TAS 218 5 BIG Takeaways from Seller’s Summit Conference

One of the most powerful things that any entrepreneur can do is to make sure they are around others who are of the same mindset that they are. The energy and motivation that surrounds getting together with those kinds of people increases your level of energy and motivation just from being around them. On this episode Scott reveals the top 5 takeaways he had from spending time with like-minded people at the recent Seller’s Summit. Be sure you listen to Scott’s takeaways and learn some tips about how you can move your private label business forward.

What could Pinterest do for your private label product sales?

One of the things that Scott was aware of but not well verse in before the Seller’s Summit conference is the power and effectiveness of Pinterest for driving interest and sales to a product. Being an image based platform, it’s a powerful way to make the appeal of your product instantly attractive to people who are most interested in it. You can hear Scott’s thoughts about Pinterest and how he’s going to be moving into PInterest marketing in the months ahead, on this episode of the Amazing Seller.

Are Facebook Ads relevant for private label sales?

Facebook Ads are one of the things out there that can be a bit intimidating at first. It requires money, it requires a bit of knowledge about how the platform works, and it takes time to learn. But it’s one of the most powerful ways to drive very targeted, specific traffic to your webpage or product sales page and in time, you’re going to have to get going on Facebook Ads. With FB Ads you can put our products directly in front of the very people who are most interested in your products. Hear what Scott’s thinking about Facebook Ads and how he’s going to be moving into them sooner rather than later.

eCommerce stores outside of Amazon are still making incredible sales.

One of the things Scott has been talking about a lot lately is the task each private label seller should be aiming toward of setting up their own sales channel outside of Amazon. For most of us that’s going to mean setting up your own eCommerce store on your own website. These stores are very effective and many, many people are making incredible money building their own store that sells products independently of Amazon. Not only do you get to keep a lot more money (Amazon doesn’t get any), you also get to interact directly with your customers – which is invaluable. Find out more about how eCommerce stores are rocking online sales on this episode.

Do you have a sales funnel started? It could be one of your missing power tools.

If you don’t know what a sales funnel is, here’s the short answer: A sales funnel is a systematic, planned sequence that you take prospective customers through that narrows their focus from interest in what you have to say and sell, all the way to becoming a paying customer. You can learn how to build an effective sales funnel, and you should because it’s such a powerful way not only to get sales, but to get repeat sales from loyal customers. On this episode Scott gives his thoughts about sales funnels and tells some of what he’s doing to build out his funnels more, so be sure you listen.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to the podcast!
  • [1:51] The biggest benefits of being at conferences, and the TAS online version.
  • [3:06] How you can get started with private label sales.
  • [4:10] Takeaway #1: The power of being around like-minded people is HUGE.
  • [8:30] Takeaway #2: Pinterest marketing could be a powerful next step.
  • [13:09] Takeaway #3: Facebook Ads is a viable way to increase product sales.
  • [19:44] Takeaway #4: eCommerce stores are still a powerful way to build a business.
  • [23:30] Takeaway #5: Building marketing funnels is a huge part of building a business.


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TAS 218 : 5 BIG Takeaways from Seller’s Summit Conference


[00:00:03] Scott: Well hey, hey what's up everyone. Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 218 and today I'm going to be sharing with you the 5 big takeaways that I received from attending The Seller’s Summit Conference the one that Steve Chou put on from my wife quit her job and I was able to speak there, meet a lot of amazing people and meet a lot of you actually. A lot of you that are listening probably attended that conference and if you didn't, well it was…

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…an awesome conference. You probably should attend the next one next year. I just wanted to share some take aways from this event. I had people that said, “Scott, you really should give us a podcast of just the take always. This way we can look inside of how you look at events or these different conferences and see exactly what you extracted from it.”

Everyone is going to pull a little bit differently depending on where they are in their journey. I figured you know what, I'll give you my five big takeaways because there are some. There’s probably more but let me just give you the top five. Then I figured out I'd just break it down for you so you just see exactly what I took away from this great event. I mean minus everybody that I met there, podcast listeners. That to me was everything. It was awesome to be able to shake people's hands and look into the eyes of the people that I'm communicating with and people that are listening and how it’s impacting their lives and their families. All of that stuff. Just motivation.

I've had people say, “Scott I just listen to you sometimes just for the motivation and the excitement and the energy in your voice. Keep it going,” and I wouldn't have been able to hear that if I hadn't hear it from people in person. I'm not even going to get into my top five yet or my five big takeaways but the big thing with like conferences or like meeting people even if it's a local meet up or whatever it's just that interaction and the being around similar people and getting the energy from those people, experiences all that stuff is jut priceless.

