TAS 175 Ask Scott Session #50 – Amazon FBA Questions

Isn’t it great when you’re able to ask an experienced person how to do what you need to do? You get all kinds of insights and tips that you wouldn’t even think about asking for. The Friday episode of The Amazing Seller (this one) is where Scott answers your questions about Amazon Private Label sales and shares them with the entire TAS community. You’re able to ask your own questions by going to www.TheAmazingSeller.com/ask – as well as learn from the many other questions that are asked and answered on these Ask Scott episodes. Be sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any of his answers.

I need to makeover my listing page. How should I go about it?

As you get going with your Amazon Private Label sales, you’ll realize down the road that some of the steps you’ve already taken need to be refreshed or updated. A listener today says that he’s ready to go back and makeover his product listing page and asks Scott how he should go about doing that. Scott’s got some great insights on that issue as well as some past conversations with podcast guests to point you to. Do you need to update your product listings? You won’t want to miss this episode for all the tips and tricks you need to know.

I was wondering what I need to change if I’m selling a generically labeled product on Amazon?

Is it possible to take a product from Aliexpress or Alibaba that is already generically labeled, and sell it as your own? That’s a common situation you might run into as you’re getting trial products and trying out different possibilities and you need to know what’s ethically right and what’s even possible if you’re going to do it right. On this episode Scott’s going to walk you through that issue and tell you what he would do in those shoes. It’s a great, practical issue that you can learn from, on this episode.

I have a unique product that fits within a broader niche. How do I research whether it’s as good an opportunity as I think?

Today's episode of the podcast, one of our Friday editions were you can ask your own questions, a listener ask Scott about a specific variation of a broader product, and whether it is possible to find out the viability of the product selling well on Amazon. It's a very busy broad niche but the unique qualities of this particular product are what makes the listener believe it will really be a big seller. Scott's got some good insights on the issue, and you can hear the mall on this episode.

Have you attended one of Scott’s live workshops? They’re free!

One of the amazing things about what Scott does through The Amazing Seller podcast, is that every month  he provides and absolutely free workshop to walk new Amazon private label sellers through the 5 steps he takes to research purchase and launch a brand new product on Amazon. If you have never been a part of one of these workshops, you are missing out. The end with live question and answer sessions where you can get clarity on anything that you didn't quite catch the first time. Listen to this episode to find out how you can register to be a part of the next free workshop.


  • [0:04] Scott’s introduction to the podcast!
  • [0:30] How you can get your questions answered on these “Ask Scott” episodes.
  • [2:00] Dealing with disappointments in business and life.
  • [8:00] A TAS Facebook Community Member Scott wants to highlight.
  • [11:37] QUESTION ONE: Doing a makeover of my listing. How should I go about doing that?
  • [17:25] QUESTION TWO: What all needs to be included on customized product packaging when the item is already generically branded?
  • [22:35] QUESTION THREE: How should I think about a uniquely niched product opportunity that is in already crowded “general” market?


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TAS 166 : Ask Scott Session #47 – Amazon FBA Questions


[00:00:03] SV: Hey, hey what’s up everyone? Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller podcast, this is episode number 175 and session number 50 of Ask Scott. This is where I answer your questions here on the podcast. We are at session number 50, can you believe it? I can’t believe it. I am really, really excited that you guys are all here and you’ve been coming back, listening to the Ask Scott sessions. Again, I want to remind you guys, if you have a question that you want me to answer…

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…on an upcoming show, head over theamazingseller.com/ask. Record a voice message there, leave your first name and a brief question and I’ll go ahead and I’ll do my best to answer on an upcoming show.

Now, before we jump in here, you guys maybe … Hearing my voice, maybe you can’t notice it, but I’m struggling. I almost didn’t record today because my voice is kind of short and the reason that it’s kind of short is because we had a basketball game last night. A lot of you that know that my son is a senior in high school and he plays at a competitive level varsity basketball and we’re in sectional play. When this airs, probably be two or three weeks after the fact, but right now it’s fresh. Last night we had a game and it was in a very big arena here in our local area and tons and tons of people, thousands of people and we were in the final four. Well, let me just say that we lost and we lost by only two points. We were winning for part of the game, actually quite a bit of the game and then it just came down to some bad reffing. I don’t want to blame it on the refs but there were some issues that were out of our control but there were also things in our control.

