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  • Hey Scott,

    I love this episode. I have been trying, for some time now, to convert my “generic” brand listing to a branded product, after a small test phase of ~100 units.

    Do you think you can explain a bit about your variation strategy? I would love to do this; however, when I try to add a new variation, the only variation themes I see are about color, size, material, etc. I don’t see any option that allows me to add a variation of a different brand.

    Also, how would that work. My generic listing is under the manufacturer’s brand. Does Amazon really let you list multiple brands of the same/similar product on the same listing?

    As always, keep up the amazing work! I’m sure you know, but you really make an amazing impact on people’s lives (or at least mine!)

    • Hey Sidney, you wouldn’t add the variation as a different brand, you would have to change the brand to reflect your own branding. That would ONLY work if you’re the only seller on the listing. If you have other sellers under the manufacturers brand, you would need to create your own listing.

  • Hey Scott,

    Great podcast. I have a question on keywords. In the backend we are going to put as many keywords relevant to our listing but if we are not using commas how does Amazon Seller Central know where one keyword starts and ends?

    E.g. if I have the following keywords:

    kitchen garlic press
    garlic press for kitchen

    Are you just putting in the following string:

    kitchen garlic press garlic press for kitchen

    To me these aren’t keywords in the traditional internet marketing sense, they’re just a collection of words.

    Any light you could shed on this and how it works would be most appreciated.

    Thanks and keep up the great work.

    • Hey Ed, amazon treats each word separately so you don’t need another indication that one word has stopped and another has started, that’s what the SPACE is for. Additionally you wouldn’t have to repeat any words. Amazon is truly looking at WORDS and not terms. Does that make sense?

  • Hey Scott,

    You mentioned a free de-duping tool… Do you remember the name of it? I haven’t been able to find one. Thanks for all the awesome info!


  • Hi Scott, thanks for this. The tool Jungle Scout is great but I’ve found that products I watch that fit the criteria are selling well, low reviews but then about a month later I see another 10 sellers who appear to have also used JS. Do you feel that as more and more of these tools come on the market – making it easy to find products that fit an exact criteria that everyone will be jumping on the same products. Then success will come to those that get their products to market quicker.

    • While it does make it either for others, most will never take action on it, so it isn’t too much to worry about. Remember, you’re in this for the long haul and Amazon is just where you’ll be starting! Keep pushing and you’ll find some great products that no one else would even think of!

  • Hello Scott,
    You mentioned in this episode that you did not use super url for the promo. How did you instruct the reviewers on finding your product? What kind of link did you give them?

    Thank you for all that you do…

    • Hey Sam, You simply tell them what you want them to search for on Amazon and what your listing is called. Or you can send them a direct link to the product without keywords 🙂

  • Hey Scott! Thanks for all of the excellent info you bring to us!

    Quick question on this test launch. You mentioned you gave away 5 items per day for 5 days, with single-use codes. How did you do that?

    1) where did you ‘advertise’ the giveaways, or did you use a specific review group?
    2) did you do the $1 price strategy or did you just give a hefty discount?
    3) how did you throttle the sales, and limit it to a set number per day?

    Thanks again for all you do!

    • Hey Matt, you would host the giveaway with someone like GetBSR, Tomoson or review kick. You can price it either way 🙂

      If you create one time use codes and each person gets one, you wouldn’t have to “throttle sales” since the giveaway is limited to the number of coupons that you give out!

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