[00:02:14] Scott: I probably should remind you guys too if you guys are looking for a place to hang out online we do have a Facebook group. A lot of people in there right now that are doing great and willing to share and you guys can definitely go over and hang out in our Facebook community. You can do that by visiting the theamazingseller.com/fb. You just have to go over there and just request to join. Within a few hours you'll be approved and you'll be able to go in there and start to meeting people. We've got people in there that have their own local meet ups and their own little hang outs online and it's just a great place to meet people that are very, very similar to all of us. Thay are out there trying to create a business, build a business to create freedom so we can live the life that we want to live.

That’s really what it comes down to. Before I dive into the five big take aways from this event, from this summit that I was just at I should remind you that we do have show notes, we have transcripts as well so you can always head over to theamazingseller.com/218 for this episode. Any other episode you just use that episode number at the end. We have transcripts there for you, you can download them, you can view them on the actual blog so it's all there for you. The other thing, anyone that is brand new that wants to get caught up to speed relatively quickly in like ten days or less, you can go over to freeprivatelablecourse.com, I created a free course there floor you to go through. It's a ten day course, it will be delivered by email and there will be videos included in there of me walking you through step by step, what it takes to build out an amazon business from scratch and how to get your first product live on Amazon.

[00:04:05] Scott: Definitely go check that out if you're brand new and you're looking to get started or you just want to see exactly what it takes to get this thing rolling. Again, that's freeprivatelablecourse.com. Let's dive in here.

My very, very first big takeaway is the power of like-minded people is absolutely freaking huge, huge! You're able to listen to other businesses and what they have done. You're going to listen to what they’ve been able to do and what they've been able to avoid, some mistakes. You're going to be able to learn from what they are planning to do because they've had some insight maybe or they've been inspired by someone else that they are bringing that over to that conversation that you're going to have. I learned a ton by being surrounded by these people over the course of a couple of days and it actually got me to think even a little bit bigger. It also allowed me to know that hey, I'm like everyone else. I'm running into obstacles or struggles.

It also allowed me to say, “Wow, there's some things that I know a lot more than these other people that I think that they have a big a bigger in a sense but they don't know marketing as well as I do maybe.” That was eye opening for me as well. When you are able to attend an event with like-minded people you can also see what they are focusing on, like what they are excited about. What's their next move in business and that's pretty powerful. Again, like I said, you can also hear their mistakes. Hey, listen I did this one thing, I would recommend don't doing that because it cost me $3,000 and it didn't do anything other than put a dent in my back account or whatever. Those are huge and that's what I mean. Connections are everything to me.

[00:06:00] Scott: When you find one or two good connections, like someone that you really hit it off with, and you have a very similar mindset it helps. It helps a lot. This goes like weight loss. We talked about that before too. If you're trying to lose weight and you're surrounded with people that are as motivated as you, but yet they need an accountability partner. Huge, huge. Connections are everything. Let's say it one more time, connections. Connections, connections, connections. They are awesome. Depending on if you’ve ever attended an event or a conference. To me I don't necessarily look at the content itself. I really look at the people that are going to be attending. Are the people there that I could connect with that could then help me build my business or help me grow my thinking or any of that stuff.

That's what I really look at when attending any type of event. Again, let me just go back to our live event. We just recently did one not too long ago in Denver and it was called TAS Breakthrough Live. I created this for people to be able to come together. Only thirty people. I limited it to a small group of just thirty people and what we did is we had ten hot seats. The ten hot seats were businesses that were operating. Businesses. They weren't people that were just getting started and the twenty people that were in the audience were also business owners. Then what we can do is break down each person's business, those ten people and really learn through kind of like brainstorming.

Then, outside of that we had lunch, we had dinner, we had after party. All of that is where the magic happens as well. Now all those people are really excited to keep talking to each other. Whether it's privately through Facebook or whether it's in a Facebook group or whatever. That right there brought people together of like-minded and there's power in that. There is so much power in that. Speaking of that event I'm really excited to say that we're going to be having another one.

[00:08:01] Scott: We’re possibly toying around with the idea of like Octoberish but I'll let you guys know more on the details. If you guys have not checked out the little reel that we put together, the highlight reel of that event, you should definitely check that out or at least register for updates when we do decide to open that back up. That can be found at theamazingseller.com/live and that was amazing. Still riding a high because of that and just really excited about the next one. Okay, let's move on to the next thing. The first one was the power of like-minded people. I realized again, I already knew it but I realized again it's huge and the people that I met proved that. I met some really great contacts.

