TAS 205 Ask Scott Session #60 – Your Amazon FBA Questions

Many people ask why Scott’s invested so much time and energy into putting out this podcast and doing his free workshops. Is it to sell his course? No, it’s not. Scott recently ran into a woman who reminded him why he’s doing all the work he is for the TAS brand. Her husband had just quit his job because their private label business, built according to Scott’s instructions and tips, had finally made it possible for him to quit and work the FBA business full time. That’s what Scott is about – helping real people get some freedom and a sense of personal control over their destiny. You can find out how Scott could help you with that, on this episode.

Different product categories have different fee structures. What fees do I pay if my product is in two categories?

If you didn’t know, you need to know that Amazon has different fee structures for products in different categories. For example, products in home and garden may have one fee and products in kitchen may have different fees. If your product is in multiple categories it can get a bit confusing as to how Amazon is going to charge you. On this episode, Scott reveals how to go about determining the fees you will pay for products in multiple categories, so be sure you listen to get his answer.

I’ve researched my product and sent them into Amazon, but I’m not getting sales? What can I do?

A listener feels that he did a pretty good job of researching his product. He got samples, tried them out on  Amazon, and felt that he’s got a good product. But now that he’s shipped his products to Amazon, it’s been a few weeks and he’s not gotten one sale. Is his product simply a bust? Should he give up and move on to something else? What would you do? Scott’s got quite a few suggestions for this seller, including an explanation of how PPC works and why it’s important to use pay per click to begin generating sales. You can hear it all on this episode of the podcast.

My product is selling well but is on page 3. What can I do to move it up?

On this episode of the podcast a listener calls in to describe her dilemma. She’s got a product that’s been on Amazon for 3 weeks and it’s already selling 10 to 15 units a day. But she ranks on page 3 and would like to get to page 1. What’s wrong to cause such great sales but such a low search ranking? Scott doesn’t think there’s necessarily anything wrong with her listing or product. In fact, he thinks she’s got some great things to celebrate and suggests a very few minor tweaks that could push her onto page 1. Do you want to hear his answer? You can, on this episode of the podcast.

Would you like to ask your private label questions?

If you are curious about private label sales on Amazon, or if you’re new to the Amazon sales platform and would like to know more about how it works, you can do that by listening to this “Ask Scott” session of the Amazing Seller Podcast. But even more, you can ask your own questions and have Scott Voelker answer them on the podcast. It’s a great opportunity for you to get your newbie questions answered by a pro and learn how to build a successful private label business at the same time. Be sure to listen to find out how you can submit your questions.


  • [0:05] Scott’s introduction to the podcast!
  • [0:20] How you can get your questions answered.
  • [1:33] A story from Scott’s experience at Rocky Mountain Resellers.
  • [4:04] Shout out to the TAS community on Facebook.
  • [5:14] QUESTION ONE: How does Amazon charge its fees when a product is in multiple categories?
  • [10:27] QUESTION TWO: My products have been sent into Amazon but I’ve not started PPC yet, and am seeing no sales. What’s up?
  • [17:00] QUESTION THREE: My products are selling well but my product is only on page 3. What can I do?


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TAS 205 : Ask Scott Session #60 – Your Amazon FBA Questions


[00:00:03] SV: Well, hey hey what's up everyone. Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 205 and session number 60 of Ask Scott. This is where I answer your questions here live on the podcast or recorded on the podcast and yeah, I get to actually to talk to you guys…

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…and really answer your questions that you guys are having right now. The way that you guys do this is you head over to theamazingseller.com/ask and you do that, you ask a question, you record that voice mail and I answer it here on the show. You guys that have been submitting the questions I just want to say thank you so much for taking time to submit them, all the kind words it really means a lot. You guys know that this is the highlight of my week.

This is where I get to feel as though we're sitting down at that coffee shop and just talking about business and Amazon and Ecommerce and just all of that stuff. Anyone that did attend our TAS breakthrough live event and you're listening you guys know how exciting I get about talking about this stuff. We were able to sit in a room for over gosh, what was it, seven hours, almost eight hours. I think it was eight hours. We were able to just really dive into these deep discussions and that's what I like to do here on the Ask Scott sessions is listen to your questions through  a voice mail, it's the only way that we can really connect that way. Then be able to answer them or at least give you my opinions or my advice.

