TAS 227 5 Tips to Find Your Work and Life Balance and not Get Overwhelmed

Scott just completed a physical move of over 800 miles. He’s in his new home office and doing his first recording of the podcast from there, on this episode. The planning, preparation, and pressure of the move got Scott thinking about the simple but important things he’s been able to do that enabled the move to go smoothly… and as usual, he’s got to share what he’s thinking with you. So today you’re going to hear Scott’s thoughts about work life balance and how to avoid the overwhelm that can easily happen in life, and especially if you’re trying to build a business while you enjoy your life. It’s a great episode you can learn a lot of practical things from, so be sure you take the time to listen.

Everybody who wants to accomplish specific things needs structure in their life.

And isn’t that everybody? All of us have dreams, but until those dreams have something behind them that pushes them forward, they remain dreams only. Scott’s a “take action” guy in case you haven’t noticed. His belief that action precedes success has proven to be true in his business over and over. On this episode he’s addressing the need for a balance between work and life, and like everything else in life he believes that if you’re going to accomplish it, you’ve got to structure things so that it comes about. Nothing happens by serendipity or chance, it happens because forces are at work that make it happen. You can be that force for your own life and business. You can be the one to impose a structure that leads your life and business in a direction you want. Find out more on this episode.

TIP #1: Create a list of your current tasks and obligations.

If you were to take the time to create a list of all the tasks and obligations you have to do in any given day – work, family, social, religious – how long would that list be? For some people it’s exhausting just to think about listing everything out, but there’s an actual freedom and lightening of the load that happens when you do. Getting things on paper makes them a bit more manageable, a bit more “real” in terms of seeing them for what they are. It will help you think through everything at one time and recognize the things that need to come first, what is next, etc. Scott’s 5 tips for achieving better life work balance are pretty simple, and if you apply them to your life and business you’ll see some amazing results. Be sure you get to hear all 5 by listening to this episode.

Deadlines don’t have to be stressors. They can be your best friends.

Do you remember your school days? You always had due dates for certain assignments, didn’t you? Why did your teachers make you complete papers or projects within a certain timeframe? It’s because they knew that non-time-based objectives are not really objectives at all. A task that has no time of completion attached to it floats around in your head and on the periphery of your personal radar and is easily bumped to a secondary place in your mind. You don’t pay as much attention to it and it tends not to get done. Tip #3 on Scott’s list of ways to find work life balance and avoid overwhelm is to set your own deadlines for the things you have to do. He’s got some great ways of thinking about that, on this episode.

Do you put your tasks into a daily schedule? You should if you want to get them done.

Think about it. The major things we want to accomplish are often too big for us to get done all at one shot. That means they have to be broken up into smaller, bite-sized tasks. Those are the things we have GOT to insert into a daily workflow, a daily schedule that enables us to take those individual bites that enable us to get the whole thing done over time. It’s a cooperation of time and task that chips away at a large thing until it is D-O-N-E – done. On this episode of the podcast Scott talks about how he does this to avoid the overwhelm that can come from trying to balance work and life – and how he did it successfully during a recent time of high stress in his own life.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to the podcast!
  • [1:20] The reality of obstacles in life and business.
  • [6:00] The need for structure and guidelines for your life.
  • [9:20] How Scott’s move to South Carolina illustrates the need for work life balance.
  • [15:18] Launching products while on the move (literally).
  • [16:03] TIP #1: Create a list of all your current tasks and obligations.
  • [17:10] TIP #2: Prioritize that list.
  • [17:18] TIP #3: Set deadlines for the tasks you’ve organized.
  • [18:13] TIP #4: Plan for your tasks according to their needs.
  • [19:15] TIP #5: Set your daily schedule from the lists you’ve made.
  • [20:28] Why multitasking is the most terrible thing you could do.
  • [22:00] How your business funds your lifestyle ultimately.
  • [24:28] A homework assignment for you.
  • [29:17] Your invitation to leave a comment on this episode.