Number two, Pinterest marketing. Depending on where you are in this process you might not be ready for Pinterest or any social media. You guys have had me talk about if you're just getting started you probably want to just stick to the plan. The plan is getting products found, getting them launched and sourced and all that stuff. Getting them live, getting the momentum going and then starting to think about building that external channel, that external brand outside of the Amazon platform. That's when Pinterest would come in. I sat in on a Pintereset marketing seminar, the topic of that room was Pinterest marketing.

Tony Anderson actually did that one who again is a contact and now, she's a very well-known blogger. She's an expert in the Pinterest space. May have her come on the show now so if I never attended that event, I never would have met her. Never would have been able to bring her on the podcast potentially and pick her brain. I learned a ton from sitting on her presentation but then also I was able to now get a connection with her. I got all of that from just that one session. She opened my eyes to how Pinterest worked, how the Pinterest marketing platform or how it can work for our businesses as a physical product.

[00:10:08] Scott: People on Pinterest aren't just launching or talking about physical products. They are talking about just any products. Anything. Not even just products. Just stuff. Could be ten exercise moves to burn belly fat or whatever it is. There's all that stuff happening on Pinterest. What I did realize is that they have their own paid ads platform, they have a pay per click platform and she broke down a whole bunch of different and cool things that we can do when we get to that point. She also made it very clear that it's a picture platform, meaning you have to have a really, really nice images because the images is what it’s going to sell, if I can talk. It' what's going to sell the offer. The offer doesn't necessarily mean that you are just going to drive people to your Amazon listing.

What it means is that picture is going to get interest for them to come over to your website, your content, to then get them maybe to join your email list and then follow up with future stuff. It can be just a direct offer but it doesn't have to be. Again, everything is picture driven and again to understand how that works if you do a pin, there's all these different boards that you can create and all of that stuff but you can just skip off all that really and just go directly to where you’re doing pay per click on the platform because there's a lot of people there. Also, she mentioned that Pinterest is dominated by women right now currently. There’s men on there but mainly women. Does your product warrant being on Pinterest. Well, depends on the type of product. That would come down to the individual business but just understand there's a ton, did I say that with a lot of accentuating that there is a ton of traffic on Pinterest. Tons.

[00:12:00] Scott: That's a whole another platform that we can be getting traffic from. We always talk about Facebook which I think is great. But Pinterest we can go after keywords and certain search terms and all that stuff. Really exciting stuff. Again she talked about like a special offer that you can drive people to or a special contest or a special piece of content that's going to get them interested and helping them move forward. Really, Pinterest can also be a massive content marketing strategy for our businesses. As we move forward here you guys are going to hear me talk more and more about it, about externally marketing our products outside of Amazon, Pinterest would definitely be a pretty good size player in that as far as traffic goes.  That's number two. That's another take away that I took away.

Pinterest is something we probably should be paying attention to but again I'm going to go back to what I've always said, when the time is right. That’s when you're going to do it. If you try to do everything out of the gate, you're probably going to get frustrated, you're going to lose focus and probably not do as well as you could have. Let’s move on to big take away number three.

Facebook ads. You guys have heard me talk about it but it made me realize again that that's another platform that we should be taking advantage of “when” you're ready. I'm assuming at this point, if you're going to start talking about Facebook ads you got to have a plan in place. You can't just go and start advertising Facebook ads till your product page on Amazon. I don't think that's the smartest move. What I think the smartest move  is is to have a plan in place to the then send that potential customer down a path that can educate and get them familiarized with your products and what you offer and then also a little bit of you brand. The main objection here for me personally is to take Facebook traffic and turn it into an email opt in and then I can direct them to where I want them to go.

[00:14:04] Scott: The great thing about Facebook ads and this is what was talked about in the presentation about Facebook ads was you can target your audience very, very precisely. Now, I already knew this but again it validated and verified what I was already saying and that you can do so much with targeting your audience. You can find the exact person that you're trying to go after. You can go after the exact age. You can go like from 22 to 40 if you want or 22 to 32, whatever you want to do. You can target those people. Again, Facebook ads you could run traffic to specials that are on your ecommerce store or your blog.

Then capture their email address or maybe you're running a contest for seven days. I think this is a great strategy. If you took a Facebook ad you targeted people that were in your audience or in your market and it's easy to find. You just go and find fan pages that are related to your particular market and then start running ads to those people. It could be, again, I go back to the garlic press. Maybe you can have the garlic press, you could have some type of special peeler, you could have maybe a $25 gift card to Amazon, you could also do a garlic storage bag. You could also do a lemon press, whatever.

