TAS 179 : Top 10 Takeaways The First 3 months in the FBA World!

Welcome back to the show notes page of The Amazing Seller Podcast. Scott Voelker is here to lead you in understanding and building an Amazon Private Label business that can build the life you want to live. On this episode Scott’s got a great list of 10 things learned in the first 3 months in the FBA world, and it was contributed by a listener to the podcast. You’ll get some great insights from this list, from a person who is fresh into the industry and knows the realities of starting from square one. Even if you’re experienced at private label sales, you’ll be encouraged by what this listener has to share.

Hard work cannot be replaced. There is no easy way forward.

If you want to build a business through Amazon Private Label sales you are going to have to do exactly that, build it. Building things takes a lot of hard work. It takes determination. It takes a commitment to seeing things through. One of the biggest lessons shared on this top 10 list is that hard work cannot be replaced. There Is no easy way forward if you want it business that will provide the lifestyle and the income that you are seeking. Listen to this episode of the podcast to be encouraged in ways that will enable you to stick with it when things get hard. Take action.

If you let yourself get overwhelmed, you’re going to give up.

When you first get started building a business on Amazon through private label sales, you will discover that there are so many variables and so many things to consider, it seems like you might never figure it out. You can easily get overwhelmed, but you have to fight the over whelmed by systematically doing one thing at a time that will take you a simple step forward. It's that kind of single-minded determination that will enable you to do what you want to do in building your business. Be sure to listen to this episode to hear more of Scott's tips about how to fight overwhelm.

Amazon private label is a long term endeavor.

The stories you hear about someone putting a private label product onto the Amazon platform and hitting $10,000 in sales during their first month are the exceptions not the rule. It's very common that sellers never hit $10,000 a month in sales. It's also common that those who do take a month and possibly even years to get there. You have to think of your Amazon business as a long-term endeavor. It's going to take time, especially if he do it the right way. Make sure you listen to this episode to hear Scott's encouragement about what it takes to build your business with a long view.

Learn from others, but make up your own mind in the end.

When you're first starting out in your Amazon private label business it is vital that you learn all that you can. You want to listen to people who have gone down the path you are traveling ahead of you. But there comes a point where you have to make your own decisions, where the advice you receive is weighed against the circumstances that you are actually in. It's at that point you need to have the confidence to make up your own mind about the direction you were going to take. On this episode Scott gives some great advice about how to get to that place, and how to make the right decisions when you do.


  • [0:25] Scott’s introduction to the podcast!
  • [1:08] What this episode is about – an email from a listener.
  • [5:00] April’s email about her first year on Amazon private label.
  • [8:31] Why hard work is the first thing you need.
  • [9:20] Why you can’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed.
  • [10:50] The power of thinking long term.
  • [13:20] Community with great people is essential.
  • [15:36] A positive attitude is key!
  • [17:22] Daily action to move your company forward is powerful.
  • [20:38] Don’t rush important decisions (but don’t allow more time just for the sake of it).
  • [22:41] Listen to advice from others but make up your own mind based on your situation.
  • [24:50] Why it’s important to give back.
  • [28:32] Fear and doubt can paralyze you. You can’t let it.
  • [34:45] How to get in on the next live workshop.


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TAS 179 : Top 10 Takeaways: The First 3 months in the FBA World!


[00:00:03] SV: Hey, hey, what’s up everyone? Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller podcast, this is episode number 179. Today, we’re going to do something a little bit different here. I’m going to actually read to you an email that came through and then I’m also going to expound on the different aspects of this email because…

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…it’s really, really important. The title of this email was ‘Top 10 Takeaways: The First Three Months in the FBA World’. This here is really awesome because a lot of you are brand new or are just starting and to be able to hear the takeaways from someone that is fairly new and like their take on what they believe that other people should understand and realize going into this business.

I really wanted to share this with you. This young lady has also allowed me to share this with you and I think it’s going to be really, really beneficial so I’m really excited to share that with you. Again, this is just the power of the podcast, of being able to now take an email that came through to me and then taking that email and sharing it with you because I know that there’s extreme value by sharing it. It just really excites me that I’m able to do this and just be really the middle man in a sense, to connect the dots and to hopefully use this platform or this reach that I do have to help more people. It really, really does make me feel really good … I said really a lot of times there. It does make me feel really good to be able to do this when I receive emails like I did here from this young lady here.

