TAS 185 NEW Tweak on Amazon Product Launches (I’m trying this)

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  • Hi Scott,
    Thanks for the great information. Got one question, any chance to limit the number of items give away while I’m doing FBA? I’m running a discounted price sales, but looks like people are ordering lots when the price is lower, and I can’t distribute the 100 give away evenly across a 10 days period, which is not helping too much as planned.


  • Hey great episode, I have a listing with 8 variations ( not color) its same product but to diffrent models. Do i need to give seperate giveaways per model to rank well? Best wishes Emil

    • Hey Emil, if you’re listing a it as a variation listing your reviews will be shared across all variations, so you wouldn’t have to do a seperate promo. You may want to give away a few of each just to give each one a boost, but you wouldn’t have to!

      • Thanks for reply, Yea thats what i thought i meant. Cause they all carry there own salerank i was concernd.

        Great Podcast have been listning from the start 🙂

  • Scott, how different should your strategy be to launch new products as a company (Direct Importer), than as an individual? We are a 27 year old DI co. specializing in custom retail programs for large retailers, yet wanting to learn about the Amazon business model for DI’s??

    • Hey Jim, That depends, if you’re planning on listing you’re entire catalog at once, your strategy would be completely different. What I would probably do is start with your top sellers and check the competitive sales numbers on Amazon (exactly like if you were starting from scratch) to see which would give you the most bang for your buck. Going that way, the strategy would be VERY similar if not the same!

  • Hey Scott,
    Thanks for yet another great podcast. A couple of observations I would like to share here. Although building your own internal list for promotion sounds like a great long term strategy but I have noticed that it kind of conflicts with Amazon’s review system.

    A couple of people on TAS group reported that their genuine honest reviews with disclaimers and all were wiped out because many of those reviewers had already reviewed one of the other product from the same seller. Amazon takes this as you having a relationship with the customer/reviewer so they probably flag it as a biased review and delete it. This was proven by the fact that Amazon did not delete all the reviews by that reviewer for the same seller, they deleted all except one.

    So, in this scenario, if were to work on building our own list of initial customers/reviewers, we can surely use them for the first product. But for second product if we leverage on them and get the product reviewed by them, there are high chances that Amazon will delete them.

    This kind of defies the purpose of building your own list through social media, etc. And I believe it is advisable to use a different set of group of reviewers for new product launches so you dont get the same reviewers reviewing your products to be on the safe side.

    Check out this screenshot of a conversation I observed on TAS group, which supports the above points.


  • stcott thanks for the great podcast! one question i have to this 185 podcast is, if im not doing super urls will this also work to get ranked to the first page after doing a big blast? my review group is not doing super urls anymore, is it only getting ranked( or faster ranked) to the first page after a blast when doing super urls?

    • Hey Same, some of the people I’ve interviewed use them and some don’t and everyone still gets ranked. The effect may be slightly diminished in the short term but you’ll get the same result in the end.

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