You could do those things and then make it a pretty good size offer and then you can drive traffic to this contest page for seven days. Then collect these emails and then you can have those emails on the people that you know that are targeted because you’ve targeted them before you ran the ads to them. Then you turn them into an email subscriber, then you can deliver more content around that particular topic. That's an easy way to do it without even having a huge plan in place. Specials to an ecommerce store or your blog is great idea. You are going to be able to build your email list by using Facebook ads. You can do this by just using discount codes.

[00:16:02] Scott: If right now you are relying heavily on Facebook review groups why not do this, why not take a Facebook ad, take those audiences that you're targeting and then from there put a landing page in place that says whatever, 50% off or 75% off. This garlic press normally sells for $29.95 you get it today for selling 75% off, just put your email here and you'll instantly get the code. Boom! You do that, you send them a code and then you're building an email list at the same time. Here's the other cool thing you can do with Facebook ads. Again, this was talked about. Retargeting. Again guys, if this is way over your head it's okay. Just understand that this is like next level stuff. This is the stuff that I took away that I know is important that I want to implement here relatively quickly in my businesses. Retargeting your landing page.

If let's say for example someone goes to that contest, they opt in or maybe they don't opt in but they go that page, I can put a pixel from Facebook on that landing page whether they opt in or not and then I can start building a custom audience inside of Facebook that I can add other ads to. It's really, really powerful. Again, Facebook ads are huge and I think that they are going anywhere. You can also build a look alike audience from a list that you've already built. Maybe you already have an email list of a 1000 people, Well, you can take that email list, upload it into Facebook and then create an audience from that because Facebook will go out and find those emails and all the emails that are the same, emails that are in Facebook from these profiles it will find them and it will create a custom audience.

Then you can create a look alike audience of those people. Now it’ll go out and match similar profiles to that audience. You guys hear that I'm talking a little bit faster because I get excited about this stuff. This stuff is really, really awesome stuff. Then Facebook ads like anything else it's always driven usually by images and the messaging. You want the right messaging. The images is what it's going to the attention. That's what they stressed in this presentation too.

[00:18:08] Scott: You really have to test images. Some images are going to get better clicks than others and you're going to have to figure that out. Again you're going to lose a little bit of money before you're going to start making money. That’s part of the process. The other little side note here I should throw in there and this is something that I’ve looked into doing, and I'm going to doing more of but you can go to your competitors Facebook ads and if you find any, you can start going through their sales funnel. Here's how this would look. Let's say for example you notice that you are selling a garlic press and you notice that when you go to Facebook there's an ad for a garlic press that someone is advertising or maybe a contest or whatever. Just like we just said. You can click on that and then let's say it goes to a landing page.

You're going to opt into that. Then let's say it brings you to a landing page that you can buy the item, you buy the item. Then from there there's an upsell for ‘buy two get one free’ or something and then you buy that. You would go through this entire funnel making screen shots of the entire process and now you’re reverse engineering what your competition is doing because if they’re spending money on ads there’s a good chance that they're converting enough to where it’s at least breaking even if not it's making a profit and now you're understanding how to build up a sales funnel by going through that little bit of a reverse engineering type of process. I know it guys, this is a little of a high level stuff but a lot of you said you wanted to hear a little more about it so I'm giving you it. This is again what I talked about, this is what I get excited about. Let's move on to the fourth big take away from the conference.

Ecommerce stores are still working. We're all like focused on Amazon business and that's again, that's what I started in as far as like the Ecommerce space but there's a lot of people doing really well with ecommerce stores all by themselves by driving their own traffic whether it’s Facebook ads, Google ads, Bing ads other private networks, banner ads, all that stuff to an ecommerce store.

[00:20:12] Scott: There's people that are out there doing Ecommerce sales and not even selling on Amazon which those people, we got to talk. I was talking to people at the conference and it was funny because they were pretty successful in the ecommerce space, full time living type success but they weren't selling on Amazon yet. Again, we can bridge that gap by taking what's already working on Ecommerce and then launching it on Amazon as well or other platforms, Ebay whatever. The big take away here was that it was eye opening to me that there was a lot of people on ecommerce like selling on ecommerce, their own ecommerce stores and doing really well with it and starting from scratch today and building them.