Now I did want to share a quick story with you. I met a woman at the Rocky Mountain Resellers conference that I spoke at. All right. That was a great event by the way as well. I was able to do a closing keynote there where I was able to talk about how to discover your why, your what and your how and I actually did a few episodes where I talked about what I was going to talk about but I didn't really know 100% what I was going to talk about. I got a lot of great feedback from that but since then I've done it, I've done the keynote and I'm actually going to play that recording of that event here soon. Look forward to listening to that. It was really awesome and hand an amazing time. Let me get back to my story.

I met a woman there. She came up, she was, “I'm a big listener of your podcast. I've listened to you since the beginning and you actually gave us a shout out, me and my husband, you gave us a shout out on your podcasts for one of our iTunes reviews. I was the woman that said that we're so grateful that you're doing this and my husband and I are a team and we're looking to leave our jobs and that is our why and that is our goal.” She was like, “I'd like to report to you right now that my husband just left his job so I want to say thank you.” That right there to me is everything guys. A lot of people say, “Scott why do you do this?” Some people say, “Oh, Scott I know why you do it. Because you want to sell your course.”

[00:03:04] SV: Well, the thing is this. That's not the reason. The reason I started this thing is because I wanted to be able to connect with like-minded people. I wanted to be able to help people. It's just what I do. I also wanted to be able to connect and hear other people's stories and to have a little bit, just a little bit of an effect on someone that listens and takes action. Honestly, when I hear stuff like that, that right there is the best payment in the world. It's to be able to have someone say that because of something that I shared, helped them. Obviously they got to do the work but it helped them either open their eyes to something or give them the motivation to go out there and do it and from there be able to feel as though I was a part of that. That is an amazing feeling.

I want to thank everyone that did come up to me at the event and wanted to just talk and shake hands and just meet in person. I want to say thank you so much. It meant a lot and I really do appreciate it. It was awesome. I met a ton of great people at that event. All right. I want to give a shout out to our TAS community too because everyone in there is awesome as well and I know some of you, a lot of you couldn't make the event or make my own event or whatever. We couldn't meet. We will eventually. Hopefully we can meet and have that cup of coffee. That's what we're going to do today. I will be doing that. I will be answering your questions. Before I do jump into that, if you guys are interested at all at ever attending one of our live events, we only have thirty people who attend. We have ten hot seats and twenty attendees. If you're ever looking to join us we have an announcement list.

You can head over to theamazingseller.com/live and from there you can sign up to that list and I'll only notify you when we're considering doing another live event. Right now we don't have any dates in mind but we're definitely going to be doing another one because we had such an amazing time and everyone there was saying, “When are you doing the next one?” I'm pretty sure that a lot of the people that already attended are going to want to attend again but we do want to open it up to other people and if you're interested at all definitely register on that list and we'll let you know more details when we know those details. All right. Let's go ahead and dive into today's first question and I'll give you my answer.

[00:05:21] Matt: Hey Scott. This is Matt from Washington State. Want to say thank you for all of you've done. Great podcast, love it, listened to everything in just over three weeks. Can't wait for more. Hopefully someday I'm going to make an event and at that time I'm going to meet you. Good stuff. I have a question that pertains to when put a product up. I know it's possible to have it listed in under more than category. Each category can have separate fee structures. As an example if you have a classic garlic press it's usually will be listed at home and garden, sort of 15% fee. However if you have a super duper garlic press, industrial grade and you sell it in Foods service category that's at 12% fee structure. If you have those both on one listing, you may be able to, I don't know, how would Amazon charge you? Is it how… I don't know. Just curious. I couldn't find anything, I haven't heard references through this anywhere else, maybe I just missed it. [inaudible] ask from you or maybe [inaudible] going to [inaudible] thank you again, some lovely work, love your show, wish all this success in the world and have a great one. Bye, bye.

