TAS 183 Amazon Suspended My Product (Now What?)

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  • Hi Scott,
    I had a similar experience than yours. I am pretty sure my listing got suspended because I couldn’t keep selling my product nor could I see it on Amazon. They told me, just like in your case, that some clients were complaining about my product reaching them broken. I was totally paralyzed, scared and demotivated because unlike you, I don’t live in the USA so switching the listing to merchant fulfilled wouldn’t help at all (I think). So this is what I did. I contacted customer support and told them that I was willing to cooperate with them to help us both continue making more money. I asked them if they could go through the rest of my inventory and make sure that it matched the listing’s description. After a month or so (yes it was a very lengthy process), the FBA team was able to confirm that my remaining inventory was not broken and thus it was sellable. Only then (one month later) I was able to activate my listing and start selling again. I thought I would share this with you so that other non USA-based sellers, can benefit from this bitter experience. Thanks

  • Hi Scott. A little confused about what (I thought was) a major step in the process. Amazon suspended your product, so in order to reinstate your listing, don’t you have to write to them to explain how you will take corrective actions going forward? How is it possible that you were able to even list the product (even if it was MF) if it was suspended by Amazon?
    I also ask this question because I’m pretty it seems like it would be a violation of Amazons TOS to list a product that you already know is available on their platform, so it seems as though you’d basically be skirting around the issue? (Unless of course you had already addressed it with them). From what I’ve read on other blogs, the appeal letter to Amazon needs to be carefully thought out in situations like this.

    • Hey Vanessa, they didn’t suspend the listing in the way you are thinking they suspended the FBA portion. Listing it MF wouldn’t create a new listing it would allow another purchase option on the same listing…make sense?

  • Hi Scot

    Great podcast as always! If you do not mind just have a quick question – I have a supplement that is selling quite well, I want to bundle this supplement with 2 other items but on the same listings – Am I ok to simple add a variation to this existing listing so i can keep my rankings etc ?


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