TAS 220 Ask Scott Session #65 – Your Amazon FBA Questions

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  • After running my first auto-campaign for 2 weeks I was getting little/no impressions. I’ve since increased the bid and budget to 6 times the suggested ‘page 1 bid’ amount and now (after 4 days) seen a huge increase in impressions/clicks but no sales.

    As there are no sales and no way concrete data as to what keywords I would be converting for, I am thinking it would be a better idea to create a Manual Campaign with primary keywords I suspect would convert. Would I do this by creating 4 separate manual campaign for 4 different keywords (each with their own budget/bid), or create ONE manual campaign with the 4 different keywords under Broad Match (and would this be all under the same Ad Group?

    • Hey Michelle, keep in mind that it takes up to 48 hours for sales data to be attributed to PPC. You may want to make sure you have a solid base of reviews, and go over your listing to make sure there isn’t anything that would help buyers get a better feel for the product.

      As far as your manual campaign goes, you could create 1 campaign with 1 ad group, 1 campaign with 4 ad groups, or 4 campaigns. I would probably just create 1 campaign with 1 ad group for now, since you mentioned having 4 main keywords.

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