TAS 178 Ask Scott Session #51 – Amazon FBA Questions

Welcome to this question and answer episode of The Amazing Seller podcast. Scott Voelker  is here to answer your questions about Amazon private label sales, everything from researching and buying your first product to collecting your paycheck from Amazon. On this episode Scott gets some great questions about pay-per-click campaign, freight forwarders, maximizing sales even if it means you run out of stock, and others. If you are at all interested in getting involved with Amazon private label sales, you need to listen to these Q&A episodes of The Amazing Seller.

When I do multiple PPC campaigns, and I charged for clicks on a keyword that are in both campaigns?

Pay-per-click can be one of the most confusing parts of a successful Amazon private label business. There are so many variables it is hard to keep track of everything and know that you are actually spending your money wisely. On this episode a listener asks a question about using multiple campaigns and whether or not he is charged for using the same key word in different campaigns. Scott's answer is yes, but there's a lot more to it than that. Make sure that you listen to ensure that you are not spending any money on your pay-per-click campaigns.

What are the benefits and the difficulties of working with freight forwarders?

Getting your product shipped from China to the United States can be quite an ordeal. Sometimes it is beneficial to use a company called a freight forwarder. these are companies that receive your order from your China supplier, and forward it on to Amazon following various criteria that you have set up. On this episode a seller from outside the United States asks Scott a question about setting up a freight forwarding service. If this sounds like something you might need in the future, be sure to listen to Scott’s informative answer.

Do I want to maximize sales first even if it means I run out of stock?

On today's episode of the podcast a listener asks if it is wise to maximize his sales right off the bat with his newest product even if it means he will run out of stock quickly. There are different viewpoints on this type of question but Scott, as always, has his own opinion which makes a lot of sense. But he doesn't only share his opinion, he also tells some of the pros and cons of the other approaches. If you want a good comparison of the approaches to getting your product onto the first page of the search rankings, be sure to listen to this podcast episode.

Would you like to get in on Scott’s next free, live workshop?

One of the things Scott does to enable new Amazon sellers to get up to speed quickly is to put on his free private label workshops. If you have never been a part of one of these amazing webinars, you will be amazed at the value Scott puts out for free. He's going to walk you through his 5 step process for finding launching and selling products through Amazon private label sales, and will also do a live Q&A session at the end of the webinar. This is one of the best resources on the internet for learning how to sell your products on Amazon. Listen to this episode to find out how you can be a part of the next free live workshop


  • [0:25] Scott’s introduction to the podcast!
  • [2:00] Why Scott loves creating the life that he wants.
  • [8:26] QUESTION ONE: If I use the keyword in two PPC campaigns, do I pay for clicks on that keyword on BOTH campaigns?
  • [14:27] QUESTION TWO: Can you talk to me about the benefits and difficulties of working with freight forwarders?
  • [19:30] QUESTION THREE: Improving products: should I keep it on the same listing? [24:00] QUESTION FOUR: Should I shoot for a higher bestseller rank right out of the gate even if it means I run out of products?
  • [30:20] How you can record your own question.
  • [30:59] How you can register for Scott’s next live workshop.


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TAS 178 : Ask Scott Session #51 – Amazon FBA Questions


[00:00:04] SV: Hey, hey, what’s up everyone? Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller podcast. This is episode number 178 and session number 51 of Ask Scott. This is where I answer your questions, here, live on the podcast after you record your voice message. Thank you once again for allowing me to do this because if you guys don’t send me questions, guess what? I can’t get on here…

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…and answer them so keep it up. If you guys want to ask me a question and have it aired here on the show, head over to theamazingseller.com/ask and I’ll do my best to answer it on an upcoming show.

These questions, guys, are really awesome. Just you guys talking about your experience and like what you’ve gained from the podcast, to me is priceless. I love listening to your voice and the passion in your voice and the dedication and just what it’s done. I really, really want to encourage you to keep them coming, I really, really enjoy listening to them. The same goes for iTunes, I get a lot of people on iTunes leaving reviews and I just want to thank you guys or the comments on the blog. If you guys are on iTunes and you are listening to this, do me a quick favor, I haven't asked for a review request in a long time but if you guys can do me a favor and take a couple of minutes and do that, that would be awesome. You guys would be really, really cool, I mean you guys are already pretty cool but I just wanted to say, you guys will be even more cool. All right.

