TAS 233 (Hot Seat) Slow Sales After Running Out Of Stock – Now WHAT?

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  • Hi Scott,

    Amazing podcast as always and thanks for taking time to do these, dont know how you even find the time :).

    As I am out of stock nearly, I thought I will review if you discussed out of stock situation anywhere in any podcasts and here it is, how could you have missed it 🙂

    Anyways, My question seems to have not been answered over here, so I thought will ask here. So I agree with Chris theory of saying, let it run out of stock and not increase price but I have 2 questions in this relation –

    1. If I do this, issue then comes that I have a 3% return rate as some people dnt like style of my product (though I have a 4.6 star rating and excellent pics) because there are other competitors to choose from and they return. Now while I am out of stock, Amazon will be trying to sell my returned inventory (1-2 units every other day) or they might even find some lost items and may want to sell those and I am thinking that this may hurt my BSR as A9 will think I sell very less now. So I read somewhere people suggested that we close the listing and re-activate when back in stock? Have you tested this method and do you agree with what I am saying here?

    2. If I let my listing be live, I am worried that I might end up attracting hijackers (had quite a few of those) and with me being out of stock is golden opportunity for them to attack me.

    What are your thoughts on this. I am out of stock as of today so hope to hear soon 🙂

    • Hey Max, there is no reason to “delete or close” the listing, remember, BSR is sales overtime so as long as the “found stock” converts similarly any sales while you’re “out” would actually help you and not hurt you.

      If no one is listing inventory when you run out it doesn’t just sit on the search page, Amazon knows no one has stock and hides the listing, so again, not something you would need to worry about, any more than normal.

  • Hey Scott, No I’m not doing anything at all other than keeping my listing stocked ….it’s showing as #1 in new release which I’m only averaging about 1 to 2 sales a day. Do customers get sent follow up emails from Amazon after they get their items for a review?

    • Hey Francisco, the #1 new release badge is for each sub category, so props! Amazon sends the occasional follow up email, but they aren’t regular about it…that’s why I suggest using something like salesbacker.

  • Hi Scott great info thanks …I appreciate all you do for us that want to try this Amazon selling. I have a question … I’ve been selling for about 2 months and sold about 90 units but not once have I gotten a customer review! …I’m totally suprised why I haven’t gotten 1 single review is there something that I need to do to activate reviews or just coincidence?

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