Before I do jump into the email and then the 10 takeaways that she actually outlined for me very neatly by the way, I wanted again, just say thank you for showing up. Part of this process in business in general is just showing up. Right. If you’re going after losing weight, you got to show up to the gym, if you are like my son who’s 17, going to be 18 here soon, if you’re looking to get better at your basketball games, you can take your career to the next level, which is college for him, you got to show up. Whatever you’re going after, you have to show up day in and day out.

Again, I go back to the great book, ‘The Compound Effect'. It totally, totally makes sense. Again, I’m going off on a little bit of a tangent there as I do sometimes, I just wanted to say thank you for showing up, that’s the very first step, is showing up, getting connected and then from there taking action on what you learn and the key takeaways. Hopefully that the takeaways today are going to also allow you to move forward. All right. Now, one more thing though before we do jump in, if you guys are brand new to the podcast I want to welcome you, I want to shake your hand, I’m putting out my hand right now. You can’t see because this is audio, but I’m shaking your hand right now and we are saying hallo to one another, so, “Hey, what’s up? Thanks for stopping by.”

[00:03:21] SV: Also I wanted to invite you to a live, free workshop that I do, where I take you through the five phases for launching your first product. I take you through all five phases that I’ve used and that a lot of people have used and it really does simplify the process. If you are interested in attending this live, free workshop, head over to theamazingseller.com/workshop and from there you can register for an upcoming workshop. I also answer live Q&A and we just have a blast. I really would love it if you’d hang out with me one evening, so go over and register for that. All right.

The last thing is the Facebook group, the TASers out there. You guys are awesome, you guys know who you are by the way, all 24,000 plus people that are in that group right now. It’s just a great place to be and connect and you’re going to also hear in one of these takeaways is that April described is that getting connected is surrounding yourself with like-minded people is a real big deal and it was a huge help to her. Again, the Facebook community is there for you guys, if you guys have any questions, you can usually go there and just search inside of the search field and find something that is related to what you’re searching for.

Again, you can find that group, if you’re not already connected, over at theamazingseller.com/fb F as in Frank, B as in Boy, so F as in Frank, B as in boy for Facebook. You can definitely head over there and check that out and get connected. Always on the blog as well, if you go to the blog and you go up into the search box, you can always search for whatever topic you’re looking for and probably find something there. All right. We are going to dig in here. Let’s go ahead and read the email that April had sent to me and I can break it down for you.


[00:05:11] SV: The email starts out and says, “Scott, I just want to tell you thank you!! I’m sure you hear this all the time but what you are doing is changing lives, I really mean that. I started this FBA journey at the end of September and just put in my first order on December 30th. I could not be more excited about this journey and all its potential. It doesn’t mean it’s always been easy. There have been lots of long days, studying, research and pushing through the fear and doubts to make my first order happen. You and your community have given me the support and courage to push forward and I hope to be wildly successful at this game. Again, thank you for all the great information you put out there and the encouragement you provide, it’s making a difference for a lot of people. Best, April Bixel.”

Again, April, thank you so much. April also included the 10 takeaways that I’m going to also go through and we’ll talk about each one and we can walk through those together. First off, April, congratulations and I love it how you put in there and I’m going to highlight this that there’s been lots of long days. Right. There’ve been a lot of long days studying, researching, pushing through the fear and doubts to make my first order happen. I think that’s what I want people to understand. This isn't just something you’re going to start today and see results tomorrow. It’s like going back to that whole working out thing. You’re not going to work out today and see results tomorrow, it’s all about the continuous work and it’s the continuous showing up and then you start to see the results.

It’s the same exact thing here and I love it how you said that and that’s why I wanted to highlight that. All right. Really, really important. Just again, I love it that you’re committed, you are giving it everything you have right now and you’re going to give it an honest go. I think that’s really a big thing here because a lot of people think they’re going to go try this thing for 30 days and, “It doesn’t work. I’ve seen something else that looks a little bit easier to get started in so I’m going to try that thing.” Then that 30 days that they don’t see results they see something else. It’s the shiny objects syndrome that we all have fallen for. That’s why I really need to point that out that you don’t want to fall into that, really put your head down, get clear on what you want to go after.