Again, I want to thank everyone for taking time out of your day. If you’re listening to this on the air day or the air time that it normally goes out, it’s Friday and you guys know how I feel about Fridays. Everyone feels like Fridays are the end of the work week and we’re all excited and we’re pumped up. If you guys could see me right here, right now my arms are like flying, I’m like excited and it's Friday and yes, it’s Friday, the weekend, we live for the weekend. Right. That’s how we were brought up, that’s how we were raised. We work or we go to school during the week and the weekends are ours, they’re our days to really have fun and to go out and do the things we want to do or catch up on the things we couldn’t do while we were working.

You guys relate to that at all? Kind of get caught up on the house work or get caught up on the yard work or get caught up on things that you couldn’t do during the week. Right. I don’t want my life to be like a Friday is a Friday. I’ve said this before and I promise guys, I’ll get into the questions here, but I really wanted to just free fly here a little bit and talk a little bit about that because so many people are just conformed or they feel like they have to follow that path that you work Monday through Friday, you get out of work whenever you get out of work, five o’clock, six o’clock, whatever, depending on the type of job you’re working. Then you do your normal evening stuff then from there if you have kids, you put the kids to bed and then you watch maybe a little bit of TV then you go to bed and you get up, you do it over again.

I did it for years, I know that grind. I actually was working on Saturdays as well because I was trying to make extra money so I could do those extra things, go on a little vacation here and there but I was busting my butt to do it. Right but right now, Fridays are not Fridays to me, they’re just another day. All right. The only way that I know that it’s a Friday is because my kids have the weekend off but to me a Monday feels no different than a Friday to me. All right. I think that anyone that wants to have that feeling of freedom to do whatever they want to do as far as like creating their own lifestyle, their own schedule, that’s a choice. I do believe that and I think that anyone that wants it can have it. You just have to lay out the plan to execute.

[00:03:44] SV: Now whether that plan is Amazon for you or an ecommerce business or an online business or whatever it is, whatever it is for you, then you just need to make that choice to do it. All right. This isn't here to say, “The only way is Amazon.” I’m not saying that, I’m saying it is a choice. I’m not going to sit here and preach either by the way, I don’t want this to come across as that I’m preaching. I am very passionate about it because I get a lot of people that are like, “How do you be able to go and pick up your son from school?” “How can you go to something in the middle of the afternoon without telling someone?” or, “How can you…”

We were bringing our kids … When our kids were younger and we had our photography studio which still … Okay, and kind of going back to the Amazon thing, it’s like when my wife and I decided to start our own photography business … If you guys are brand spanking new to the podcast, go listen to episode 125 and you’ll hear my entire life journey there as far as being an entrepreneur and working and doing all that stuff that led me to where I am today. But really, it was a decision when I was back in the construction field, in the construction business, that it was really a decision that I wanted to be able to make my own hours. I didn’t want to have to go and tell my father’s partner that I needed time off because my daughter, Alexis, had a play in the afternoon and that I had to feel guilty because I was going to leave the job site and all that stuff, I didn’t want that. Right.

That’s when my wife and I decided, you know what, we’re going to go ahead and create our own business and it was a brick and mortar business but we were still able to say, “You know what, we’re not taking appointments until nine thirty in the morning because then we know our kids are off to school and we want to drive our kids to school.” Imagine that, a husband and wife driving their kid to school and then guess what, three o’clock comes around, husband and wife driving to school to pick up their kids. We did that for years with my two older kids now, Scotty and Alexis. We did that just about every day, to and from.

That right there is worth everything. The other thing that it afforded me to do was being able to be at all of the baseball games and the volleyball games after school, whether it’s four o’clock in the afternoon. Most people won’t get out of work till five, well, guess what? I could be there. All of those things allowed me, or having my own business allowed me to be able to do that stuff. Again, I didn’t really even think about this podcast when I started that I was going to talk about this stuff, but I just felt as though it needed to be said because when you’re listening to this on a Friday, if you are listening to this on a Friday, maybe you’re listening to it on a Saturday, but you’ll still get the idea. Most people feel a Friday is a Friday and it’s exciting, cool man, we’re winding down the day, it’s over with, the weekend’s here, that weekend’s mine.

