and you should be tapping into that market. You absolutely should be tapping into that market.

I’m actually going to be doing a podcast soon about this topic, about if you’re a listener and if you’ve been doing affiliate marketing or if you’ve been doing any type of blogging or YouTubing or building an audience of any kind in a certain niche there’s a ton of opportunity for you. There’s opportunities for you to be able to cross promote with a physical product. Then the other thing if let’s say that you’re a physical product owner right now and you’re not in the digital world well guess what, you can enter into the digital world by creating useful products that help people use those other products.

You can create e-book, you can create little courses, all of that stuff. So much that we can do and I can go on here for hours but hopefully I have you some feedback and I think by the excitement I think it’s a go. The other question you asked was will the manufacture actually modify your product and the answer is yes. You can say to the manufacture I want the button to be red and I want it to go in the left hand corner and you can draw up a schematic of what you want and then they’re going to go back and forth with you with different iterations of it.

But the thing is when you do create that custom, custom product it is going to cost you more upfront because they’re going to have to make a certain mold or a certain template for that in a sense and then from there that’s going to be the upfront cost. It’s almost like when you get t-shirts done and they charge you for that setup of the screen to have it made or the plate and then from there after that the runs are just basically whatever, the run is what it costs.

Dude man I think you’re on it. I think this is a great opportunity for you or anyone else listening, Keep me posted on that and drop me an email and let me know a little more in detail even if privately you wanted to do that I’d love to hear the direction that you’re moving towards. Of course if I can give any assistance by all means I would love to and again I can always report back to everyone’s that’s listening and say, “Hey, this is what this one person is dealing with, this is what they’re doing and this is what I’m advising and then we can kid of see how it goes.” Definitely do that. All right guys let’s go ahead and listen to another question and I’ll give you my answer.

[00:16:11] Mary: Hi Scott this is Mary. I’ve listened to every one of your podcasts so far and I truly appreciate you sharing all that you’ve learned along your journey so that we can get smarter along with you. My question is around promoting the link to my product page off of Amazon and I’m curious if you think it’s smatter to use an affiliate link so that we could get an extra commission from the affiliate program on Amazon or if we’re better off using a super URL to try to drive our organic traffic toward a particular keyword. I’m also curious does Amazon charge back to a seller any affiliate commissions that it pays out? Thanks so much for your help with this question and your wonderful podcast.

[00:16:56] Scott: Hey Mary. Thank you so much for the question and thanks for being a longtime listener and thanks for putting up with my voice for that long. That’s a long time of Scott. My wife I don’t know if she could handle that much of Scott. Hey, thank you so much for being a listener and giving me your feedback on how it’s helped you. These are some good questions. The first thing is as far as driving outside traffic directly to your listing it can work well and it can work not so well and here’s the reason.

If you drive external traffic to your listing… Let’s say you drive a 100 visitors to your page, your Amazon page, your listing that is and let’s say that out of those 100 only one converts so that’s a 1% conversion. On Amazon if you have Amazon traffic inside of Amazon, let’s say you have a 100 people that you go there and you convert 15% well now you’re at 15 so there’s a better conversion rate. The less that you convert can hurt your listing and if that outside traffic’s coming it’s just showing Amazon it’s a session, it’s a view so then it’s going to count against your conversion.

You got to be careful with doing that. That’s why I’ve always recommended if you don’t have your won ecommerce store then yes drive them over to that page but I would want to do a little bit of pre-framing or pre-getting them to know a little bit more about the product before I send them over to buy something. That why you kind of have that page in the middle or you can do a little bit of an email follow up that educates them. Something like this might work if you have a Facebook ad that drives people to a blog post that educates them about your product or about what the product does because really it’s not about the product it’s about what the product does.

If you’re selling a garlic press and people are complaining that the garlic press, it’s hard to find a good garlic press that’s not hard to clean. Well you can say something in there the 5 top garlic presses reviewed or something like that and then you can go ahead and review those and one of those could be yours and obviously yours could be the better one because yours is going to answer the problems. That’s one way that people have done it. It’s like a comparison or you can just straight up say here’s techniques on how to clean your garlic press or prevent it from clogging or whatever or something like that.

Again this is a really strange example because not many people are going to probably look for that but if we were looking at something again where you’re trying to get a result from that product and then for you to educate them on using a product whether it’s yours or anyone else’s in order to use it you need to do this, this and this and then you’re going to show them how to do this, this and this on that blog post and then you educate them in that process.

[00:19:54] Scott: Then you’re also going to have a way for them to enter their email address to maybe get something additional, maybe some additional resources or maybe a coupon to buy your product at 25% off.

Then once they give you the email address you then follow up with them to help educate them and guide them towards your listing. You see what we’ve done there? We didn’t take a cold visitor we call them a cold visitor someone that doesn’t know that you even exist or your product and then we don’t just throw them right to the sale. It’s kind of like walking into a bar and saying like, Hey I sell this product, want to buy it?