I’ll tell you right now, there’s other ways of making an income online out there, there’s tons of different ways and a lot of them work but you know what? You still got to put the work in, you have to put the work in. Building an Amazon business to start with and then from there building it into a brand that’s off of the Amazon like that’s the bigger picture, like to me, you’re building something more than just going after the money. The money will follow but you’re really going after building that brand and that business and that’s really the main focus here in Amazon.

Anyway, let’s go ahead and jump into these 10 takeaways for the first three months in the FBA world by April. This is in her own words and she wrote these and then we’ll talk about each one of these.

[00:08:14] SV:” Number one, hard work is a must. As you say, Scott, this isn't a get rich quick scheme, there is planning, studying, research and hard work involved at every step.” We just touched on that because I think that’s really important and I’m so glad that that is number one because if you’re not willing to put the work in you might as well stop right now and move on to the next thing, the next shiny object.

It will take work, it will take getting frustrated, it will take not understanding something and trying to figure something out, it will be there, I promise you that, I will give you that promise. It will get difficult, there will be things that get in your way that you’re going to have to figure out. No one is going to hand you the product and the market research and say, “There you go.” The only way that’s going to happen is if you want to go buy a business, which you can do by the way if you head over to, let’s see, jungleflippers.com, if you go over there and contact Ty, Ty Roney that is, I’m sure he can steer you to a business that is up and running that is selling. Probably going to cost you around 150 to $250,000 to get started but you can do it because someone else has already done the hard work and already established a brand. All right. But, just to go back to number one, understand that hard work is a must in anything that we do.

[00:09:32] SV: “Number two, don’t get overwhelmed. It’s easy to get lost and ahead of yourself with all the podcasts, Facebook groups and online articles. If you take a step back and get narrow with only examining and studying where you are right now, the overwhelming feelings go away.” Man, oh man, I’ll tell you what April, you really do put this into just great languaging and also just a great, clear, I guess, outline to really understand what it does take. Overwhelm, I found that a lot of people that it just becomes paralyzing because you think that you need to do all of the stuff and you’re just kind of consuming, you’re not really doing. We got to start doing more of the doing and not just the consuming. Right. Learn it, do it. Right. Learn it, do it. That’s really the key here.

Don’t get overwhelmed, don’t overcomplicate the process, just understand. I want to go back to what she said, if you take a step back and get narrow with only examining, studying where you are right now – I’m pointing at my desk – right now, the overwhelming feelings go away. Try that, okay? Try that. Wherever you are right now in the process, focus on that, get really, really clear on what you need to do to move forward. All right.

[00:10:56] SV: “Number three, think long term. When considering products, choosing your infrastructure tools and dealing with peers and suppliers, remember you are in this for the long haul. Be thoughtful, smart and kind.” I love that. Okay. Now guys, I’m going to also take this whole sheet here that she wrote down, very, very nicely done by the way, to April, and I’m going to include that over in the show notes. If you guys want to check this out in the show notes, definitely go over and check out episode 179, so theamazingseller.com/179 and you can get all the show notes here from April from this episode. All right.

Let’s go ahead and move on to … Actually, before we move on let’s go back to think long term because I really didn’t talk too much about that. When you’re considering products, you’re dealing with the manufacturer, the supplier, the agent or whoever you want to call them or whatever you want to call them, you’re building that relationship and I talk about this extensively in my workshop. It’s like when you’re going through that process, it’s like you’re going through an interview process. You’re not going to maybe land the first supplier that you want to do business with, that you think you could do business with, there might be hiccups, there might be you getting a sample and it’s just junk. Right.

Maybe they send you something and the product’s okay but the packaging that they gave you is all damaged and duct taped together, it shows you that that’s the type of business they might be. Right. Maybe the communications isn't where it needs to be. All of those things in that particular phase, you’re building that long term relationship and that’s what she means by, in step three, think long term. Okay. Don’t just think about right this second as far as like, “I’m going to quit, get this, get that.” Think about – again, I like it how she said – to be thoughtful, smart and kind.

Don’t treat these people either like you’re above them. Right. You want to use them as an asset and think of them as an asset, take care of them, be considerate of them. Not just in sourcing, but that could be if you’re hiring a VA to help you with customer service or maybe it is your customer service, maybe it’s you talking to your customers, spending a little bit more time. Don’t get frustrated with them, don’t complain because they’re complaining. Right. Just take care of the problem and fix it, make them happy. All right. Again, thinking long term is huge, the big picture. Right. This isn't a sprint, this is a marathon. Okay. You have to understand that.