[00:06:27] SV: Then guess what Sunday comes, it’s like you’re coming down on a sugar crash or a caffeine crash, “I don’t want to work tomorrow. I don’t want to go to work tomorrow. Got to get there, I got to be there, get back into the grind.” Your mood probably changes right about half way in the afternoon of Sunday because you know you got to go the next day. I know that because I’ve had those feelings and it stinks. It’s almost … Even like a kid in school, at Sunday nights we're always kind of, “I got to go back to school tomorrow.” Right. It’s Monday through Friday, Monday through Friday.

Now, I’m not saying you should never schedule, I totally believe in that, I think everyone should have a schedule and I have a schedule. Right now I’m recording and this time we’re scheduled to podcast, it’s in my day. But there is also another two hours that I’ve got blocked off for this afternoon that I’m going to be talking about some product stuff that me and another guy are talking about possibly doing together, which I’m going to be filling you guys in later through this process. We’re running a little bit of an experiment possibly, hint, hint.

I just believe that a lot of people out there are not just going after the money, they’re going after what the money gives them which is their freedom. Because of that, you need to understand that it’s a choice and if you want to make this happen, it is your choice. It’s not going to be easy but it is a choice and it’s up to you if you want to have it. All right. A Friday doesn’t have to be a Friday, it doesn’t have to be that, “Yes!” then all of a sudden, “No! I got to go back to work”. Right. It doesn’t have to be that. Okay.

Anyway, I’m going to stop preaching on this or ranting as I usually call it, but I just really did want to put it out there because I think it’s really, really important. Think about that, maybe moving through the day and ask yourself, “Does a Friday feel like a Friday to you?” “Does a Monday feel like a Monday to you?” If it does then it might be time to make that choice. Okay.

All right, guys, let’s go ahead and listen to the first question of today’s session of Ask Scott. I will go ahead and I will listen to it and then I’ll go ahead and I’ll give you my answer.

[00:08:39] Milton: Hey Scott, this is Milton from Utah. Thank you very much for all you do. I have a question about pay-per-click, I’ve been hearing to the podcast and all the specific episodes you talk about pay-per-click. I had question trying to understand the difference between the auto campaign and the manual campaign. What I’m trying to understand is if you use the same keyword in more than one campaign, do you pay every time somebody click on that keyword on each campaign? What is the benefit of having the same keyword in different campaigns? If you could explain that, that would be great, appreciate it. Thank you very much.

[00:09:25] SV: Hey Milton thank you so much for the question and it’s a good one. Pay-per-click is huge, you guys all know that, that are listeners of the show. We’ve talked pretty extensively about pay-per-click, Amazon pay-per-click that is. Just to answer your question and I’ll give you guys some resources here in a second that we’ve already talked about this stuff and even some more pay-per-click strategy type information. Yes, if you have keywords that are in multiple campaigns, you will be paying if someone clicks on over the same keywords in keyword in different campaigns, that will happen.

That’s why I always recommend identifying those keywords and then from there you’re going to want to either put a negative keyword into a campaign so you don’t show for that keyword in that campaign or just pause it all together and then just remove it or delete it. But I would just pause it or just use it as a negative keyword because you don’t want that to happen. The other thing that may happen here is –or that you could do – is let’s say for example you have a campaign that is in a broad match. Broad match meaning that your main keyword is garlic press and now anything that’s kind of related to that that someone searches for, Amazon could show for that term so it could be garlic press steel or stainless steel garlic press. Right. All of those could be triggered by the broad keyword garlic press and you can see this in your reporting.

Now, if you take that keyword, garlic press, let’s say, and that’s the one that you … Let’s say stainless steel garlic press, that one there you’re like, “I only want to show up in this one campaign for that.” What you’re going to want to do with that is you’re going to want to create a secondary campaign and target that keyword in maybe the phrase match. This way here it’s not going to be just the exact keyword but it’s going to be the phrase of that. Stainless steel garlic press, that’s the only time that you’re going to show up if someone keys that in but also if they key in maybe something that’s on the front of that or the back of that. It could be black stainless steel garlic press, that wouldn’t make sense but you get what I’m saying, or rubber handle stainless steel garlic press. That there could be in that secondary campaign.