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TAS 227 : 5 Tips to Find Your Work and Life Balance and not Get Overwhelmed


[00:00:03] Scott: Well hey, hey what’s up everyone welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 227 and today I am really, really excited and you’ve probably heard me say that before but I’m saying it again because today is the first day of recording in my new home office in my new home. You may hear a little bit…

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…of a difference in the audio, maybe not and it’s just that something that I’m actually tweaking right now but I’m really, really excited because I’m going to be sharing with you the five tips to find your work and life balance and not get overwhelmed.

The reason why I chose that is because I just went through that and how I did it and how I do it and what I learned from it and just that understanding that overwhelm it’s there. We all have it at times. Even if you think that like you’ve got it figured out, “I’ve got this thing, it’s done, we’ve got it, it’s all set, we’ve got our schedule, everything’s perfect.” Overwhelm can still creep in and it creeped in for me not that long ago, a week ago, when I was getting ready for this big move.

What I wanted to do is I really, really wanted to record this episode for you. I wanted to go through five tips that I think that will help you that have helped me that I always go back to. I wanted to share with you some of the lessons and even a couple of the pieces of the story of our recent move and kind of how we got through some of these obstacles.

Heck I just had an obstacle right now when I was recording this. I was recording this episode, I was about fifteen minutes in and guess what the power went out. We had a glitch in the power here so I lost everything. I just recorded twelve to fifteen minutes of something and then boom it’s gone, poof gone so now what do you do? You got to restart again.

[00:02:00] Scott: Anyway that’s pretty much what just happened and right now it’s like I said we’re in a brand new location. We travelled 800 plus miles to move here. It was funny, I just had someone the other day that said, “I remember when you were talking about possibly moving to South Carolina and now there you are,” and I said, “Did you forget that I’m the ‘take action’ guy? Did you forget that?”

If I set my mind on something, to do something I’m pretty much going to do it or I’m going to figure out a way to make it happen and that’s just what we did. We are here now and we’re loving it but it wasn’t an easy road. Don’t think that everything that you set out to do is going to be easy. If you’re starting your Amazon business right now, I’m going to tell you, you will have obstacles, you will have struggles.

It’s just part of life, it’s part of the game. We just need to be able to push through those. There’s things right now that are on the horizon for me that I’m going to have to face. Right now think about this, when you move you got to change over your license, you got to change over your registration, you got to change over all your billing, all your banking. Who wants to do that?

Guess what, the reward for me is being here. Last night was 4th of July so I’m recording this on the 5th, this probably won’t air for about a week but when I record this right now the night before, last night was the 4th of July. We seen a beautiful, a beautiful display of fireworks about a mile from our house with a bunch of people hanging out, having a great time. That’s right there like in my backyard. We went to a parade in the morning right down the road, about a mile down the road.

[00:04:02] Scott: We were able to go down there, set up our lawn chairs and just hang out and just be around these amazing people. That’s really the big ‘why’ as to why we’re here. We have some things to deal with. We’ve got all of these different things we have to update and we have to get ourselves situated and settled.

I wrote an email this morning that went out too and it mentioned to people, mentioned how it’s scary and even recording this episode is kind of like different. I feel like in a different place. Everything that we do you’re going to want to push yourself to feel a little uncomfortable, it’s okay. The big thing that I want to talk about today is, ‘How do you find that balance? How do you find that in work and in life? How do you get through the overwhelm or how can you minimize the overwhelm?’

There’s a few things that I do that I’m going to share with you but just think about this for a second. We all have the same amount of time in a day. We have 24 hours. That’s all we get. We all get it, you don’t get any more I don’t get any more we’re the same.

It’s how we divide up that time and let me just share with you before we moved here I’m saying probably two months before we moved here I sat down, again I allowed myself to sit down for an hour, two hours whatever it took I forget but I wrote out my calendar that I wanted to take effect here in my new location.

I didn’t want this new move to just be to move. I wanted it to be a move that also had guidelines, that also had a schedule and a good schedule, my schedule. I went all the way from what time I’m going to get up in the morning to go to the gym, the gym is only five minutes away from my house. That was important to me because I want to take care of myself.