Bottom line is, guys, is that we were devastated. We are a big sports family, it was my son’s, obviously his last year. The reason why I’m telling you guys this story is well, some of you want to know the updates and stuff because you guys hear me talking about this stuff on Periscope. But I also wanted to let you guys know on how we deal with these types of things because this can relate to business, this can relate to life in general. Right. All of the hard work for those who that don’t know into being a basketball player, a baseball player, whatever sports player you want to be, there’s usually hours upon hours of work and the preparation that goes into playing games, then going through those games  and then getting to the big stage or getting yourself to the stage that will then allow you to get to the bigger stage.

In this case, we were in the final four. Out of 23 teams we were ranked number, I think five or six in all of New York for … Our class of schools is B. We were in the B division and that’s pretty good for a small school so these guys shouldn't really be hanging their head. But I got to say, I was just as let down as they were because I’ve been through this journey with them but with my son. How do you pick up someone that feels like they failed in the sense? Think about these people playing like the world series or playing in these really big … The super bowl or any of that stuff and then being able to pick yourself up and go through a whole another season to try to get to that stage. It’s not easy, right?

[00:03:19] SV: The same thing is in business. I think this is a good lesson for myself, again, to always tie it back to life and these life experiences and then trying to take that lesson and bring it upon my son so he can learn from this.  Not even just my son but my younger daughter who’s eight and she’s learning. She was so upset and the anxiety from the game and all of this stuff, it was just really, really intense. Then to be able to then deal with it after the fact is not an easy task. I wanted just to let you guys know that this stuff applies to us in all walks of life and in business because that’s what this podcast is about. It’s about business and creating your freedom, lifestyle and your freedom business but you’re going to have those things that you do all of this work to get to a certain point and it might work and it might not or maybe it’s working and then it stops working, how do you get through this stuff?

The bottom line is you need to learn from this, you need to learn from this experience and then you need to go out there and try to do better or try to get better or try to fix things or mentally fix things. Again, going back to this basketball thing with my son, I told him, I said, “Listen …” I didn’t talk to him too much, I got to be honest because trying to give him his space because at this point in time you don’t what to be told keep your chin up, dah, dah, dah. We do but yet, at this point you just want to just be to yourself and I get that but then you got to kind of crawl out of there.

I’m going to give him a day, give him 24 hours and then from there if he doesn’t start pulling himself out of it then I got to reach in and I got to grab him, shake him up a little bit then say, “Listen, we learned from this experience. You put a ton of work in, look what you’ve accomplished and look at what’s next. What is next? What can you do next that can be very significant in this career of yours in basketball?” or in baseball, whatever it is that you’re doing in life or in business. Right. What can you do next from this experience? That’s really what you need to take away. You need to also understand that it’s preparing you for other things that are going to happen.

[00:05:33] SV: These mental challenges are there to help us get stronger and to also weed out the ones that aren’t strong enough to get through them. I believe that in anything, in business, in life, in this basketball thing, mental stuff is like 85% of it. 15% is the talent or 15% is the process, the rest of it is mentally being able to deal with certain things. In this case it’s no different, it’s just getting out there, putting in the work, doing all the things to get to where you need to be to see a result and then from there if the result isn’t what it was supposed to be, yes, you can feel bad about it for about an hour then from there push on.

I just wanted to kind of really let you guys know that in my own personal life we’re dealing with things like this, in business and in basketball and in life, it’s going to happen. If you can have this mindset that you need to learn from it it will help you get through the hard times, make you think to yourself. It’s not easy, I’m not going to sit here and tell you it’s easy, we were devastated. My wife and I were talking this morning, trying to talk ourselves out of being down about it and we gave ourselves that day, like we … I think everyone should have that day to really think about it but don’t overdo, over process what happened and what if this happened and if this call wasn’t made or if this business decision if we would have did this differently this would’ve happened. You can sit there and beat yourself up all day long and feel terrible about something but really the next thing is how do you get moving on?