I know Steve Chou has a course all about that. About building your own ecommerce store. There’s definitely a market still there for that. It comes down to this though on Ecommerce store when you're usually doing that. You're building your own brand and you've heard me talk about that most recently about building brand, building your own platform, your own channel. It doesn't have to be complicated. You can use services like Shopify or Big Commerce. You can use those different solutions to create your own ecommerce store. With an ecommerce store you need content that's going to be wrapped around those products as well. The cool thing about your own ecommerce store and this again is what they all told me is they own the customer information.

If you get a sale through a Shopify store, you automatically have all their information, you have their address, you have their phone numbers, you have their email address, you have all of that stuff. Yes, Amazon gives us some of that information but they don't give us the email and they don't give us any way we can directly communicate with them. We have to go through their system.

[00:22:04] Scott: We have to be careful with that. You own the customer information. The other thing is when you have an ecommerce store you're usually controlling your page traffic. You are controlling the traffic to your site by understanding Facebook ads, Pinterest marketing, Instagram, YouTube ads. All of that stuff. You're able to dictate how much traffic you're going to get and the big thing comes down to this. This is something we're going to be talking more about. It's really about how to make it so when someone enters your store, there's a way for them to come in and become a prospect but then also lead them through the journey of possibly buying products through there. If you want to see a really good example of this go to VistaPrint, buy something there like business cards and see how they take you through this upsell funnel.

Really, it's an education by itself. GoDaddy, same thing. You need to understand that with an ecommerce store you do have more control. Amazon is great. Amazon is like a drug in sense. It's just sometimes it's quick and easy because you don't need all of that stuff but you're at the mercy of Amazon and you have more competition there that you have less control over. Number four for me was there was a lot of ecommerce stores out there that are just starting today that are doing well and that have been out there for a while doing really, really well.

The last big takeaway, that I want to bring up here is building a marketing funnels is huge and it's part of building a real business. I was sitting in on a mastermind roundtable discussion the last day… Actually we had the event on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Steve Chou had a private mastermind with just the speakers so because I was able to speak at this event I was able to sit in on this table, on this mastermind session which was awesome by the way.

[00:24:07] Scott: I was able to sit there with a very, very diverse type of business people. Some people were there only ecommerce, some people were there only Amazon, some people were there only software tools, some people were there podcasting, some people were here brick and mortar. There was all different types of people which I love because everything still works together and the same but you're able to pull ideas and extract what's working, what's not. The one thing that I did walk away with was I as sitting down, we were sitting down at the table with an Amazon seller who does seven figures a year and the one thing that he said was that most of his traffic is coming externally, not from Amazon. He did that purposely. He did that because he did not want to rely on Amazon and he said it blatantly just right out there, “I don’t' want to give Amazon all my money.”

“If I can get a customer to buy on my own site, I'm going to save $5, $10, $15 depending on the cost, maybe more. That's money in my business’s pocket. If I can take and build an external channel to allow me to do that, then why wouldn’t I want to do that?” I agree with him. I'm also listening to this guy because he's doing seven figures a year. He went through exactly what he has done to build that business to a seven figure business and also that funnel building on the back end of things, here on the outside of Amazon is critical to having that success and really learning what it takes to bring a customer in, what it takes to convert a customer to a customer and really make all that work and then how to launch new products to those existing customers.

[00:26:04] Scott: We all know that a customer is worth more than a prospect. A prospect is great but a customer has already proven that they are potentially going to buy more and they’ve reached in their wallet and they pulled out a credit card. He does not depend on Amazon as his own channel. That’s why he's like, “I don't even care. I'll share my product, I don't care because you’ve got to go out there and create the funnels that I've built to take people through like the sales flow and the content marketing and all of that stuff.” He knows what it takes to create a Facebook ad and to create to a customer. He's done it. It wasn't like… Like he said, he wasted a lot of money getting to the point where he's at but once you get to that point, once you dial it in once, you see that I give the front end of the funnel $2 and at the end it turns out to be $4 who isn't going to do that to double their money as long as you have it worked it out.

Pretty much every time you put two dollars in you get $4 out, who wouldn't do that? That's definitely a big takeaway that I took from that was building marketing funnels which I already knew this and I already was planning on doing it but when I sat there and heard his story and what he's doing it got me even more excited because I'm like, “Dang it. I’m on it. I'm on the right track here.” I'm doing exactly what he said to do and there's nothing that he described that was out of the norm for me. Did it tell me that there was work to be done? Absolutely, it's not something you're just going over there and building something and it's going to automatically happen. It takes work, it takes some capital to start spending money on ads to see what's working, what's not working, a lot of tests. It's an ongoing process. The other cool thing that he was saying was once he has that customer list he's also able to ask them questions like how to better serve them or what else would they like to see.