To answer your question, yes that will happen. I don’t think it’s a smart idea to do that, I think you could then be competing against yourself and you don’t really want to do that. In the beginning it may happen just because it does and that’s okay, just identify it and then either pause it or add a negative keyword to the kit in the other campaign that has that same keyword in there. Then from there start to build out your additional campaigns. All right.

I did talk about this in a couple of different episodes. The one I would probably point you to is episode 119. This is since they added these new features and if you guys are brand new, the features are, they’ve always had the broad match but now they have the phrase match, the exact match and they also have negative keywords. Okay. In episode 119 of the podcast, we talked about that. Actually, Chris Schieffer and I hopped on and we talked about that. That one there, I would say listen to that one, it will give you a step by step plan that we went through, that’s episode 119.

Again, I’ll link all these up on the show notes to this episode which is 178, so theamazingseller.com/178, we’ll have all of the notes to this. It’ll also have transcripts by the way, if you guys are brand new or maybe you guys haven't heard, we are adding transcripts now to all episodes. If you guys wanted to download them or read them on the blog instead of listening or do both you can do that. All right. That’s episode 119. The other one is episode 129, three big mistakes that could hurt pay-per-click in keyword ranking. That one there is another one that we dig into pay-per-click.  

Another one that we recently did and that’s with Ty Roney was episode 164, that’s how to improve your pay-per-click campaigns to perform better. That one there will give you like a three prong effect, I guess, or a three prong approach, I don’t even know if that’s the right thing to say, three prong, I just felt like saying it, sounded pretty good. That’s 164, episode 164. Again, I will link all these up on the show notes.

Milton, yes, you are right, that could hurt you a little bit, you may be paying a little bit additionally for that but you won’t notice till you start pulling you the reports as well. It’s really important in the beginning to start with that broad search term campaign because that will allow you to then really see and discover other keywords that are being pulled in. if you know that you have one main keyword, then yes, you want to make sure that that keyword is not in all of your other campaigns. All right. Hopefully that’s been helpful. Keep me posted and good luck to you.

All right, so let’s go ahead and listen to another question and I’ll give you my answer.

[00:14:33] Ben: Hi Scott, my name’s Ben, I’m based in London in the UK. I just wanted to say your podcasts have been amazing and thanks for the effort you put in to get these together, they’re really, really helpful. I am shipping products in from China to the US, I don’t have a base in America. I just want to get your take on freight forwarders and how I can best get my products to the warehouse because this will take advantage of them, Amazon’s relationships with the local couriers. I’d really love to get your thoughts on this because I wonder if you know of any other people shipping from outside of America and how they handle this. It’d be good to get some feedback from you. Thank you.


[00:15:21] SV: Hey Ben, thank you so much for the question. I wanted to really answer this the best that I can but also maybe point you to some past episodes but also some resources. All right. Yes, you are going to have to have someone accompany, that is, take care of the shipping for you, that’s pretty much a freight forwarder. You may even need a third party inspection company to help out with that. I think the very first thing that I would say is to listen to a couple of episodes and the two that come to mind right now are episode 137 and that’s with Andy Irvine and he talks about how he does it from there. That is theamazingseller.com/137, again I’ll link this up in the show notes.

The other one is episode 98. Again, just another international seller talking about how they’re doing it because they’re not shipping it to their own residency. You’re going to want to use a freight forwarder. Now, the one that I know of, that I’m hearing a lot about is flexport.com. flexport.com is pretty much the simplest way to use a freight forwarder that I’ve heard of. There’s other ones out there, there’s a ton of them out there actually. If you go over to our Facebook community page, just by searching over there, you can just go to the search box and type in freight forwarder and you’ll see a bunch of conversations happening on this topic itself.

It just sounds like, to me, that you need to find a company that you can trust that can take you through this process. The one that I’ve heard a lot about is flexport.com and that is the only one that I would really say that I’ve heard is pretty much a hands off type of service but there’s probably other ones out there, I’m just not aware of them because I don’t do it myself personally. All right. The other episode that I’d like to point you to though is episode 131. That one there I had Derrick Miller on who’s actually done this, he actually does it for other people as well and guides them through it. He may be someone that you could reach out to or anyone else listening would like to reach out to. That was episode 131, the title of that was, ‘How and when to use seas shipping for my products, step by step instructions,” and he walks you through exactly what it takes to ship products from china directly to Amazon. Okay.