[00:06:55] SV: Hey Matt. Thanks so much for the question and that's a good one. That's a good question. A lot of people don't understand and realize and maybe they just don't know. I mean, heck I didn't know for a little while that different categories have different fee structures. You can go right to Amazon and you can do a search and look at the fee structures. I'll go ahead and I'll link up something inside of the show notes. If you wanted to go and see the show notes and I also have transcripts too. I should have reminded you guys in the beginning if you guys are brand new. We do offer transcripts for free and you can find them at theamazingseller.com/205 that's this episode. We'll have the show notes and all that stuff that we talk about will be right there.

There's different fee structures for different categories. What you're asking I believe, Matt is if you're in two different categories which one do they bill you from or which one do you get charged against. To my understanding, it's your one main category. Right. We can be listed in a main category but then we can be listed in those sub categories. Right. You need to figure out what category is going to make most sense. I wouldn't do it just based off of the fee structure. That to me wouldn't be the right mindset, the right way to about it because you maybe not positioning yourself into a certain category because you're trying to save a few pennies over here on this fee structure. I would go to the top level, we call it the top level category if you're home and kitchen it's home and kitchen, right. If that's the main category that you want to be in and that you think makes the most sense, then go in that one. The sub-categories, that's different, right.

The sub-categories just means that you could be in another top level but then you go deeper inside of that category. That there wouldn't necessarily affect the top level. I guess the short answer is really figure out what category makes the most sense for your product and list your product there. The other sub-categories are just to me bonus. They're like icing on the cake. They are also a great way for you to see what category you could fit into and what one has the least amount of competition for BSR. This way here you can rank inside that category high so that then you can get a best seller's badge. That's another strategy that I would look into. What another category could you get your product listed in and this is again a sub-category? What category could you get in there that you could easily be ranked number one because there's not a lot of competition in that category?

Then you could do a better job there and then you could get that best seller badge slapped on your listing and then that will also in turn most likely, not always, help with your conversions. That's what I would probably say Matt is. Go after the category that makes the most sense and then from there add the sub categories that you think you could get the best bang for your buck, in a sense. All right. Thanks again for being a long time listener, a loyal listener, I appreciate it and hopefully someday we can shake hands, have that cup of coffee and get to meet in person. Thanks again, keep me posted on your product and your business. I'd really love to hear how you make out in the next few months. All right. Let's go ahead and listen to another question and I'll give you my answer

[00:10:34] Franco: Hello Mr. Scott and family. By family I mean all you listeners throughout the planet. I'm quite sure there's a lot of people that are listening. You're very knowledgeable and you're very helpful. Anyway, here goes my question. I ordered about sixty items, I'm not going to mention the category from china. I already got the items. I boxed them up, I started my listing. I got it active right now. I shipped it to FBA, they went through to three different locations within Amazon, within the States and it's been about a week and I haven't seen any movement basically. I haven't seen any sales yet. A little bit concern most likely making a mistake somewhere. I'm not giving out any free items yet, maybe that's one and I'm not doing any pay per click, PPCs. I guess that's another mistake that I'm making but I'm wondering if I need to do that in order to get moving, to get some sales going. The category is pretty good, it's something that is used throughout the year, all year long every year and every single day by families.

Anyways, I'm trying to see if I can sell this thing moving. I'm trying to get some sales and I haven't had any sales yet. I was wondering if you could give me some ideas on how I can start moving this train. I'm not going to stop there. Obviously if I haven't got any sales and it's just a bust, I'm going to keep moving, I'm going to find another item and just test it out, basically. That's my question. I'm trying to get some sales and I'm looking for ideas. How do I start moving my stuff within Amazon? I appreciate your feedback and thank you very much for your time and you have a blessed day. This is Franco from Hollywood, Florida. Bye.

[00:12:40] SV: Well, hey hey Franco. What's up man. From Florida. What's going on? Thank you so much for the question and I appreciate you being a listener and thank you for sending out some love to the family and to myself. I appreciate that and right back at you. All right brother. Okay. Here's the deal. Right. You've kind of did a little test launch here I'm assuming. Like sixty units. That's what you said. You haven't done anything other than just send them in to Amazon. If you're just going to send product in, there's a chance you're going to get a few sales here and there just by accident. Right. That can happen. If that happens you're onto something, right.  You're onto the gold. Right. In most cases, that's not going to happen. All right.