Or would it be better if you went into the bar someone came up and got into a conversation with you and then they start talking about the certain thing and you go here’s a resource for you and then you have them the resource, they went over, they educated themselves, they’re grateful for that and then in the same breath they might link over, they might get linked from there over to your page. You see what I’m saying. We’ve warmed them up a little bit rather than just going direct for the sale.

That’s huge when you’re dealing with external traffic, I think it’s really, really huge. Now there is some ways that you can do this that will make it easier to sell and that would be if you went after keywords that people were searching for. If we’re talking about Google, if we’re running Google ads that’s different we’re going for keywords. In Facebook we’re not really looking at keywords, we’re looking at the audience. In Google ads if you’re going to do that or Bing or Yahoo people are searching, you might say, best garlic press or where to buy the best garlic press.

If you bid on that and then it links over from there to a page that then links to your Amazon listing that’s different. They’re in a buying mode, they’re actually looking to buy something just like people that are on Amazon they’re there to buy something. You need those types of people. Hopefully this helped you or anyone else thinking about driving external traffic, I think external traffic is very important but it’s important if you can have that little bit of a warm up stage.

Again I’m going to be talking more about this kind of stuff that I’m working on currently right now because I think it’s important to be able to control your own traffic and be able to then build your own email list of people that are interested in your product. I think it’s really important. Hopefully this helped you. The other thing is real quick though before I jump off of that that question is the affiliate link thing I’d be careful with that.

I’ve heard that Amazon does not like that but again use your own discretion. I would say not to do it myself personally but that’s totally up to you. All right, that’s it, that’s going to wrap up this question. Let’s listen to another question and then I’ll give you my answer and then we’ll wrap this up.

[00:22:26] Samuel: Hi Scott, I love your podcast. I’ve been listening for the last few months, I’ve probably listened to all of your episodes already and just craving to get the next one. I have a question for you. I’ve been scanning all the products one by one different categories and I’m also looking for the perfect product as you described it; easy to ship, light weight, in a special niche category and so on but I have not been able to find many products with 100 or less reviews or something close to that range with enough volume.

What’s your opinion on products with slightly higher reviews such as 2, 3, 400? I know probably that will require some deeper pockets and just maybe a $500 or a $1,000 investment. What is your opinion on those products? Would it be reasonable to start with one of those products so far? I’ve only been able to find one, it’s already been ordered and I expect to receive it in the next couple of days but I really want to find 3 or 4 more products to go through that process. All right, I hope you will get to this question, thank you.

[00:23:29] Scott: Hi Samuel, I know your name because you left it in the email but not in the question but that’s okay, that’s cool. Samuel thank you so much for the question and then guys if you do ask a question please leave your first name. I would love to be able to address you personally. This is a great question. The thing is you might be a little misunderstood as far as what I had said in the past. Yes if I can find products that are selling and they only have a 100 reviews that’s beautiful, that’s awesome.

The thing is that that’s not that easy. They are out there but they’re not as easy. Here’s the thing, you might find in the top 10 when we’re looking at depth of the market again, we’re looking at depth of the market. We’re definitely looking at the top 10, maybe the top 7, maybe the top 16. There might be some in there that are selling well but they have 500 reviews. We might have some that have 75 reviews. I’m going to look at all of that data, I’m not going to just rule it out because there’s 3 sellers in there that have 500 reviews and I’m just not going to compete now.

I look at again the depth and where can I find a spot in those 10 that’s still selling 10 a day that I can still get in there. How can I compete with what they’re doing and just do a better job? Maybe that was a misunderstanding somewhere along the line of this episodes but yes if you can find it where it’s got a 100 reviews and everyone has a 100 or less review that’s easier to compete with because now you’re not competing against a ton of reviews. But I would say that that would not rule it out for me.

I’ve actually had some that they have 800 reviews but there’re some that have 200 or 175 reviews and I’ll still be interested in selling a product like that. Don’t let that discourage you, don’t let that make it so that’s a product you won’t sell but if you can find that, that’s better because then you know you can do a better job by getting…

[00:25:33] Scott: It’s going to be easier to do a better job and get reviews and to compete better. You’ll just also be aware that you don’t need a ton of reviews to get sales because if people are selling let’s say 20 a day and they only have 50 reviews or something then that’s pretty good, you’re like that’s great.

The other thing I would say there though is two is make sure that you do your validation there as far as the product because you don’t want to have those numbers like in Jungle Scout, say that it’s a great product because of the numbers but then you go, “Oh wait a minute here, after I do my validation process they just ran some promos.” Now they run promos and let’s say that it showed they had 20 sales a day and they only had 50 reviews but they’re on page one, that’s probably because they did a big massive promo.