[00:13:27] SV: “Number four, surround yourself with good people.” Then she says, “I agree with the phrase that you are the average of the five people you surround yourself with most. Join and get involved in the TAS community, they are great support and constant reminders in your Facebook feed of what you need to do.” I love it. Whether it’s our Facebook community or someone else’s, whoever you gel with, whoever you resonate with, surround yourself with those people. What she means by that is you are the average of the five people that you spend the most time with and that has been said all over the internet, the world, is that it’s just true. It’s like when you start to surround yourself around with people that are same mindsets or work ethics or beliefs, you start to adapt.

That could be negatively as well, so just be careful who you surround yourself with. Again, Darren Hardy in ‘The Compound Effect' talks a lot about the people that you hang around with and how they can really start to alter the way that you think and the way that you react and what you believe in. It really does come down to surrounding yourself with like-minded people that are going to have a similar vision for where they want to go and then you can go there as well.

Look at a great basketball team or a baseball team. If you’re surrounding yourself with great players, it’s going to take your game and move it up. I always told my son that, I’m like, “You don’t want to just play at your level, you want to play a little bit higher because it’s going to push you to get to that level.” All right. It just helps you to motivate you and really push you to really excel past what you think you can do. That, again, goes down to business or life in general and just being a good person by being around great people.

Definitely be conscious of who you’re spending time with. I’m not saying you have to cut out people out of your life 100%, but yeah, you might want to minimize that if you can see that it’s a negative play on your thought process. That is number four, surround yourself with good people.

[00:15:37] SV: “Number five, be positive. This journey is not always easy especially the first time through. You are learning a lot hitting road blocks and facing uncertainty every day. If you choose to be positive and put that our world or in our world, I believe that this is what you’ll get in return. You attract what you project.” I like that, I like that a lot. Yes, there’re going to be days that you’re going to be like, “Today is just one of those days. Whatever I do just doesn’t turn out right.” I get that, that happens, it’s normal but you also have to try to reverse that and you have to get out of that funk. Whatever it is, it might be a pattern interrupt, it might be, “You know what? I’m having a bad day, I’m going to go take a walk,” or, “I’m going to go work out and I’m going to come back fresh.” Right. You might have to do that.

Just understanding that if you’re thinking the worst, then the worst will probably happen. Don’t, and I’m not getting into woo woo stuff, like we’re, “Whatever you dream of will come true.” I’m not saying that. What I am saying is when continually think positive of what you need to do and what you will achieve, then you start to work towards that. it becomes more relevant and also becomes more clear. Again, being positive, surrounding yourself with likeminded people like we said in number four here but this is number five, being positive. You need to be positive, you need to be strong because everyday isn't going to be easy.

There’s going to be uncertainty, there’s going to be roadblocks, there’s going to be different things that happen that question, “Is this worth it?” It’s up to you to either connect with those like-minded people or get yourself out of the funk. All right. That’s number five, I love that one.

[00:17:22] SV: “Number six, do at least one thing every day that moves your company forward. At the beginning of every day, I write down the number one thing that must get accomplished that day.” I love that by the way April. Then I also write down two to five other items that would be a bonus to get done. These items are moving my company forward and are building the foundation for the future. Again, it’s all about “taking action”. I love that, you guys all know that. #takeaction, #juststart. I love that and I think right now, to really focus on that is huge. If you can take anything away from what we’re talking about today, is that one thing, do at least one thing every day that moves your company forward.

I found that using the night before that day, I want to plan on what that one thing is going to be or what I want to achieve that next day as far as tasks. Then that way there, you’re not sitting down at your desk scratching your head, “What should I work on. Well, until I figure it out, let me hop over to Facebook and see what’s going on over there,” or, “While I’m waiting, let me head over to YouTube and play around with different things”. You get off track, you guys know that happens, it happens to me, it happens to you too. Don’t get side tracked.

I will say this too, I want you to be part of our Facebook community, I do, the TASers that we call ourselves, I do want that but I also want you to cut off from that while you’re focusing on your one or two things to get done. Unplug and get those things done, don’t get yourself into the just consuming aspect of things, when you jump into the Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Pinterest, any of those social platforms that we all know that we get into and we look back and we’re like, “Wow! Where did that hour and a half go?” It was because I was bouncing around on all these different platforms, there’s so much there.