That right there would probably be another great resource, again, that’s episode 131. I will go ahead and leave that in the show notes as well. You’re going to need a service, like I said, that’s going to do this. I know Derrick Miller on episode 131, he speaks highly of Flexport, says it’s just a nice, easy to use interface and just the process is really, really hands off as much as possible. All right. Yes, you will have to do that, I would say that’s going to be your best bet. I’ve heard other people that what they’ve done is they’ve shipped to a US residence where you can hire someone to accept your goods and then ship them in from there. I would rather see you go the other route.

Probably have a third party inspection company come in first, China side and then before the shipment is actually released then from there, picked up by a freight forwarder and then brought into Amazon that way. That would be my recommendations, hopefully I’ve given you some resource to go check out so this way here you can figure that out.

Again, I want to go back to what I was talking about in the beginning. This is what you need to focus on right now or anyone in this stage, this is that one hurdle that you’re going to need to get over and once you do you’re going to learn the process and it’s going to be much easier the next time. Just to kind of again go back to what I was talking about and going back to this particular situation, this is one thing that you need to be working on right now, not worrying about a website. Right. Hopefully that’s helped, hopefully these resources have helped and good luck to you. Keep me posted on how it worked out for you as well.

All right, let’s go ahead and listen to another question and I’ll give you my answer.

[00:19:34] Seth: Hey Scott, my name’s Seth. First I want to say thank you, if it wasn’t for you and the podcast I definitely wouldn’t be where I am at today. From listening to the podcast I chose to take my little bit of startup money and spend it on inventory rather than one of those expensive courses. Just a real quick comment on inventory. I went to Alibaba but went to the wholesale side of the site and was able to order just a hundred units and on that side of the site it comes with trade assurance and you can pay however you want, with PayPal or credit card or what have you. Also, I just launched my first product in FBA and just looked yesterday on my listing and I have a number one new release badge in my category, which was pretty cool.

I have two questions. The first one is, if I make an improvement to my product, should I keep it on the same listing or put it on a whole another listing? Then, my second question is, is it better to sail really fast and get your BSR up and go out of stock or slow down your sales and wait until you get more inventory in there? Thank you so much for everything you do and I hope to hear your answer on the show. Thanks again, have a good day.

[00:20:58] SV: Hey Seth, thank you so much for the question and the little knowledge bomb there, I love it, you added a little knowledge bomb to your question, I love it. Some of you are probably saying, “Okay Scott, what do you mean?” Well, what Seth had said was going to Alibaba and then going under the wholesale option, there’s a wholesale option there on the page, if you look around on that page. Actually I just pulled up the page because I wanted to look into this myself so I can give you guys an example. Yeah, if you go over to the right hand side, it depends on when you’re looking at this but somewhere on the page you’ll see an option there to look at wholesale, so this way here you’re not necessarily private labeling it.

There’s a couple of different things that this could be really cool for. Number one, if you didn’t want to go through Aliexpress you can go right through Alibaba and just use the wholesale but you’re not going to be able to private label it and that’s fine. As you can hear Seth has done this with a hundred units, makes it easier, you can use credit card, you don’t have to worry about any of that stuff, the shipping is usually calculated right there for you, so all of that stuff and you can test a product really, really quick. Okay.

I actually went in here and I looked for my garlic press. All right. I went in here and seen if I can find a garlic press and I found a ton. I actually found one that I’m actually looking at right here and it’s actually a stainless steel garlic press and it’s actually not the normal garlic press that you would use as like it would open up and then you would close it. It’s more of the one that it looks kind of like a little pen in the sense and then it’s got like the holes in it and then you push down with two hands and then it kind of pushes through. It’s different, it’s like a crusher, I guess, is what they would call it. I can get for a hundred to a hundred and ninety nine pieces for $1.50

I can get this stainless steel garlic press and it’s kind of a unique looking one. The shipping cost on a hundred units would be $116. You can see that that’s going to be about another, let’s call it to make it easier, a dollar, little more than a dollar. Let’s say $2.60 I could have this thing shipped to my door, impress buy now and basically fill in all of my details. I can do PayPal, I can do it all, MasterCard, Visa, right here, it’s right there. If I want to order 2,000 or 200 to 499 pieces, that’s $1.40. If I want to order 500 pieces or more it’s a $1.38.