[00:06:00] Scott: Some of you know, some of you don’t know about two years ago I was really heavily into weightlifting and just taking really good care of my body, eating the right things. I was in the best shape of my life at like 40, 41 years old and right not I’m not in the best shape of my life because of that.

People look at me they go, “No you’re fine.” To me I’m not because I’m not taking care of myself as I was then and I want to get back there so that was very important to me. Today actually as I’m recording this, today was my very first day getting back in the gym. I gave myself a week to get here get situated and then I went ahead and decided to do that.

On my schedule, on my calendar was waking up, doing my morning routine, going to the gym, coming home. When school’s in session it’s getting my daughter on a bus or taking her to school. From there we’re going to do a short walk my wife and I. we’ve got beautiful sidewalks here with some really hilly terrain which is nice and we’re going to take some walks.

I’ve scheduled those, I’ve scheduled the times that I’m going to record, I scheduled the times I’m going to work on my Amazon business, the time I’m going to work on my photography business, the time that I’m going to be eating lunch, the time that I’m going to be taking maybe a morning or an afternoon walk with my wife or an afternoon lunch with my wife.

After school activities like all of that stuff is built into my schedule. Now I don’t really have to think I just have to go and follow that. Now some people don’t like that and I do have the flexibility that if I say, “Today I’m just not going to record. I’m going to record tomorrow and I’m going to skip that three hour block.” I can do that if I want to. There’s no one saying I can’t but I wanted something structured so I know that I’m going to get all those important things in.

The working out, spending quality time with my family, all of that stuff is so, so important to me that I needed to put that in the schedule because that’s the quality of life for me. When I go out on my back deck now and I’m overlooking this gigantic pond where people are fishing in this pond, this is how big this pond is.

[00:08:00] Scott: There’s people fishing with these little trolling boats, you can’t have motorboats on it, a trolling boat. This morning there was two young kids with a trolling motor boat with an electric motor, you can’t have gas and they were fishing, a couple of teenagers right out of my window here. I don’t want to be out there looking at my phone, I want to be out there enjoying the birds, the nature. We have so many deer that come through the backyard.

They’re not afraid because there’s not any hunters here that are scaring them off. We don’t want that here. We want to be able to enjoy this. Our kind of a rule right now is to not have any devices out there that often. I’m not saying that you can’t go out there and take some pictures or post something on Facebook but for the most part you want to be able to stay in the now and in the moment. I’m sorry if I’m rumbling guys but I’m really, really excited about this but I also think that it’s important that you build this stuff into your life and that’s how you can get that balance.

I want to give you again five tips that you can do this so it can help you try to stay balanced. Does that meant that it’s going to stay 100%? No, you’re probably going to go off road for a little while and then you’re going to hope back on. It’s okay, it’s going to happen.

Let me share with you though really quickly the story of the move. I know some of you have been asking like, “Like how did it go?” Let me just say that the build up to the move like I said I built my schedule on all that stuff that was fun but then the real work came is when we had get ourselves all packed up. We had to take all of our items that we’ve had in that house for over three years and the house before that we had for over nineteen years, something like that.

We had a lot of stuff and we cleaned out and stuff but you still have a lot of stuff. We needed to get all that stuff packaged up. My wife spent probably two weeks doing that. I helped a little bit here and there but I was mainly focusing on making sure that everything was setup for our businesses to be running while we were gone, having other people come in to help.

[00:10:04] Scott: All of that stuff and really setting that stuff up. When the day came, the deadline was the 24th and we’re out of here. On the 23rd we needed to have the moving guys come and we didn’t hire a moving company, which is a great service by the way, I think it’s called Hire A Helper, something like that. It’s a great service where you hire three guys, four guys however many you want for a few hours or as many hours as you want.