Honestly, I was thinking to myself, how do you know if I can record a podcast today? I didn’t feel like my mood was going to be there, I thought I was going to project back to you guys. Then I just decided, I go, “You know what, I’m going to do it because it’s authentic, it’s what I’m going to through right now and kind of like my thought process”. I know a lot of you want to hear the ins and the outs and the process. How do you get through things? This is the same thing whether it’s business or whether it’s personal, I deal with it all the same. You just have to understand that life isn’t always going to deal you the cards that you want to be dealt and then you have to make a decision, you need to pivot, whatever it is that you need to do but you need to keep mentally strong. #mentallystrong, that will be the hash tag for today.

[00:08:03] SV: I’m going to continue here, we’re going to go ahead and do some questions here like I normally do. This is a special episode because we are episode 50. I mean, I don’t have any bells or whistles that I’m going to be giving you guys but I’m just going to be doing a good old fashioned Ask Scott session. I do want to, though, share one of our Facebook peeps out there, our TAS’s that is. By the time that you’re listening to this we’re probably up over 24,000 in the TAS community, which is just amazing, by the way. I just wanted to say you guys are awesome and if you guys are not a part of that community and you want to be, just head over to theamazingseller.com/fb  for Facebook. All right.

What I what to do though is I want to read really quickly and acknowledge this person because they are an action taker. They posted this in the group and I wanted to share it with you because I think it’s pretty special and I think that this person needs to be recognized. All right. Let me go ahead and pull it up here. I’m not going to say the last name because it’s going to be hard for me to pronounce and I don’t want to butcher it. The first name, I might not even say that 100% right but I’m going to go ahead and give it a try. I believe it is Bharath , it’s B-H-A-R-A-T-H, Bharath, I’m pretty sure that’s the right pronunciation, I hope so. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter, I does matter that I want to acknowledge you and I’ll leave a link here inside of the show notes to this episode.

Let’s just go ahead and read what he had posted and also the screenshot I’ll share with you as well. Let me start with that, the screenshot was a screen shot of his phone and it said, “Product sales, $12,537” and that was for the month. Within that, that gets your attention, you’re like, “Wow, that’s a pretty good month.” This is what he has said.

[00:09:55] SV: “If you recollect earlier this month or end of last month, posted my first $10,000 sale month. Grew by 20% in this month at 12,000. Keep at it folks and don’t let failures become your excuse.” I love it, I love it. This particular post had gotten a ton of response, a ton of likes, a ton of comments. The beautiful thing and I’m not going to go ahead and read through all of these because there’s quite a bit but what it did is it opened up the conversation to questions and then people were asking questions, they were congratulating, they were saying, “Not surprised, I can tell that you’re doing great things.” Just a really great thread inside of the TAS community.

Again, I just want to reiterate this, what this does is it inspires, it motivates and it also teaches through that process. There’s a ton of comments here, I will go ahead, like I said, I will leave a link inside here so if you guys want to go over and say congratulations or if you want to go over there and say hello or ask questions, it’s there for you guys. All right. I just want to say Bharath, very, very great job, awesome job and way to take action buddy. I just want to thank you for sharing that and I know that you’ll be doing great things in the future. I just wanted to share that with you guys.

All right, so what do you guys say? Let’s go ahead and listen to today’s questions and I will go ahead and answer them the best that I can, especially with my voice. I apologize once again but I was yelling pretty loud last night and cheering for our team. Bear with the voice and I’ll go ahead and I will answer your questions. Let’s go ahead and listen to question number one.


[00:11:42] Ramon: Hi Scott, how’s it going? My name is Raymond, I’m from Miami, Florida. First of all I would like to say I love your podcast, keep up the good work, you're doing a great job. I just want to say thank you for everything that you’ve done. My question is, I’m planning to do a makeover on my listing and I was wondering if I should do it by section, meaning like if I should do it on the backend, like the keywords section one at a time or can I just do everything on at once. Would that make a difference? Hope you can answer this on the show. Just want to say thank you and hope to hear your answer pretty soon. Thank you very much, have a great night. Bye.

