TAS 193 Ask Scott Session #56 – Your Amazon FBA Questions

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  • Hey hey hey Scott !
    YOU are the BEST !

    One question ! I found the product on Amazon and ordered my sample. There are 5 products like mine but different colors and design, but 1 seller has identical product like mine and he has his own brand. I want to create my own brand with that product. When I create listing on AMAZON to add product , Can I create ADD NEW PRODUCT even if the same one already exists, because mine product will have my logo ?

  • Hi Scott,

    Thanks for another terrific podcast. All the TAS’ers appreciate your generosity in sharing your knowledge/experience.

    I’m kinda in same spot as Rebecca (Q#2 from today’s show). I’ve been selling for 3months, but 1st month wasn’t running PPC. 50% sales are organic; that’s good, right?

    Excluding my PPC costs, I would be profitable, however I’m spending too much on PPC (apprx 50% of my Selling price).

    I’ve tried using Phrase Match, but my low-ACOS KW’s from Broad Match tended to be very generic terms which were very popular (e.g. Garlic Press, Garlic Crusher). Hence, these search terms were very expensive in Phrase Match. When I moved these KWs to Phrase match, my PPC costs skyrocketed but sales didn’t increase. So, I paused those KWs in PHR match & reverted to relying on those KWs in my Broad Match instead.

    At my peak, I was averaging 4-5 sales/day. For these popular KWs, I was ranking on page 3. However, I’ve been declining in past 1-2wks.

    Should I create a new campaign with Broad Match containing ONLY those 3-4 KWs (e.g. Garlic Press, Garlic Crusher)? I could pause my old campaign? I could put high bids on these KWs & $25 daily budget.

    I could review my PPC rpts from existing campaign and pause all the high ACOS search terms.

    How do I reduce my PPC costs while boosting my rank and sales?

    Your advice is greatly appreciated!

      • Hi scott

        I moved stuff appearing in search term column over to phrase match. Some terms like Garlic Press appears in both columns because they ate vertu popular. Moved garlic press and garlic crusher to phrase match.

        I also moved other converting search terms to phrase match, which were linked to Garlic Press like stainless steel garlic press, etc. But costs were very high in phrase match.

        Please let me know if you need more clarity on my situation to enable you to provide advice. I can give more details.

        • Ignore the keyword column, that’s just what you typed in, what matters is indeed the search term column. Cost per click shouldn’t vary much between match types so I’m willing to bet there is something else going on there. unfortunately without seeing it, it’s hard to know. Did moving them back seem to help in your particular situation?

          • Hi scott
            my bid on garlic press in phrase match was almost two times higher than my bid on that same keyword in Broad match. It was my understanding that you should have a higher bid on terms in phrase match than in Broad match because those terms are supposedly high converting and possibly more competitive than in Broad match.

            Moving these terms back to broadmatch did lower my PPC spend mainly because the bids I had were lower on Broad match compared to phrase match. I did not get more sales while they were in phrase match to justify the higher did that I was putting.
            Should I create a new campaign with Broad Match containing ONLY those 3-4 search terms (e.g. Garlic Press, Garlic Crusher)? I could pause my old campaign? I could put high bids on these terms & $25 daily budget. This would be a very focused campaign

          • Nigel, the reason the cpc is going to be lower in broad match is because they are likely showing for other less costly “related” phrases. If you move them to their own “broad” campaign I wouldn’t close down the other one unless those are the only keywords that were converting at all for you.

  • Hey Scott, click to listen button is missing. Not a big deal cause you can still play it, but I thought you would like to know.

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