TAS 235 Ask Scott Session #70 – Your Amazon FBA Questions

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  • Hi Scott,
    Do you recommend GS1’s website for acquiring barcodes for products or will a cheaper alternative (one that is guaranteed to be registered with GS1) barcode supplier suffice?
    Also, I know that you recommend having variations for each new listing. Since each variation requires a bar code, it seems that this can be an expensive strategy if one is going through GS1.
    What are your thoughts?
    Thank you!

  • Any updates on the guy that had to show invoices for the last 180 days? I recently received one myself. A couple months ago I lost permission to change my title. Normally, somebody from SC would change it for me. I submitted a new case and was received emails almost daily that they were still working on the issue. I received a final email that suggested that I click on the link below the bullets on the product listing page “Report incorrect product information”. Huge no-no. This is when I received the letter about the invoices. I sent a copy the same day. All I wanted was one word added to the title. The title was such as I was selling a Garlic Press, but it did not have the word Press in the title.

  • Thanks Scott for such a great job, I want to ask to, do reviews or new customers on Amazon and old customer on Amazon has the same weight in ranking, or old customer review is more powerful

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