[00:12:32] SV: Hey Raymond, thank you so much for the question and it is a really, really good question too. I don’t know if I’ve talked too much about this, I’ve talked a lot about optimization and then we had a great guest on twice actually, Karon Thackston and she was episode 86 and episode 155. Again, I’ll leave these in the show notes of today’s episode so you’ll definitely want to check those out.

To answer your question, you’re definitely going to want to do these in phases. Now, let me just back up real quick. If you’re doing an overhaul and completely like just you’re not having really good results at all right now and you’re just like doing it over because you feel like you want to start from scratch, then that might be a time to … Yes, go ahead and just dump it and create a brand new listing in a sense. You’re not creating a new listing but you almost are, you’re just rewriting everything, you’re adding in different images. What you’re saying is that you got a listing that’s doing okay, you want to start to tweak certain elements of it and make it better and optimize it.

If that is the case and Karon has said this on both those episodes, is that when you’re doing this you want to do this and you want to start slow. You want to test one thing and then give it some time, usually seven to ten days, even two week is a good time frame because you want to have the same amount of traffic or close to it so you can see your conversion rate and see if it moves the needle. As far as your backend keywords, yes. If you know that you’re starting to rank for these certain keywords but then you want to add a few more, then yes, you’re going to just want to put in a couple of different keywords, see if you start to rank over the next week or so and then you can gauge it that way.

But if you’re going to go ahead and now you’ve gotten like a ton of data and you’re going to then re-input some of these keywords in there, then yes, you can just go ahead and just take out the ones that aren’t performing and add the ones that are and then let that set. But that’s the only thing I would do at that particular time, I wouldn’t do the title and then do the backend keywords all at once, especially if we’re testing here. Right. Yes, you’re going to want to then or maybe you’re going to start with your bullets or maybe you’re going to start with your description or whatever. Whatever you’re doing you want to do it in phases. This way here you can track the results.

Again, I have to stress this, you want to make sure, not just the time thing, you’re not just looking at well, “Scott said seven days. I’m going to let it run for seven days.” You want to look at your numbers. How many page views are you having to that listing? Or uniques that is. Right. How many uniques are you having go to your listing? If you’re having in, let’s say, the last two weeks you’ve had 200 or you want to get another 200 before you make the decision. This way here, if you change your title and you know that you had 200 visitors in the past, let’s say in a day, let’s just say a day, let’s say in a day or … I’m sorry, in a week you have a thousand visitors to that page. You know that your conversion rate is 7%, now you change your title and you let that go until you get a thousand uniques to your page before you determine your conversion rate. Okay.

You want the same amount of people not just the time frame. Okay. Hopefully that makes sense and that’s huge guys. It’s not about the time, it’s about the page views that you’ve had or the uniques, the different people, think about it as people. Right. For every hundred people that you get to a listing, if you’re converting at 7% that’s seven sales. Right. If you can convert at 14%, you’ve just doubled your sales with the same amount of traffic so really, really important that you understand that. Again, Ramon, I want to say thank you for this question, I think it’s definitely worth bringing up again and we should probably bring it up again in the future because we really need to drill in on this because testing is huge. Okay. You want always be testing but you want to test with traffic or numbers not just with days and time.

Some people will say, “Scott, I went ahead and I tested this thing for 10 days like you said and it didn’t really do much”. What they didn't realize is their traffic dropped because maybe it was the time of year and they were looking at the first test … Before they ran the test they had 500 visitors and then the next test because they had less traffic was only 200 visitors but if they would have waited to 500 they would had a better comparison, apples to apples.

Anyway, that’s what you want to do there. Great question and hopefully this has been helpful. Again, those episodes that Karon talks about listing optimization and all of that good stuff is episode 86 and episode 155. I will be leaving it in the show notes to this episode which is 175 so theamazingseller.com/175. Let’s go ahead and listen to the next question and I’ll give you my answer.

[00:17:26] John: Hi Scott, this is John from Baltimore, Maryland. First of all I just want to thank you for following your noble passion of helping and motivating lots of people. I appreciate all your hard work for making a really, really great show. I cannot thank you enough for the amount of information that I get from your show in your website. For my question, it’s more in the packaging of your product and also labeling a product. You mentioned that those of us who are just starting we really don’t have to customize the packaging. Is it still considered private labeling even if you’re not putting in your own label on the physical product? How do you think customers will perceive the product if it has a different international logo? Or do you have that removed prior to getting shipped to your house? What are the minimum information on your packaging? If you’re talking of a brand or a company name, does it need to be there? Do you have to put in your address, contact number or email? Let me know of your thoughts on this. Thank you and more power to your show.