Definitely plan it out the night before and then sit down and when you’re ready, when you have that hour or two, go ahead and knock it out, knock it out of the park. I found also, one thing that really helps me, can you guys hear that a little, hear that? [Ticking sound] Well that right there, ooh, that there is my timer, it’s an egg timer. I go that, might even go off again here. It’s a manual one, it’s not even a digital one but I got that because when I sit down I can put that to 45 minutes or an hour and I can knock it out of the park. I don’t do anything else while that’s clicking.

I actually love that little tick, tick, tick, tick because it reminds me that I’m on a timer here, I got to get done here, I can’t get distracted. I got to unplug the phone or… unplug the phone. I got to take the phone off the hook, I’ve got to take my power down, my iPhone or whatever and I’ve got to power down anything that’s going to distract me during that time because I got get that one thing done. That’s number six, do at least one thing every day that moves your company forward. I love how you say company too by the way because that’s what you’re doing here, you’re building a brand. Okay.

[00:20:37] SV: “Seven, don’t rush important decisions. Be patient and deliberate the big decision such as product choice, product line theme, infrastructure choices, suppliers, keywords, listings, etc. Sometimes decisions you think will take one day or one week takes months.” All right. I understand that and I think that it’s really, really important to understand you don’t want to rush the important things. My only little side note here would be don’t allow yourself more time just to allow yourself more time. What I mean by that is we’ll usually complete a task in the amount of time that we allot for.

If right now I said, “I’ve got until next week to find my product.” Well, I may go ahead and say, next week at this time, seven days from now, I’ve got that time and I go ahead and I go, “Okay, cool.” I look a little of research today maybe for 15, 20 minutes, I get a little frustrated so I jump off to Facebook and before you know it I got to go pick the kids up. Boom, that day is short. I do that for the next let’s say couple of days because there’s no pressure then guess what? I don’t have that product picked out by next … Let’s say the day before today, I’m on the sixth day and I still haven't picked out, guess what I’m doing for the 8-10 hours? Product research, because I’ve given myself that deadline.

What I like to do is definitely give myself deadlines to complete that stuff. Obviously, I’m not saying if you can’t get samples in time then just rush it. I’m not saying that at all. I’m saying you kind of understand that there is some things that you can be patient on but there’s also things that you just need to make a decision and go, especially things that you know that you can improve later. I do believe in that number seven that she had said, don’t rush important decisions, be patient and deliberate. I think that the deliberate thing is really, really important, is take that time, that one thing that you’re focusing on and really, really focus on it and get it done. Whatever you will need to do, get it done. All right.

[00:22:42] SV: Number eight, listen to advice from others, groups, et cetera but make your own mind up.” She’s got ‘own' in all capital letters. Listen to advice from others, groups, et cetera but make your own mind up. There are a lot of voices, opinions and advice out there and though most people are well intentioned, it might not be right for you or your budget or where you are right now. Consider other’s opinions but you are the only one who can research each option and know if it’s right for you and I believe that. There are a lot of different voices and noise out there that one is saying this and one is saying that but no, you don’t want to do this, you want to do this and no I did this … I get that. Right.

What you need to do is pick your plan and execute it. Yes, you can take some advice and recommendations along the way but really, it’s all pretty simple, guys. I’ve went through it and you guys know that, I’m not here saying that I’m an expert at all. I’m just someone, a regular guy that’s actually doing this thing on Amazon, I’m making it work. I’m also building my external business from Amazon currently right now, I’m starting that process, that next wave but I’m listening to other people that might be further ahead of me and then learning from them but I’m also not trying to get 10 different opinions on what I should do because that just confuses me and then that makes me not want to do anything or then really doubt what I’m doing

What I want to do is find one or two people that I know have done it, that have done it successfully, listen to them and then execute it. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work but at least I know that I gave it my best shot. Then from there I can learn and say, “Why didn’t it work,” or “Why was this different than their result? What was different?” Then really analyze that. I do believe that, you can listen to some but don’t listen to everyone because it’s going to get confusing. Pick one or two people that you believe in or that you like the way that they built their business and then just model after them. I do believe that, I think that’s huge.