[00:28:05] Scott: It helps him in his business build product or create the next product. Then he's got a customer base that he can launch it to. It just keeps circulating and it's really awesome and I got really excited about that. He just talked about refining and tweaking the funnel as like the name of the game. Test new offers, test new lead magnets, we call them lead magnets, it's basically a lead magnet is like tan offer so if you're going to give away a product for a deep discount test that and see how that works or maybe you're going to give a free piece of content that could help someone be educated before they actually invest in the product. That could be the lead magnet as they call it. Alright, the one thing that he said and another seller had said is Amazon can be addicting and prevent you from trying to build that outside sales funnel.

I actually just got off the phone with one of my a private label classrooms students who's doing very well. He's doing about $400,000 in revenue a month but he said one of his biggest sticking points right now is that he’s keeping up with inventory, he's keeping up with the day to day operations and it's like you're on the Amazon drug. It's going, it's flowing and you're relying on their traffic and you're relying on all of their stuff but it's a pretty slippery slope because if something happens, God forbid, your business is wiped out overnight. By listening to this gentleman that I was hanging out with and actually just to give you guys a little bit of a head up, as the time I'm recording this right now, he is going to be on the show and it might be the very next episode. I'm not quite sure yet but you're going to probably want to pay attention to the next couple of episodes because I'm planning on having him come on and really dig deep into his process and what it took to get to where he is.

[00:30:01] Scott: We're definitely going to dive into his like funnel. Definitely look out for that. Again, amazon can be addicting in a sense to where it seems that it’s an easier platform to get started which it is but it was funny because there was another guy sitting in on this conversation that has a very successful Amazon business too. He was saying his problem is that he sees a ton more products that he can launch before can actually launch them because you're strapped as far as all of your money is being invested into other inventory and he can’t roll them out fast enough. That's like the Amazon drug, we see that we can launch this really, really fast. Again that was my big take away there from that mastermind session that I was able to be a part which was really awesome.

Again let me just go over them real quick again. The five big takeaways from the Seller Summit Conference was, one the power of like-minded people is huge. When you get the chance to hang out with like-minded people do it and don't be just be a taker, be a giver as well. Really, really important. Two, Pinterest marketing is a huge opportunity for us when the time is right. Take advantage of that if you're marketing your product can be used there. Three, Facebook ads really, really important. We can do so much with them and I think we've just scratched the surface. There’s so much that we can do with those as well.

Number four was that Ecommerce stores are still working and they are still being built every single day. It's just Amazon is really the big front runner right now because a lot of people seeing it as a great opportunity and it’s easier to get going and get traffic. Five is building your marketing funnels. Again, once we move past the initial stages of building and validating a product or products on Amazon then that might be the time to start building out your external marketing funnels and start controlling your own traffic.

[00:32:03] Scott: That's what I took away. I took away a lot. There's probably more that I can dig through but I think that's a pretty good overview of The Sellers Summit Conference put on by Steve Chou. Steve if you're listening, nice job bro. You did a great job and it was a great, great conference. It was just awesome and I was very, very honored and it was just a privilege to speak there and meet a lot of you that TAS listeners and if you were one of them there I want to say once again thanks for coming up and shaking my hand and in just saying hello. It means a lot now that I can see who I'm actually speaking to when I'm behind the microphone.

Once again, I want to say thank you. Anyone that is new to the community, the TAS community that is, you want to head over and get yourself caught up to speed relatively quickly or if you have questions, you can always visit our Facebook page and that can be found at theamazingseller.com/fb. You can get a lot of resources over there, a lot of great people and then just one last reminder. If you guys are brand new and you wanted to figure out this business model and see if it's for you or see exactly what the steps are to get you first product launched, you can always head over to freeprivatelablecourse.com. That is the ten day email course that will walk you exactly what it takes to get up and running.

Alright guys, that is it, that’s going to wrap it up. Once again I want to say thank you so much for taking time out of your day. I know you guys have a lot of choices out there for podcasts or your attention and I want to just again thank you so much that you took me a long for the ride or the run or wherever you are. I just want to say again thank you, it means a ton. Alright guys, that's it, that's going to wrap it up. Remember I'm here for you, I believe in you and I'm rooting for you but you have to, you have to… Come on, say it with me, say it loud, you know what's happening here, “Take action.' Have an awesome amazing day and I will see you guys right back here on the next episode. Peace.


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