[00:18:40] SV: Hey, John. Thanks so much for the question and this is another good question because I do get this question. What it is really is what you’re asking is if we are taking a product that is already generically branded, let’s just say we get a garlic press and the garlic press already has a packaging on it and it has a generic of brand, let’s say, then can we still private label that? The answer is kind of. When you’re doing this, you’re usually doing this as part of a test in the sense. I would say if at all possible, you’re going to want to have your label put on it of your own brand, let’s call it.

If you’re testing, let’s say you’re doing the AliExpress kind of testing route, well yeah, you can just take that and you don’t even have to list it as a brand or their brand, you can just list it as your product and then from there you can test out that particular product. Right. A lot of times what happens is if it’s a generic brand it won’t even really have markings on the product, they might have it on the packaging. Then this is where you would just have your own packaging created or you would have a label go over top of that particular label. You got to be careful because if you’re private labeling a product or if you’re wholesaling a product because that’s kind of what you’re talking about, then you can’t really call it your own brand unless it is a private label product or one of their generic brands that they allow you to private label, you’re just not going through that stage yet. Okay.

For the most part when I’ve seen this it’s usually, if you’re going to a garlic press and it’s a generic brand it’ll just be a stainless steel garlic press with no markings on it then from there that’s where you would put your own packaging on it. It could just be a poly bag with a label on it and that could be your branding. Or you could get the garlic press shipped to your place, you put it in a bag and then you label it with your own sticker and then it’s your own product. I would say you got to be a little careful there because if you’re wholesaling a product it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can private label that product, there’s a difference there. You want to make sure of that.

If you’re finding that you’re wanting to test a market and they have just a generic black something or a silver something and it doesn’t have any markings on it and you know that this company will also private label but they’ll only private label or do some packaging or some even some poly bag stuff, they’ll only do it when you go down the private labeling route. Well then you need to make that decision at that time but they’ll give it to you like off the shelf, if that makes sense. What I would say is you just got to be careful but you got to understand what the difference is. All right. Yes, you can take the generic product with very basic packaging, take their standard packaging and then have them … Your label can then basically go over top of the name as long as they are allowing you to private label in the future.

Hopefully that makes sense but it’s a great way to test a market without having to do custom packaging. Even when you have to do the custom packaging, guys, custom packaging doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be big and fancy, it just means that you’re going to now put your logo on their box. Right. That’s all that it is. A lot of times they’ll do that for the same cost after you do 500 or a thousand units. You just have to be clear with them and you have to get that stuff worked out before you end up sourcing that product. All right.

Hopefully that answered your question, it’s a good question. Just to understand the difference between wholesale and private labeling and then for them just giving you a generic brand. All right, let’s go ahead and listen to another question and I’ll give you my answer.

[00:22:27] Carey: Hey Scott, this is Carey. I have been listening to your podcast for quite a while and I am getting into Amazon private label sales with my son who has been doing Amazon private label for quite a while. He and I both are kind of curious about a product that we’re considering and I’d love to hear your feedback. We have a product that is produced here in my local area, it is an incredibly unique product but it is a product that would be within a very crowded niche of the overall kind of product that it is. For example, there are many, many, many, many, many sellers of this particular product on a basic level but the differentiation we have and the unique things we have about this product make us believe that it would be a great seller.

But we’re not exactly sure how to go about researching whether or not that would be the case because there’s nothing on Amazon like it in terms of the variation that we have. We have quite a few variations along the same line that we could add to this product as time goes on so we could have a good number of products within the niche for our product line. It would be a specialty type product but we’re not sure in a market that’s so crowded with so many big sellers and so many actual vendors trying to sell the same type of product, how to go about researching this particular variation of the product and our ability to get it up in the rankings. I appreciate anything you could tell us, it’d be great to hear your thinking.

