TAS 229 Ask Scott Session #68 – Your Amazon FBA Questions

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  • I have a question about the product launch part of this business. I have a product that has colour and size variation – To be specific 2 colours and 6 different sizes. I’ve started Facebook ads that direct to a squeeze page and I also use amztracker.com for a bunch of reviewers (I’m in the UK market) – So far I have physically sold 15 units (in day 3) of my promotion through FBA – However, people will buy a different colour or size to suit them…

    My problem is that I’m noticing that sales ranks appear to be applied to individual variations, and not to the parent as a whole. Is this true? I am looking at the inventory listing which lists the variations and I see DIFFERENT sales ranks applied across the individual variations of the same product being sold.

    So my question is – In effect, where we have a product that has variations like this, is Amazon “watering down” our rankings because the rank is dependent on the variation rather than the parent product?

    I really need to know this because if so, I’m never going to get a good ranking for a reasonable cost through these giveaways unless I permit buyers to only buy ONE of the variations – which would be silly as everyone is a different size.

    • Hey Kris, for some categories the BSR is applied to the variation and in some it only shows the aggregate bsr. It’s not really something to worry about in either case because sales for each variation count towards the overall ranking of the PARENT listing.

  • Hi Scott,
    Regarding the web app for Jungle Scout. I’ve also been wondering if I should be hanging onto the monthly fee for this piece of the equation. I’ve selected my first product and haven’t been using the web app as much. (Which may be more concerning than I currently realize.)
    Do you find there is a time you can do without the web app or should I just be factoring this cost into running my business as I eventually expand into more products?

    • Hey Ryan, if you’re not sourcing products right now and want to cut costs, you can always pick it back up when you’re ready to rock again. That being said, i tend to find that im ALWAYS looking at products (even when I’m not actively sourcing) because you never know when an idea might come to mind!

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