TAS 173 Small Budget Product Launch by and Average JOE (Case Study)

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  • Hey Scott, I just had a question regarding product launches. Do you recommend I do a giveaway on lead pages using a facebook ad to boost initial sales and get reviews in return to “spike” the amazon algorithm or would that be a waste of time and money? What is your opinion on this?

    Mustafa Nauman

    • Hey Mustafa, if you’re a facebook ads ninja it might be worth your time, otherwise you would be better off using a review service like GetBSR, ReviewKick, or Tomoson.

  • Hi Scott! I have a question regarding getting ungating in Amazon beauty category. Its end of May 2016 and I am curious if you know if amazon in excepting sellers into this category. We sourced and private labeled our product when it was really easy to get into the category. We brand registered with Amazon, have an authority website, have a commercial invoice we keep submitting to them with everything they require. The only message we keep receiving is that their internal sources can not verity that this address is valid. But we know it is. I guess we should have gotten approved to sell in beauty before considering this private label product. But their is no turning back now. We need to do everything it takes to get approved so we can start selling. We are not giving up. Any suggestions? By the way both my husband and I enjoy your podcasts and so thankful that you are here to share your knowledge with us.

    • Amazon is absolutely still accepting sellers into the category. If you’ve only submitted one invoice, that may be part of the problem since their actual requirement for the category is 3 invoices. You may also want to make sure both your address and supplier address match exactly with what is registered for the respective businesses that seems to cause some headaches!

  • hi scott! im trying to catch up with all your episodes im alittle left back now at number 153 🙂

    i have 1 question for u if u can help me about it, is there anyway i can see on a individual product if the bsr and sales was inflated because of promotion ar giveaway is there any way to check that? i know about camelcamelcamel and google trends but that only a key word, im looking to see if there is anyway to check on a individual product, thanks loads

  • when u say u are looking for less then 500 reviews, where should be less then 500 reviews? thar perticular product u are looking in, or like greg said in episode 161 at least 4 5 in the top 10 results?

  • Great podcast! I did have one question regarding boxing up the product yourself and labels. Did the UPC or Amazon code go on the outside of the box that was shipped to Amazon since the product wasn’t packaged itself yet? Or did the product come generically packaged with the label on the product packaging from the manufacturer? Hope that made sense. Just wondered if the UPC label needed to go on the product on the first unbranded run or on the outside of the box.

    • Hey Chris, you can use either the UPC or the FNSKU on the outside of the box. If you use the UPC, you could sell that stock on places other than Amazon if the need ever arose, but Amazon would charge you a few cents a unit to label it, but either way will work.

  • While this Avg Joe had both success and luck, I was waiting for you Scott to ask if he launched with our without liability insurance, if he did lab testing in the US and if he sought proper compliance certificates as his item he said was in the toy and game category. While I understand his “quick and dirty” launch strategy, there is no excuse for not be a responsible manufacture. What are your thoughts on these issues? Keep up the great interviews! Enjoy all your shows.

    • Hey Darren since all of that varies so much by category you have to go with your gut on stuff like that. The general rule of thumb would be to not over complicate it if at all possible and see if the product will sell. With something like a toy or anything digestible, I would source that in the US and rely on the certifications from the Manufacturer as my fall back.

  • hi first of all thanks for all your great work i have been whatching u now for while hear, i just finished episode number 161 and heard greg from jungle scout way to search for products, im just curious do u have the same way as him for searching products? do u also look for ites less then 100 reviews in the 10 top sellers? thanks again for all your hrd work here, whishing u all the best

    • Hey Same, he and I have a very similar approach to product research, we both look for less than 500, he has recently started looking for even less, I still am looking at products with up to 500 reviews on average!

  • hi scott im new to your podcasts and i must say i love it! thanks so much! im not sure this is the right place for it, but im looking for a episode maybe u have done that already if not maybe u can explain me very shortly, whats the difference of verified purchase reviews and other reviews? and at all are more reviews helping u in the amazon algorithm to rank higher for your bsr? or helping u in your seo amazon algorithm? im very confused in that TIA

    • Hey Dave the only difference is that Amazon knows the purchase was made through the platform. since reviews don’t directly impact rank, it shouldn’t matter either way!

  • Congrats on pushing forward and having sucess. I just am kinda of lukewarm on this. To me this seems like just undercutting your competitors and shooting yourself in the foot with low margains. While all is fair in commerce and war, to me it would’ve a waste of time to target such a low reward strategy. This also solidifies to me the importance of sticking with products that I can make enhancements or changes to, so a new competitor cant come in and just drop price. I currently have 3 products on Amazon and they are products that I did not make enhancements to. I’m starting to see price dips so maybe I’m just sour about this. I do have another product in the works that I am redesigning but it takes a lot longer (obviously).

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