[00:23:57] SV: Hey, Carey, thank you so much for the question. I’m going to let everyone in on a little secret here. Carey actually surprised me here with this audio voicemail and I’m very, very happy to answer it but Carey actually is my show notes guy. Carey, I hope you’re okay with that. Anyone looking for show notes by the way, Carey does an amazing job for our podcast, he’s really easy to work with. If any of you guys are podcasters out there, which some of you are, and you guys are creating a podcast for your brand or whatever which I think is a cool idea too, Carey is awesome, podcastfasttrack.com, I’ll leave that in the show notes as well, if you guys want to hook up with Carey.

It’s funny because Carey has been listening to the show for a while and actually he listened to the show before I even hired him and was getting interested in this business. Again, it’s just perfect because he’s got a pretty successful business right now but he’s looking to add another revenue stream just like I did. Right. It’s a great way to add an additional revenue stream and to diversify your income, it’s just awesome.

Anyway, Carey … Carey could have easily just emailed me and we could have did this here but I’m glad that you did this Carey because now everyone else would benefit from my response, which I don’t really have a response that’s like an exact answer but I’ll give you my thoughts. My thoughts are this, I think it’s a great opportunity, number one because they’re a local. Right. Now you get to control a lot of the processing of the order, the manufacturing and all of that stuff which is really, really cool. My only thing is, yes, let’s say it’s really crowded right now and yes, that’s a bad thing. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, it just means you’re going to have to do more work but it sounds like you have something that can differentiate yourself which is really, really cool.

Here’s my other thoughts on this particular situation. Okay. Number one, it sounds like you’re able to do a smaller run because they’re local and you can probably just order off a few hundred and that’s great, so why not test it? I think the only way you’re going to know is to test it, maybe give yourself a certain number of units, maybe a certain number that you’re going to do as a promo, get some pay-per-click ramped up and give it a true test, see how many reviews you’re going to need to really be able to be, I guess, looked at as not necessarily an authority but someone that’s had some sales. You’re able to start ranking because you can start to do a giveaway, you can start to run some pay-per-click but also you’re going to be different.

You’re going to have something that’s got a unique spin on it and I think that can help you once you’re seen on your search results because now people are going to be like, “Okay, yes I’m looking for this product but this product over here has this really cool feature or these things that I wish these other products had.” If that’s the case then you can do really well. Here’s my other thought process on this and this is something that I’m starting to double in and I’m starting to make it part of my phase two of this Amazon business is where now you can also start thinking to yourself, “Okay, it has a great presence on Amazon but what does it have on its own platform or your own platform?” Could you do stuff and create your own ecommerce store eventually with this product line?

You have a great source now that you can potentially tap into. I wouldn’t want to get too far ahead of myself but you could technically even test this out with running Facebook ads to an offer that could potentially say yes or no. It doesn’t even have to be like you’re going to buy the product, it’s going to be like, “Hey, would you want to receive this for 5.95 and it retails for 29.95? If you do click here to get your coupon code.” Just by doing that, that will test the outside channel to also allow you to know if possibly there’s outside traffic that you could then drive to your own ecommerce store.

Now, again I haven’t even publicly even talked about this stuff. This is stuff that I’m thinking about myself and you guys know that I always say let’s validate on Amazon first, which I think is still true, that’s what we should be doing. Then from there we could also see that if there’s enough demand off of Amazon so this way here I could tap into both channels. Again, I don’t normally talk about that because I don’t want people to be overwhelmed but that’s something that I’m thinking about as well is now that I’ve been at this a little while, I do see that there’s two different sides of a product and people are private labeling products not just on Amazon. Just food for thought, that’s all it is, I’m not saying to run out there and do that right now. What I am saying is I would test it on Amazon and I would probably even run a little experiment and do a Facebook ad over to a giveaway for that product once you're live to see what kind of response you get there as well, that would be kind of cool.

[00:28:55] SV: Anyway, I’m just throwing that stuff out there. The very first thing I would do is I would test it on Amazon, I would get some products there, I would start running a promotion, going through the whole process of the launch so this way here we can see if we can start to get sales and if we can start to get ranked. The biggest thing is getting ranked and we got to see how many are selling on page one right now. The first thing we need to know is how many are selling on page one. Okay. We can use Jungle Scout to do that or we can look at the BSR and get guesstimate but Jungle Scout is going to be your best way to do this.