We hired these four guys and they came in, we had everything boxed up and stuff but they broke down the beds and carried all the heavy stuff and it took them more than I thought it was going to. It took them about six hours and for four guys I think I spent just about 800 bucks which to me was well worth it because they knew how to pack too. They’re professional packers. They packed up the 26 foot truck, the Penske but here was one of the hick ups that happened to us. We didn’t have enough room in the Penske.

On a short notice we had to either get like a Pod or we had to get another company called Upack. We went with Upack, better deal, I just liked the way that they operated better. They drove the truck up, they dropped it and then you filled it up to whatever you needed, could be 15 feet, could be 14 feet. You pay per foot. That worked really, really well then they come pick it up and then they bring it to your location, it takes four to five days.

We packed everything on that that we didn’t really need right away the other stuff on the 26 foot we packed that to everything we needed when we got here. Our plan was to leave on the 24th, have everything packed up on the 23rd, leave on the 24th and then from there we were going to drive for the full run which was going to be I figured about 14 hours. It’s normally about 12 but figuring with the big truck towing a car everything right, we’re talking 14 hours.

Well, I underestimated that because I didn’t realize the truck that I was driving which by the way was a massive 26 foot Penske truck which I’ve driven some pretty big trucks this was by far the biggest, I felt like I needed a special license to drive this thing and I was towing a car on the back of it.

[00:12:02] Scott: Once we got rolling with this thing I realized that going up and down these mountains with a full load on I was only able to do maybe 50, 55 miles an hour sometimes only 45 depending on the incline.

But then going down the hills that was a little scary because now I can do 85 if I wanted to but I didn’t want to because I had this big load and the brakes and all that. I was winding up all on that big steering wheel with my father who accompanied me which you guys might have heard that episode if you didn’t you should go check that one out I just posted it with my father and I in that Penske truck, we recorded a podcast episode which is pretty cool.

We randomly talked about brand building and customer loyalty, we talked about a product line that he could create from one of his niches, one of his passions so it was kind of fun. We did that in the moving truck and it was pretty interesting. Anyway, we’re driving and we’re having a good time but I’m nervous a little bit here. This truck is big and it’s swinging and I got a tractor trailers humming by me and all this stuff.

We planned on getting in on 10, 11 o’clock at night. We didn’t get to our new house until about 2am. Now the plan was to take my father to a hotel, drop him off and then pick him up again in the morning. Well I took him over to that hotel and the hotel was a dive and the hotel didn’t have any elevators for him to get up he’s got a bad hip so I didn’t like that. I said, “You know what dad we’re just going to go home, I’m going to setup the bed for you, you’re going to sleep in the bed even if you don’t get to bed till 4 o’clock.”

Well, we didn’t get to bed till about 4:00, 4:30. Long story short got up around 8 o’clock the next morning so got about three and a half hours sleep. The other guys that were helping to unload were here and we unloaded that truck probably in about five hours. Everything now was just in the garage, up in the rooms just scattered amongst, you can imagine that if you’ve ever moved but we got it done. We got it done.

[00:14:00] Scott: It was a long road, no pun intended and we got through it but there was obstacles. There was obstacles definitely in the way that we had to overcome but we got it done. That’s the key because we gave ourselves the deadline and we stuck to it. The bottom line is here is if you’re trying to get something done you have to create yourself a plan and then you have to execute, you have to take action and you just have to put the blinders on and go.

Now the thing is before we did this whole thing I gave myself one week to fully get settled. I put that into my plan. I only check my email one time per day again, that was something that I wanted to just make sure that I didn’t do any more that because I wanted to focus on the move. I also had some other people that I was able to lean on and have them help during this move like go in and do some of my customer support or whatever.

The other thing is, in the meantime of this move I also had three SKUs being launched in a brand that I’m partnering with. Three products going live as I’m winding up on the steering wheel going through the mountains of Pennsylvania three products were being launched. You know what I had it kind of covered, it was just the way it worked. We were waiting on these products to come they just happened to go then. Again you can’t plan that sometimes, you just can’t do it.