The very first thing that I would say you have to do, not have to do but I would do is would turn on pay-per-click. Right. I would look in my competition first off and I'd say are they running pay-per-click, even if they're not how many reviews do they have, how many reviews am I competing with? What is the depth and demand of their listings? How many are they selling on the average? How many can I expect to get? If you are going after a product that only gets two sales a day and you're getting none and they've been doing it a while there's probably a good chance that you're not going to be able to do that well. I guess the first thing that I would do is I would turn on pay-per-click and I would do it for an automatic campaign and I would do it for a suggested keyword campaign.

Those are the first two. If wanted to really get crazy here you can go ahead and run you listing or you can run some competition or some competitors' listings in Google Keyword Planner or you can do it in Keyword inspector. You can do it wherever you want. Get those ideas of some just random keywords that could potentially help you rank or help you get seen. If you don't have in the back end of your listing, if that's not built out again I don't know any of this data but if that's not built out, well that could be a factor. Right. These are different factors that you need to make sure that are there. I'm assuming that your pictures are good. I'm assuming that your title's good, I'm assuming that your bullets are good, description is good, I'm assuming that all of your search terms in the back end are filled out.

I'm assuming all of that stuff is in place. If all that stuff is in place and you've sent in your inventory first step is to give away. If you think you need to, if you think that you need to get some reviews again you're not giving them away necessarily to get a BSR bump which that may help a little just to get you seen from Amazon and in Amazon's eyes it puts you on the map but it doesn't mean that that's necessarily why you're doing it. You're doing the promo to really start the review process. This way when you show up in pay-per-click you're going have some social proof there from other people that have purchased your product that can give feedback and they can give a review. Right.

My first thing would be if you're not going to do a review then I would start at least pay-per-click. If you want to do a review, I would go and give away fifteen or twenty units maybe to start, maybe spread those out over a few days and then from there I would turn on pay-per-click at the same time. I would run the auto campaign and I would also run the suggested keyword campaign as well. Again, the first thing that you could do is just turn on the ad campaign or turn on an ad campaign and then run the suggested keyword and see how many keywords Amazon is saying that you're relevant for. That will tell you how well your listing is optimized. That's another thing that you should probably do like right away.

You can't expect to just send in an inventory and let it sit there and expect it to sell. Does happen sometimes? Sure. It's not that likely. You have to get the ball rolling and the two ways that I have done it and recently just did it with a test product is I did exactly that. I gave away twenty five units to get the reviews coming in also it gets the sales on the map of Amazon and from there I started pay-per-click with those two campaigns That's what I would suggest. If you do that you'll be able to get a sense of if you have a product that will start to get sales. Hopefully this has helped you, I appreciate kind words, I appreciate the question and keep at it and I like the attitude. Right. If  this one isn't that base head or that double you're going to go up and get the batteries box and you're going to take another swing. Right.

You're going to go ahead and find that next product. I love that attitude and I think anyone listening should listen to what you'd said in your question because some people would just glaze over that. I picked up on that and that's really, really awesome stuff. Congratulations and good luck to you and keep me posted. Let's go ahead and listen to another question and I'll give you my answer.

[00:17:36] April: Hi Scott. This is April from Ohio. Thank you for all that you do. I've gotten great benefits from all the content that you put out there. I found you in the fall and I just launched my first product at the end of February. It's been live for about three and a half weeks and I've followed your methodology, I've done some promotions, I've given away about 60 units, I've been running PPC since the beginning and still continue to do that. I'm currently selling about 10 to 15 units a day, which I'm very happy with. The only issue is that I'm still on the top of the third page for my main keyword. I'm wondering if I should give away more units or if should temporarily lower my price or to do neither of those things and kind of just wait for a bit and see where things shake out. Like I said, I'm happy with selling ten to fifteen units a day but if I could be on page one and sell 30 units a day that would be even better. I'm just wondering what your next step would be if you were in my situation three and a half weeks after launch. Would love to hear your answer and again, thanks for all you do. Okay. Thanks. Bye.