[00:24:50] SV: Number nine is give back. We are all newbies once, I still am, that’s what she says and I had tons of questions for the FBA community. It’s so important to contribute and be helpful when you have knowledge or encouragement to share. I think this is great guys because giving back, there’s something that it just does to you inside that also makes you feel positive. Going back to number five where she said be positive, you also become positive by doing good things, by doing good deeds, if just feels good.

I’ll give you guys a quick example, the other night we were parking in a parking garage with my family and other people that were following us up and stuff and someone else was ahead of me that was trying to find a parking spot and he was … Someone there was parking cars and it was five bucks a park or something like that. The guy didn’t have his wallet on, all he had was a credit card or something, he didn't have cash. I seen that that was happening and he goes, “Can I just run in and get the money from my wife and I’ll run right back out. I’ll even leave my keys with you,” you’re talking, it was a good mile walk to where we were going. The guy parking says, “Yeah, no problem.”

He parked the car and comes over to me to park mine and I paid for that other guy and he’s like, “Really, you want to pay for him?” and I go, “Yeah, it’s just five bucks and I know it’ll come back to me one day, so don’t worry about it.” I didn’t want any recognition from that guy or anything. The guy gets out and goes, ”I found five bucks in my glove box…”, no, “I found 10 bucks in my glove box,” or something like that and he says… No it was five bucks actually because part of the story, you’ll understand here in a second. What he said was, he goes, “Here, here’s the five bucks,” and he gave it to the parking attendant.

The parking attendant says, “That guy actually already paid for you,” and he goes, “What?” He goes, “No, no, no, no, here, pay,” and the guys goes, “No, he already paid, he said he doesn’t want the money back.”That was me. Then the guy goes, “Well, here, here’s a tip” and he goes, “No, we don’t take tips.” I go, “No, you are going to take a tip, that’s your tip for tonight.” I go, “See how everything comes back when you do something positive and right now it happened quicker than it normally does but there you go buddy, you just made yourself an extra five bucks.”

Yes, it cost me 10 bucks, but it felt really cool to do that and that other guy, he did something good because he was going to pay me back but we just ended up giving him the money. Long story short is when you do something good for people, whether it’s as small as paying for someone’s $5 parking or giving people advice when you’re not getting paid for it, or giving people advice that you’re taking time out of your day, that feels good especially when people thank you for it. It just motivates you and inspires you to want to do it more. You got to remember where you came from, who helped you on the way up, don’t you want to give back?

Why do you see a lot of the pro athletes going back and giving back their time after they’ve become successful or whatever? Or they’ve went through a struggle and now they can help someone else through it. Not everyone does it but a lot of people do, good people and I think that it’ll definitely make you feel better and it’ll also keep you in that positive light. That’s really what I think we all need to be doing here. We can’t be thinking about, “We’re going to over saturate the market now, all of a sudden there’s not going to be any more space for us.” That’s just nonsense, I don’t believe that at all.

Give back. Don’t lose sight of where you came from. If you are in the TAS Facebook group and now you’re all of a sudden selling $10,000 a month, that‘s great, happy for you, congratulations. But don’t leave the group because now you’re making 10 grand  and you got what you want, don’t be a taker, be a giver. I think that that’s huge, so give back.

[00:28:33] SV: Number 10, don’t let fear and doubt paralyze you. This is the biggest one for me,” this is April. “It is so easy to talk yourself out of trying something new. The little voice in your head can start whispering and that fear can creep in. I can find … I find,” sorry if I couldn’t read here, “I find that if I think of the worst case scenario and I can live with it then I have to push forward. Most often I go to bed and the next morning I feel ready to go,” and it’s so true. Fear can paralyze and I think we’ve all had the self doubts, we all have. I still get them, I still get them today. Heck, I got it doing this podcast. I’m like, “I’m I going to do this podcast? Is anyone even going to listen? And is anyone going to want to talk to me or come on my show to be an interview so this way here I can learn from them?”

When I started the podcast it was all about me growing as a business and then also being able to reach and connect to other people that were doing better. Again, surrounding myself with likeminded people and then from there helping other people. It was this whole mindset of saying like this would help everybody even myself. Again, I always do better when I learn something and teach it anyway but just sharing.