Here’s those five tips that I want to give you because again there’s a lot of different things that can be coming at you right now. You can be saying to yourself I’m going to do it when this gets done and you know what this might not ever get done so you definitely need to create that plan or that schedule or that calendar.

[00:16:03] Scott: Tip number one is create a list of all of your current tasks and obligations. For me I created a list of all of my current tasks and obligations that was ‘what had to keep going when I was not going to be around.’ My Amazon business stuff, my photography business stuff, my podcast stuff, my emails, all of that stuff. That’s just business stuff. Now the other stuff that had to get done was, the current stuff was I had to go to my son’s graduation.

I had to have a graduation party for him. I had to go to my younger daughter’s field day. I had to make sure that she was all buttoned up with all the stuff at the end of the school year. My other daughter, my older daughter Alexis just got engaged. I had to make sure that all her stuff was moved out of the house and she was able to get it to her new place. All of that stuff was tasks that needed to get done and they were my obligations but I had a list of them all. I just wrote them all down and then I prioritized and that’s tip two is prioritize what needs to get done and when because that leads into tip three and that’s creating deadlines.

If you create deadlines whether it’s you got to get the lawn mowed before the party on the weekend. That’s a deadline or if it’s a deadline that I need to get this done so I can contact my supplier with the art work by the end of the week then I need to get this stuff done. Create those deadlines and that is going to work. I’m telling you. Deadlines work for all of us. A deadline, you guys know how deadlines work. A term paper in high school you had deadline you get it done. If a coupon is going to expire for $15 off and you really want this thing you’re going to make sure that you get there the day before that deadline ends.

[00:18:01] Scott: It’s that scarcity element. A deadline for me, for the move was if I don’t have that stuff ready the moving guys are going to show up and I’m not going to be prepared for them so I got to make sure that that’s done. Number four is plan for your absence or your vacations or your moves or your obligations. If your obligation is that you work nine to five but you need to be able to get to your supplier at 12 o’clock in the afternoon and you’re at work try to schedule that into your lunch hour. I know a lot of people that say, “Scott I work nine to five how do I get something done?” You do it on your lunch hour.

You figure out a way to make it happen or you stay home or stay up late or you go to bed later. Did I just say go to bed late? Yeah, I’m kind of confused, you know what I mean. Get up early, stay up late, get that extra time. If that’s what you need to do, that’s what you need to do. You need to plan for the different things that you need to get done and if you’re not going to be able to there for that then you need to make arrangements to get it done. Very, very important to plan and then the fifth one and this is a big one is set your daily schedules using the tasks and the to-dos that are on your list of your tasks and obligations. Create your daily schedules, create them. Take a half hour and schedule for the next day or the week.

I’m telling you. If you do that… right now I’m recording this because I put it on my schedule. If I didn’t put it on my schedule I’d probably be probably be in my bonus room unpacking some more boxes because there’re still some boxes in that room that need to get done which I’ll be doing this afternoon because it’s in my schedule. Nut right now I am recording this episode, I’m going to record one more right after this episode and then guess what I’m going to do, it’s on my schedule. I’m going to take a walk.

[00:20:02] Scott: That’s what I’m going to do because it’s on the schedule. You need to set your daily schedule. You need to create it and then you need to execute it and you need to know what has to get put on there by listing out all of your current tasks and obligations, things that you need to get done. It’s really not that hard. We make it hard because we try to just keep it all up in our head. You might say I’m really good at multitasking. Probably the worst thing you could ever do because if I was recording this and I was texting my son and I was looking at something on the internet as I was recording, I couldn’t be with you right now. I couldn’t be a 100% focused and I wouldn’t be able to give the same amount of energy.

Right now, I have one focus and that is recording this for you to share with you what I went through so this way hopefully it can help you in wherever you are in your life. This way here it can cut down on your overwhelm, so it can help you have a more balanced life. Don’t you want to be able to enjoy what you want to enjoy? Don’t you want to be able to take the time to do what you want to do or don’t you want to get a lot done in that hour that you have?