If you guys missed that episode too that’s episode 189. I actually take you through a video walk through of kind of what I do to kind of really validate the numbers. Again that’s 189, I’ll put that in the show notes to this episode. This episode, the show notes page will be theamazingseller.com/241 and that you can get the transcripts and the links and all that stuff. The episode, the direct episode and the title of that episode was ‘Product research validation: The full work flow, reduce the risk’ and that’s episode 189 so that’d be theamazingseller.com/189.

All right definitely I would not be discouraged if I found that the sellers had more than 200 reviews, 300 reviews. It’s just a matter of how well are they selling with less reviews, that’s really what it comes down to. Hopefully that clears it up for you, sounds like you’re still moving ahead which is good so congratulations on that.

[00:27:29] Scott: Here’s what I’m going to do, I actually got another voicemail that I want to play for you because I think it’s pretty awesome and I would love to hear if you guys have any results or any experience from the podcast and maybe I can play it on an episode in the future. Let’s go ahead and listen to this one here and then we’ll go ahead and wrap it up and we’ll get on with our day. What do you say?

[00:27:53] Sally: Hi Scott, my name’s Sally. I live in Western Australia and I want to say thank you so much for all the generous time and information you give here on your podcast. My husband and I started listening to you maybe last August time, launched our first product in October. It took until February to actually see a check from Amazon which was about $38 now we’re up to I think it’s $6000 Australian dollars per fortnight and it looks like it’s going up from there. It’s been absolutely amazing, life-changing experience and once again thank you so much, look forward to hearing more of your podcast.

[00:28:44] Scott: Well hey Sally, oh man, I’ll tell you I love getting voicemails or emails about this because it just goes to show that it takes work, it takes patience, it takes commitment and you know what, it might not go as planned but you really again proved that you just got to stick with it and you just got to keep pushing through or as we call it pressing on or press on, #presson. You really want to be able to do that. It’s really important and I wanted to share your voicemail because it proves that we all start the same place and it’s a matter of how we can continue to push through the doubts, the fears and all of that stuff.

Whether it’s this business or any other business you’re involved in, just make sure you understand that it’s not an overnight success. It is going to take time, it is going to take work and it is going to take a commitment. That’s why I go back to your ‘why’ and figuring out that. If you guys are longtime listeners you guys have heard me talk about finding your ‘why’. It’s really important because when you do that it’s going to help you push through. When you launch, everyone launches and they think immediately in two weeks they’re going to have results.

It’s not the way it works. It works by you going through and seeing what happens once you go through and do a launch and then you see what you need to do next and then you plan and then you execute and then you see what happens and then you plan and then you execute and then you just keep going like that. I want to thank you again, Sally, for sharing that all the way from Australia. Really awesome to hear your quick story there and your results and I’m definitely rooting for you and I wish you all the best and keep me posted on that as well.

[00:30:47] Scott: Again if you guys have a story you want to share maybe something that happened that didn’t go as well but then you figured out a solution or whatever share that with me. Go to theamazingseller.com/ask and I would love to hear it. Whether I play if on the air or now I would still love to hear it. Guys that is pretty much all I got for you hear today. I got to wrap this up pretty soon too because I think I just got a text from my wife saying that they’re on their way back with my daughter. I’m pretty excited and this is going to be a pretty awesome day being able to spend with my 3 kids, well take that back, my 4 kids.

My other son is laying down below me right now Brody, sleeping but he’ll be with us and then my future son in law will be here as well which is always awesome to hang out with him. This is going to be cool. Guys I want to remind you guys about the show notes real quick. You guys can head over to theamazingseller.com/241 and grab the transcripts, the show notes, any links there and again if you want to ask your own question head over to theamazingseller.com/ask. The only thing that I ask of you is if you’ve received value from this podcast please share it. Share it on, I don’t know, twitter, maybe Facebook, maybe go over to iTunes leave a feedback or a review over there, do something to help show your support for the show.

The more that we get to do this the more it shows me that I should probably keep doing this. That’s what I would love for you guys to do for me that would be awesome. You guys can always find me on Periscope @scottvoelker or Snapchat @scottvoelker1 and we’ve been playing around with this Facebook live thing. Definitely get connected on Facebook with The Amazing Seller Group because we’ll be doing some more Facebook lives over there as well. We just did one the other day which I might post that as an episode. It was really good.

[00:32:41] Scott: We did it as a test but we actually got into it and we talked for about 40 minutes about keyword ranking, was myself, Chris Shaffer and Dom Sugar and we talked all about keyword ranking and some theories and what works, what doesn’t work and what might work, what might not work, all that stuff. Definitely connect over on Facebook, that’s a great place to hangout. That’s it guys, that’s going to wrap it up. I got to run and we’ll see you guys next time. Remember though I’m here for you, I believe in you and I’m rooting for you but you have to you have to, come on say it with me, say it loud, say it proud on my birthday, “Take action.” Have an awesome, amazing day and I’ll see you guys right back here on the next episode. Now go press on.


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