[00:19:02] SV: Hi April. Thank you so much for the question and congratulations by the way. 10 to 15 sales per day after three weeks, I think that's a victory. We should probably celebrate on that. That's all have a round of applause for April. If you're driving don't take your hands off the wheel. If you're running you can go ahead and clap. Let's clap together on that one. Awesome job. That's amazing. Really excited for you. I think that yes you can probably do a little more to get yourself ranking but let's also keep in mind that you've been only at this for three weeks. Right. Usually, you want to give it at least four to six, maybe even eight weeks before you start considering, “Well, I'm not ranking.” It's going to take a little time to get yourself in the Amazon algorithm. Right.

So far, even ranking on page two is pretty good. That means that you're almost there. What I would do, this is what I would do personally right now is would probably try to focus on that keyword that you think is the primary keyword if you're on page two and you're almost on page one. I would start to drive some phrase match traffic from that keyword. I would start driving traffic to that keyword but in a phrase match. Not in an exact match at this point. An exact match is great but you're only going to show up for the exact match. That can still help us rank for that primary keyword even if we have an extender on it or if we have something that's on the front of it. It's still going to be the mean of the keyword. Right. What I would do is I would take and I would create a campaign that was only targeting that keyword or those three keywords that you really want to rank on page one for.

Then I would focus my whole budget on that. Another little side tip here at our live event. I was talking to a gentleman that gave us a little bit of a tip on this that they were experimenting with and that was that if you have a thousand keywords in the campaign and you're putting a $25 a day budget on that or even a $50 budget. Amazon's taking that $50, it's allowing it to be used on a thousand keywords. You may not show up as much. That means that you won't get as much in that many impressions. You won't get as many clicks because obviously you're not getting the impressions. If you condense those campaigns down, something I'm experimenting right now. If you're able to take those campaigns and shrink them down even to three hundred per campaign or 350 or whatever, right, the smaller the campaign goes and then the budget is for that campaign, you're able to put more of that budget towards lesser keywords. If that makes sense.

You will spend more money. Be careful. You want to take your… If you want to only spend a hundred bucks a day or on your overall account you need to go to your main settings on your account for your entire account, your entire pay-per-click account and you want to set that for $100. Not just thinking, “Well, I'm going to set this for 25, this for 25, this for 25 and so on.” That can still go over. Amazon has been known to go over but if you set your overall, your overarching budget for the entire account, that will keep it from going over those limits. All right. Just a little side note there. Pretty important side note. Definitely make sure that you do that.

[00:22:30] SV: What I would do in your case is I'd find those two or three of four or even five keywords. I'd put them in a phrase match and then I'd run like 20, 25 bucks towards those keywords alone. All right. Then that way there you can take more of your money and concentrate it on those keywords that you want to rank for. Then as you start to see sales come in from them you'll probably see a rank increase as well. Then from there once you see that, guess what, you know what keywords are driving the sales the most. Now you're going to see that and guess what, you can either pause the ones that aren't doing well or you can keep them all on if they're doing well and then you can just dial up the money.

Instead of doing 25 bucks you bring it to fifty bucks. That way there you have more control on those and then also you're also going to be able to see if it's helping you rank by getting sales through those phrase match. Now, over time if you look at your data report or actually your search report and you're seeing that you're getting a lot of your impressions and sales and clicks through an exact match, that's the time that you'd pull out that keyword of the exact match that exact phrase, put that in its own campaign all by itself and then you'd put a budget on just that keyword in an exact match. All right, now anyone that's listening that this is way way over your head, don't worry about it.

If you're at the beginning stages, stay in the beginning stages. When you get to this point and you've launched, that's when you think about this stuff but right now, do not jump ahead. I just needed to say that because I know a lot of people they love to jump ahead, you're not there yet don't get confused, don't get overwhelmed when you're at that point, that's when you get to that point. All right. Definitely, definitely stay where you are but to come back to this situation you are launched. You're doing ten to fifteen a day. Now, the other thing is, I would ask because I would say okay we're doing okay, we're doing ten or fifteen sales a day. Is that average or is my competition doing 30, 40 sales a day.