If you have one hour to work per day on your business because you work a full-time job and you have a family. Well guess what? Plan out what you’re going to do in that hour and I’ll guarantee you’re going to get a lot more done. And if you just sit down at the desk, you have a blank screen and you go, “Okay cool, I got an hour. Now what?” I can look for products I could look for sourcing. I can looking at my pay-per-clicks I already got one product going.

If you do that, you’re going to get very little done on every little thing. You need to carve out the time to focus on those things. Understand if you do that you’ll get so much more done. Definitely, definitely go through and create yourself a list of all of the things that you want to do.

[00:22:03] Scott: These things could be your family stuff, this could be a vacation, this could be maybe you’re going to be transferring into a new job or maybe you’re going to be getting yourself out of a job. A lot of time I hear people say Scott a lot of times when I leave my job, when someone leaves their job they think that they that they’re going to have all this time and they do but then all of a sudden they don’t know what to do with that time. I’m going to tell you what you need to do because I’ve been doing this now for just about 10 years online and the only way that I can have the work and life balance is by doing this, creating schedules for the week, for the day, for the month.

This way here you’re able to have everything that you want and get a lot done. Again my move here was primarily for lifestyle. It was for lifestyle and it was for my family. Bottom line is lifestyle to me and my family that’s what life is all about for me. Like I’ve always said before the money that we make from a business from any of that stuff or the job is really to allow us to live the lifestyle. Now, if you are lucky enough which you can be to be able to create a business, a brand that can serve a market to give them something they need and feel good about that that to me is everything.

I think anyone even right now if you’ve started selling like a widget that you’re just wanted to see if this thing was going to work or maybe you’re doing retail arb and all of that, that’s a way for you to make money and that’s fine but eventually wouldn’t it feel really good for you to be able to create a brand around something that you know that you’re helping a market and possibly you’re even passionate about?

[00:24:04] Scott: To me that’s like victory, that’s like you just won the race because that to me is something that you can feel really, really good about. Not only are you able to make money from that so then you can live that lifestyle but you’re also helping other people and I think that is a win-win for everyone.

That’s it guys. I just wanted to again jump in here and give you guys a little bit of a look as to my recent move and those tips that I’ve used and that I’ve reminded myself to use to balance the work and the life and the overwhelm and all of that stuff because that’s going to happen. Those things are going to happen to me again probably in the near future but I feel like I’ve been prepared or I can become prepared because I can set up these different things to allow me to tackle just about anything.

When something does come at you that you’re not planned for, well that’s where you have to react to it. Right now if you have stuff that you’re trying to get done or you’re trying to juggle family and work, all of that, this is to me the best way to do it. Just understand life can get crazy at times, we know that. Little homework for you. I don’t usually give out homework but I’m going to give you guys some homework because I think it’s fun.

I want you to map out your family time, your work time. I want you to map out all of the different things throughout your day that you can map out. Take everything that you currently have on your plate and put it all out on paper.

[00:26:01] Scott: It’s going to feel good, number one. If there’s one thing that you’ll get from this is that you’ll be able to feel almost like a relief or almost like a weight lifted because you’re not recirculating all of those different things in your head.

Write all those different things down, all of the things that you want to do whether it’s you want to go to the ball game with your kid, the soccer game or maybe you know that on the weekends you want Saturday to be half of the day just doing family stuff or maybe hiking or something that you’re really passionate about. Build that into your schedule or maybe the weekend is going to be that work time so maybe figure that in four hours of work time.

What does that work time consist of because you’re trying to build a business on the side? I want you to really take this and embrace it. I want you to grab a pad of paper, I don’t want you to do this online, I don’t want you to do this on a text doc. I want you to really sit down, find a quiet place and map it all out. You guys have heard me say this before and I’m going to say it again, it’s really, really important if we can map out the plan.

We can figure out our ‘why’, then we can figure out the plan but then we need to execute on that plan. Now a couple other resources that I want to link up here is I did an episode actually back, episode 96 and that one there was with Kate Erickson and the title of it was ‘How to be more productive and get stuff done.’ Definitely check that one as well, that’s episode 96 and then there was another episode I did all the way back on episode 62 and that one there was ‘Five productivity tips to help build your Amazon business and improve your life.’

