TAS 201 How To Protect Your Listing from Hijackers and FIGHT BACK with Jon Haver

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  • Hey Scott,

    I’m just getting started with Amazon FBA retail, but after listening to this podcast, I am thinking this is a great tool that I will be needing in the near future. Would you recommend this today for newbies as it’s 50% off now versus $20/mo down the road?

    I know you say stay focused on your first product and deal with these types of issues as you get further along, but $120 for the year sounds more appetizing than $240.

  • hi Scott

    my first warning message to the hijacker seemed to work as he left my listing about 12 hours after I sent the message.

    I just wanted to share the update with you.


  • Hi Scott

    After listening to this episode, I checked my listing this morning and discovered I have a hijacker. looks like it’s an overseas person because it indicates that delivery time when you order from him will be about 1 month. Their prices are a few dollars lower than mine. They have a 0 seller feedback rating so perhaps there a new hijacker. However when I look at their storefront they have many products and it looks like they’re hijacking several other sellers. I immediately sent a warning email to them as described in this episode. Hope it works. I don’t check my listing very often but I will start checking it now more frequently and set up brand registry. I will also follow up as described in the episode if they don’t get off my listing soon.

    Thanks for your help. Let me know if you have any other advice. have a great weekend

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