Not a huge difference, but they give you those options and that’s right here. I’m even looking here and from more suppliers, I see another one that’s got different colors, you can get a pink one, you can get a green one, a blue one and they’re 68 cents to 90 cents. Right. I’m not necessarily saying that this is going to work 100% for finding your ideal product but it is a way to test a product. Again, I’m going off a little bit of your question right now Seth, but we’re going to get to that in a second.

I didn’t want to really talk about this because, again, a lot of people say, “Scott, how can you do it? Aliexpress seems really expensive,” this, that and the other thing. Well, I just went in here and literally spent like less than two minutes and I found a garlic press that I could technically put on the market. Whether it’s going to sell because it’s not really a great market, because it’s so competitive, that might be true but I was able to do this. Here’s the other little thought I was thinking about. Let’s say for example you wanted to have a bundle or something to add to your current thing. Well, this could be another option and then you would, yes, you would have to bundle it inside of your other products so you’d have to have them shipped both to you, but it is an option. Okay.

Or maybe buying two products here, having them both shipped to you and then you package it and then you put it in. Again, going back to the very beginning of the show, no excuses, just getting something launched that you could then learn the process. Of course you need to still do the market validation, you got to make sure that there’s a market there for the item that you’re looking for. I’m not saying be careless or reckless, what I’m saying, there’s thousands of products in here in the wholesale spot that you could actually use this for. Or you could add one of these on the wholesale side to add as a bundle or a bundle item to it. Right.

I just wanted to point that out and I’m glad that Seth had mentioned this because I think it’s really, really important to understand that you don’t just have to go to Aliexpress, you can actually use the wholesale side of Alibaba. All right.

[00:25:26] SV: Now, let’s go ahead and answer your question Seth, or your questions, I should say. Okay. The first one, if you improve the product … Let’s say for example, I think with what you’re saying is you’ve got this wholesale product that you’re buying, it’s a garlic press, let’s say. Now you’re going to add a new one but might have maybe black rubber handles on it or a handle on it versus the other one which is just plain stainless steel. Here’s what you could do. I would not launch it on a brand new listing. What I would do is I would add a variation for the new product. Okay.

Now you have two different garlic presses, one has a rubber handle and one has a stainless steel handle, I would have both of those. Now it’s up to you if you want to let the first product that you created, this test product let’s say, it’s up to you if you want to let that run out of stock and then that just won’t show up anymore but it’ll still be an option to add that variation to it. All right. This way here, any of the reviews that you’ve already built on this listing are going to stay there. Alll right. This way you don’t lose all that.

Now, if you’re going to do this for your garlic press and you get it up and running and you get some sales and you start getting some reviews, but then you launch a basketball and you want to put that on the garlic press, no, I’m not saying that. It’s got to be the same product, just may be a different look or different sizing or whatever but then I would add that as a variation. Okay. This way here, again, you can have different colors, you can have maybe red, yellow, blue, so then you can add all different variations. It doesn’t have to identical to the first product you launched but the first product you would have to then let it run out of stock after the fact or just keep that in stock to have another variation there.

If it’s a wholesale item it doesn’t really matter, just put it on your listing and it’s going to sit there and you might pick up a few sales from it. That’s probably what I would end up doing, as long as you’re getting sales from that. That’s what I would do there. Keep the listing as long as it is the same product or product style. All right.

Now, moving onto the second part of your question, was your BSR ranking and running out of stock whether you should do that or if you should wait until you have more stock. Here’s my thought on this. In the beginning, you want to see how many sales you can get a day kind of thing, you don’t want to hold it back. You want to give it everything that you’ve got. My suggestion would be ramp it up as much as you can with the amount of stock that you have and then see what happens. I would then, if you’re starting to get traction … I’m talking like in the first week, if you’re starting to get some traction I’d reorder, as soon as you can, just reorder.