That’s another one and I’ll link up on the show notes to this episode and once again this episode is 227 so you can find the show notes, you can find the transcripts to this episode by heading over to theamazingseller.com/227 and that will give you those links and the show notes and the transcripts and all that good stuff.

[00:28:00] Scott: I just wanted to say I’m really excited to be recording in this new location, I’m so glad that you’re here to experience this with me. Let me know what you thought of this episode. Leave a comment on the blog, again go over to theamazingseller.com/227, leave a comment over there. Let me know what you think about this, let me know what you’ve done to maybe overcome overwhelm or to create work and life balance. Let’s keep that conversation going. Head over to the blog, do that, definitely do the homework, have fun with it because it can be fun and I’m really excited to really live out my schedule that I’ve created for myself because I did it over two months ago and now it’s starting to become a reality.

I started this morning like I said with getting a little bit earlier and heading over to the gym so definitely on track there and I’m hoping to stay on track with that because I think that your health and your body and your brain and your nutrition I think all of that plays into how you feel and also how you get stuff done. I think it’s pretty important.

One last thing if you guys want to follow me on Snapchat you can always head over to Snapchat and find me there. You have to download the app and I am under ScottVoelker1 so if you go and search for ScottVoelker1 you’ll find me there and you can follow my snaps. Actually this morning I just did one of me at the gym, did one of me making a shake and a couple other goofy things that I did as well.

But I’m going to be tracking the days and kind of like behind the scenes type stuff as well. If you want to definitely check me out over there find me on Snapchat and I’m always on periscope as well. Thanks so much for listening guys, I really do appreciate it. I’m so excited to be able to record these new episodes in my new office in South Carolina, we did it, we did it, we made it, we’re here.

[00:30:00] Scott: All right guys that’s it, that’s going to wrap it up. Remember, I’m here for you, I believe in you and I’m rooting for you but you have to you have to… Come on say it with me, say it loud, say it proud in my new location, “Take action.” Have an awesome amazing day and I’ll see you right back here on the next episode.


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  • Scott,
    Longtime listener, first time commenter. I almost fainted when I heard you are now a fellow South Carolinian. To me you are a celebrity. I’ve learned a ton from you and in December I took action by choosing a product, sourcing it and I paid 50% pre production. Then I took a proverbial hit to the chin that brought me to my knees. I’ve been slowly dusting myself off and making a plan. Your podcast have been a great help. I want to thank you and at the same time do something to welcome you to SC. I’d be elated if you would email me, so I can ask you a question.

  • This episode was awesome, great advice. Do you use any kind of software to manage your time/projects?
    My husband and I work on our Amazon business together, he works a full time job and I’m home working on the business during the day but there’s a lot of website stuff that I often need help with (he’s a programmer). We’ve tried various methods and online software like lists in Evernote or Trello but they never worked well for us. We recently starting using Asana and so far it’s been great, easy to create projects with lists of things that need to get done that you can assign different people to and they get emailed when that happens. So now whenever we come across something that needs to get done it gets added to the list and assigned to one of us and they can have dates of when they need to get done so you can prioritize the most important things to do for the day, it’s great.

  • Hey, Scott! Thanks a lot for another great episode!
    Can you help me?
    I want to use Facebook ads for my Amazon product. I agree with you it’s better to collect e-mails rather then sending people to product page directly. But how can I track and analyze sales from my emails? Is it possible to use some kind of affiliate links? Do you have any ideas?

    Thanks again =)

    • Hey Vlad, there isn’t really a way to track it accurately if you drive them to Amazon, an affiliate link would get you an ok picture, but it would be distorted because of the time to purchase. If you want true trackability of those efforts, you would need to drive them to your own site.

  • Awesome advice Scott, as well as adding value to our online business, you are also adding value to our life too.
    Keep up with the excellent work and we will root for you too!

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