From there we’re going to go ahead and see how many are selling per day. If we see that there’s 40 selling per day consistently on every single product, if it’s that competitive, then that means that you have to give away a minimum of 40 per day and I would say probably for five days. That’s going to be five days for 40, that’s 200 units that you’re going to have to give away to really have a shot at ranking and getting on page one. Once you get to page one, now it’s about converting. Are your images going to represent and really call out what is different about your product? Is the market really going to care about those?

The other thing that you could do, again, is if you wanted to really just get some insight, is to go over to a Facebook fan page of a group or a community that is around your market and ask a question, “I’m thinking about creating this product. If we created this product and added this feature to it would that be cool? Would that be good? Would you guys like it?” If you did that then you’re going to almost have that feedback from the market. Right now we’re just trying to get the feedback from the market if it’s really wanted. The other thing I would probably do is look at all, not all, but maybe the top 10 and I would look at their reviews.

I would see if people were saying that they wish it had this feature because it’s one thing to think that you have a great feature, it’s another thing to have your audience or your market tell you that that’s what they want. There’s a big difference there. Right. You got to test it. You might be on something, you might not so you got to test it. I know I just rumbled there about a bunch of different things and you can see how excited I get about doing these things especially when you have a unique product. I think Amazon is a launch pad for that but then I also think that there’s outside stuff that we could be doing.

As we move into 2016, even 2017, it’s things that I’m definitely getting more excited about doing as well as using Amazon as a launch pad and then from there bringing it outside of Amazon on to my own platforms creating some type of marketing funnel and all that good stuff. We’re going to be getting into that as we move through this, as you guys follow me through my journey, I’ll be sharing it with you. All right.

Carey, once again man, thank you so much for all of your great show notes that you’ve provided for the TAS community. I know that they love them as well and they are just awesome and you’re great at what you do. Guys, if you want to check out Carey and you want to check out what he offers for podcasters, head over to the show notes to this episode at 175, that’s theamazingseller.com/175 and my show notes guy, Carey, will actually leave a link there to his particular services that he does offer.

[00:31:59] SV: Again, this was totally like not even talked about or scheduled so I just wanted to say I’m doing this because I think Carey is awesome and if any of you guys are podcasters definitely check out Carey, awesome guy. I look forward to meeting him at Denver too, I believe he’s going to come out and hang out with us a little bit in Denver, I know that’s where he’s from. Anyway, that’s it guys, that is pretty much going to wrap up this episode of Ask Scott, episode or session number 50 by the way, which is crazy.

I want to go back to the very beginning in this episode where I talked about those life lessons and mentally tough and mentally strong and all of that stuff, it’s really, really important and I’m going to continue to talk about this stuff because it’s what I believe in. I believe that as we move through any journey we’re going to have sticking points, we’re going to have places where we fall down, we’re going to feel like why are we doing this, it’s not paying off, this, that and the other thing and I think it’s really, really important. I think it’s one thing to be able to launch a product of launch a business of do all of your workouts for a basketball and then it’s another thing to have these let downs or have these failures, in a sense. I don’t look at them as failures but that’s what people think of them as and being able to overcome them and become mentally tough and mentally strong. I think it's huge. It’s stuff that I’ll be definitely working on in my own life and hopefully I can bring some of that to you guys and it can help all of us. All right.

Guys, that is going to wrap it up for this episode, remember that you can always hang out with me on my live workshop. If you guys are brand new and you want to learn about the five phases that I use for launching products on Amazon head over to theamazingseller.com/workshop. You can register for an upcoming workshop there, we’d love to have you there, we answer live Q&A as well, it’s just a lot of fun. We get to hang out for an evening or an afternoon, whichever time we’re doing it that week.

Anyway, guys that’s it, that is officially going to wrap up this session, my voice held out, I’m really happy about that. I just want to remind you guys that I’m here for you, I believe in you and I’m rooting for you but you have to, you have to no matter what, what do you have to do? Say it with me and say it loud and say it proud, you have to take action. Have an awesome, amazing day and I’ll see you in the next episode.


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