TAS 187 Ask Scott Session #54 – Your Amazon FBA Questions

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  • Scott: Regarding question #2. Please provide guideline on how you determine when to switch to seeking product reviews (i.e. skipping the request for seller feedback ).

    Do I need to consider how many reviews my major top competitors have compared to me. Wondering if this has any bearing on the decision.

    I have 42 product reviews, most are 5 stars and only a few 4 or 3 stars. This is my 1st product & I have been selling for over 2 months. My seller feedback is all 5 stars.

    Thanks for everything you do for the TAS-ers!

    • Hey Nigel, I still ask for both, for different reasons. If you’re going to switch, consider waiting until you have an established account, i’d shoot for at least 100 feedback, maybe more before switching over.

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