TAS 174 (Hot Seat) How Should I Launch My Retail Business on Amazon?

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  • thanks scott! what exactly are u meaning to say that its a grey area?
    if i may ask u are u personally doing super ulrs for your giveaway?

  • Hi Scott

    I never ask any questions or seek advice which maybe I should, but i wanted to ask what your ideas are on bundleing ?

    I am fortune that I have some savings that I want to pour into bundle ideas to sell on amazon and I look at FREQUENTLY BOUGHT TOGETHER & CUSTOMERS ALSO BOUGHT…

    Do you think it is a good idea or have you seen this work really well on Amazon ??

    Thanks Scott for the podcasts I listen all the time to them..


  • hi scott first of all thanks for all your episodes i really enjoy it!
    i have one question for u is super urls against amazons tos?

  • Hey Scotty V

    Whats going on Brother!!!

    Just wanted to chime in as this is right down my alley!

    Another Great Episode as always. Checked out the Katie K Active, And for certain Katie K needs get a a lot more active on her own listings!. Unfortunately its Very beginner, non-seasoned listings but has a great starting point and potential. Kate’s listings just need some TLC and everything will be good to go!

    Beside the obvious (title, pictures, bullet points & description) I would suggest that all her listings require a size chart and size description in the bullet points as this is big part of when listing clothing and for any potential buyers. Obviously listings require more generic photos, some active lifestyle photos to be optimized but those came be transferred over from Kate’s website.

    For Kate’s variations (child asin’s many times their is a mix of either a “color swatch box” or “model with color t-shirt/pants” I would rather see using only model pics and skip the swatch boxes.

    I also don’t see any focus on her brand logo and or branding. Needs to have photos with her logo present, so buyers can relate to her brand. I would bank on it that all active lifestyle buyers know the “lululemon” logo. You have to start building your brand and it all starts with the visual logo.

    Also noticed that all listings have been branded differently as both “Katie K’ or “Katie K Active” . I would suggest simply using Katie K Active ( dam, chris just took it again)

    Looks like some more keywords/search terms in the title would boost sales. Again all Kate’s branding will vary as some say Katie K, some say Katie K Active in listings.

    All the bullets descriptions need lots of work, they are very weak. No highlighting, mostly features, no benefits Some of the bullet points have been doubled up using up vital space (of course Chris just mention that too, lol)
    And lastly no call to action, no buy now, or warranty etc

    As you stated in the podcast, she most definitely can take the “as seen on tv” approach, customers love that as it will also confirm her social confirmation for her line/brand. If she has a brand ambassador that would help as well (maybe some from the Biggest loser using here clothing)

    Also noticed that here listings are in various categories

    Sports Outdoors

    Both are fine, but make sure the sku/asin’s that are actual active lifestyle clothing is in sports/outdoors and that the more fashion lines/skus are in Fashion. Right now I see that it is all mixed

    For sure needs to have some HTML in bottom description.

    Anyways hope this adds to your podcast and that Katie gets something out of it. As we have been listing and selling clothing on Amazon for years we started with all the same issues, but now every thing is optimized as clothing is an amazing category for us.



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