Now, you kind of alluded to you could do thirty sales a day. That's making me think that you've looked at your competition and some of them are doing thirty, forty a day. You have room to grow. You have room to improve. Well, that's the case now we got to look at conversions. Right. We got to say okay, you're getting how many sessions so you're getting listing every single day or over the course of a week. Let's say you get a thousand. Right. And you're converting at 12%.  Well, let's say that the reason why you're converting at 12% is because you have less reviews than your competition. If we can get more reviews that means that we might convert at 15%. Well, guess what, if we start converting higher you're probably going to rank better as well because we're getting more sales.

It all comes back to the sales and how can we get more sales even if all we're doing is getting a higher conversion rate because we've tweaked a few things whether it's images, whether it's title, whether it's reviews,any of that stuff. That's what I'd be thinking about. As far as lowering your price I'm not sure that I'd go there just yet. All right. I don't think I'd go there just yet. I would try those other things first and then I think as another strategy I might lower it for a day or two, see what it does and I might do that on the days that I see my sales that are usually higher.

[00:25:51] SV: Usually you can look back at your month and you can see that yep, Tuesdays are better. Like Tuesdays are higher for whatever reason. Every product or every market is different but let's just say that on Tuesdays your sales are always up. Right. Well, then that might be the day that you might want to lower your price just to get another spike in sales. To bump it even higher so instead of getting 15 sales a day you bump that to 25 sales and day. That might help you improve your ranking over time. Again, these are things that aren't going to just happen overnight. You're not going to run that pay per click for three days and see a bump in your ranking automatically. It's going to take time. I always tell people including myself it's like you need to give it a full four to six weeks to really see where you're setting in in the ranking from what you've done during the launch.

That's what I would do. Hopefully that's been helpful. Sounds like you're doing awesome and I'm so happy for you. That's really, really cool. Keep me posted on if you try any of this stuff and how it works and then just how you're doing in general. Also how you're doing with future products. I'd love to hear your progress. Keep me posted. Anybody that I mentioned here on the podcast in this episode or any past episodes, definitely reach out to me and keep me posted on the results on what you're doing. Maybe if you had some ups and downs, whatever it is let me know. I'd love to be able to just follow up with you and hear how you're doing. That would be awesome. That's pretty much going wrap up this episode. This is again, been another great episode. You guys know I love doing this and like what I said when we did this at the TAS Breakthrough Live event it was like awesome.

It was real. It was like all of us in a room. It was everything I could have imagined and more. It was just awesome, mind blowing. Really, really awesome. I'm still excited about it. Can you tell? If you guys want to hear more about an upcoming live, I'm talking in person event head over to theamazingseller.com/live you'll probably see the last one and it will sold out. If you don't you'll probably see a page where you can register. Wherever you can register on that page, register and then you'll be notified when we start announcing any new event that we're going to be doing. Now, if you want to attend any of our live workshops, this is like virtually where we get on and we kind of walk through the five phases to picking a product, launching a product and all that good stuff and also some live Q&A again virtually you can come anywhere that you're … From wherever that you're located, we have people come from all over the world. If you want to attend any one of them, you can register at theamazingseller.com/workshop and we usually have an upcoming one there listed on that page.

Just go there, register if you're interested. Would love to hang out with you, Would love to meet you, virtually and we can hang out and have that cup of coffee together and we can really get to work inside of this business model. That's it guys, that's going to wrap it up, once again I just want to say thank you so much for listening. I know you guys have tons and tons of opportunities out there to listen to other people and I'm really, really honored and privileged to have you listen to this show and you guys have made the show what it is today and I just want to say thank you.

Remember I'm here for you and I believe in you and I'm rooting for you but you have to, you have to… Come on. Say it with me and say it now, “Take action.” Have an awesome amazing day and I'll see you right back here on the next episode.


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