I had that fear that said, “Scott, you’re probably wasting your time. You’re going to waste hours, hours.” You guys got to remember this, a hundred and seventy, what do we say, a hundred and seventy nine right now as I’m recording this? That’s over, over … Gosh, let’s see, if they’re only an hour or a half hour each, you’re talking hours, hours. A hundred and seventy hours if they’re an hour a piece, so let’s just cut that in half. You’re talking over 60, 70 hours and that’s just the actual recording, that’s not talking about the editing and then from there the responding to the emails because of those things and all of the hours that go into it. There’s tons and tons of hours that go into it.

Yes, I do now have a class, you guys all know that. Yes, I am getting compensated for that, but I’m giving way more than I’m receiving. Going ahead and recording this podcasts week after, being able to reach out to thousands upon thousands of people that are listening to this show, which is awesome by the way. Then being able to reach them and help them, just like April. April isn't technically one of my students although she is a podcast listener. I just want to put that out there. Right. You’re always going to do better when you give more than you receive. In life that’s just the way it works.

I’m not here to preach, but I’m here to just give you my thoughts on that and I do strongly believe that. I think that the good will always prevail. I do, I do really believe that.

[00:31:29] SV: Again, guys, that is all of the 10 different points here that she points out for the first three months in the FBA world, the takeaways as she called them. Let’s just recap them quick. One, hard work is a must. Two, don’t get overwhelmed. Three, think long term. Four, surround yourself with good people. Five, be positive. Six, do at least one thing every day that moves your company forward. Seven, don’t rush important decisions. Eight, listen to advice from others in groups, etcetera but make your own mind up. Nine, give back. Ten, don’t let fear and doubt paralyze you.

I think this is really, really important and guys you have all of the resources you need right now just from the podcast and the Facebook community that I’ve created for you. All right. If you guys are not part of the community, head over and join that like immediately, theamaszingseller.com/fb and/or go over to the podcast, theamazingseller.com. Go there to that blog and you’ll see all of the past episodes, we have resources, the tools that everyone is using.

We have a resource as far as where people are getting things done, we talk about all of the different aspects of launching a product and if you’re scaling your business, everything in between we do here through the podcast. All of the lessons I’ve learned and others have learned by being on my show, the guests, that is, the interviews that I’ve done, everything is there. It’s really up to you, the choice is up to you as far as what you want to do in this business. All right. I love it, I love it that April had shared these ten takeaways for her first three months of selling on a Amazon.

Her journey is just beginning and she knows that. You can hear just from what she had written here that she understands it’s the long term, it’s the long game and she understands all these things. Now all she needs to do is execute. She’s already launched, that’s half the battle and now it’s the matter of doing it again but then also building this thing out and scaling it up.

Once again, I want to thank April for sharing this email with me and allowing me to share it with you. I really, really enjoyed going through these ten takeaways and I think it’s really, really important to understand these. Again, if you guys want to have this and print them out, head over to this episode, that’s episode 179. theamazingseller.com/179 and you can go ahead and see everything that I just read here, because that’s what I’m really doing, is I’m reading exactly what she wrote in so you guys can have access to those. As well, the show notes will be there, the transcripts, full transcripts to this entire episode will be there as well.

Again, I just want to thank everyone for being listeners and also being contributors inside of the TAS Facebook community, you guys know who you are and you guys are awesome. We have well over 24,000 in there currently so a great resource for you guys to connect with like-minded people. If you guys have ever said to yourself, “Where do I find like minded people?” You find them there, they’re there for you to tap into that network. All right. Really, really powerful stuff.

The last reminder I want to give you guys right now is if you guys are brand new or if you guys have not attended one of my live workshops, I want to invite you to that. Totally free, again, another way for me to give back. We go over the five phases for launching your product on Amazon, everything from start to finish. We also do live Q&A and I would love for you to attend. Head over to theamazingseller.com/workshop. Again, that’s theamazingseller.com/workshop. We can hang out over there, we could talk about all of these stuff that we have to do to launch a product and can also do a little live Q&A at the very end. I’d love for you to attend.

All right guys. That is going to wrap this up. Again, remember I’m here for you, I believe in you and I’m rooting for you but you have to, you have to … Come on, say it with me, say it loud, say it proud, say it like you mean it, “Take action.” Have an awesome, amazing day and I’ll see you right back here on the next episode.

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