Then what I would do is I would be more aggressive once I got more stock in. I was just on a hangout, on a coaching call with our class this past weekend and Rich Kibble was on. He’s just basically left his job, I believe. Yes, officially, he just left his job and he started last May and he’s doing really, really well. He said what he’s done, because he has run out of stock, but what he’s done in the past and now what he does in the future is, when he’s launching a product, kind of similar to what you’ve done, is he’ll test it and validate it and instead of giving away a hundred units right out of the gate, what he’ll do is he’ll give away maybe 25 units, get some reviews and then he’ll then run his bigger promotion after that.

[00:29:01] SV: The reason for that is if you go ahead and you do a big old push on that promotion and you get ranking on page one, that’s great and all, but if you’re not converting on page one because you don’t have enough reviews, you’re kind of wasting that push. To make this simpler, what I would recommend doing, in your case especially, is get some reviews, don’t have to be over aggressive, just go get some reviews. Give away 20 units, 25 units, something like that, get 15, 20 reviews then when you get your bigger stock in then really do a bigger promotion and then try to get on page one and then your conversion should be higher. All right. That’s what I would do there.

I kind of picked that up from Rich this past weekend that we had our hangout. I thought that it was pretty interesting on how he’s doing that and I think it makes a lot of sense because a lot of us think right out of the gate we want to get on page one. If you get on page one, that’s great and all but if you don’t have enough reviews you probably won’t convert. Then you’re going to have to do another one after facts. You could be spending more money rather than just doing it slowly. I like that approach so I just wanted to share that with you guys listening today and also you Seth.

Sounds like you’re doing great. I love it that you’re out there taking action and you’re sampling and validating the market before you go ahead and order a lot more, really, really awesome. Keep me posted, I really want to know how you make out with this approach and also from there on your additional variations on this particular product, so definitely keep me posted.

All right guys, that is going to wrap up this session of Ask Scott. I wanted to remind you if you wanted to ask your own question and have it aired here on an upcoming show, head over to theamazingseler.com/ask and you can go ahead and record a voicemail. Just leave your first name and where you’re tuning in from and then also your question and I’ll do my best to answer it on an upcoming show.

One last reminder, if you guys are brand new to this FBA game and this private label world, go ahead and register for my upcoming live workshop, I’ll walk you through the five phases for picking a product, sourcing your product, doing your prelaunch, doing the launch, doing the promotions, all of that and everything in between, I do that on a live workshop and I also do live Q&A. Go register for that right now at theamazingseller.com/workshop, I would love to hang out with you for the evening and we can really get to it.

All right. Guys, that is going to wrap up this session of Ask Scott. I want to thank you guys once again for being a listener, I know you guys have a ton of options out there and all of your emails and your comments and everything that you guys send my way, I really do appreciate and it means so much to me so thank you, thank you, thank you. All right guys, that’s it. Remember, I’m here for you, I believe in you, I’m rooting for you but you have to, you have to … Come on, say it with me, say it loud, you know the drill, take action. Have an awesome, amazing day and I’ll see you right back here on the next episode.


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  • Hello Scott,
    Thank you so much for your info. Just wanted to clarify about the reviews when you’re adding the variation to the first product listing. You may refer to the minute 26:29 on this podcast. I was surprised to hear that you said the reviews of the first product will be remained after adding the variation. But just 2 days ago, I asked the seller central support, I was being told the reviews will be gone once adding the variation. I’m confused now. Just need to clarify this.

    Thanks a lot Scott!

  • Hi Scott

    I really would like to ask a question that is similar to Seth..

    I am soon to bundle my product with 2 other items, currently it sells as just 1 item.

    My question is I am allowed to add the 2 extra items to my single item that is already selling – so can I keep the same listing ?

    I do not want to start a new listing because i am adding two extra items and start the reviews all over again..

    Hope this makes sense

    Thanks Scott


    • Hey Gareth, you can indeed add those items to that listing. Just make sure you either recall your existing inventory (that isn’t bundled with those items) or sell out before you send in the new “bundled inventory”. Additionally, you could ad the bundle as a variation on the existing listing without having to worry about the reviews going away!

      • Hi Scott,

        If we add a bundle as a variation to an existing listing, then will Amazon allow us to post more photos too? If not, then it might be difficult to fully “show-off” both variations with a limit of 6-7 photos typically given for a single product listing.

      • Hi Scott

        Thank you so much for your help – you really do go out of your way to help people and I am so grateful for it

        Thank you

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