TAS 173 Small Budget Product Launch by and Average JOE (Case Study)

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  • Hey Scott,

    Great webminar as usual. Was recently exposed to your podcasts and hooked into it. 10 or so episodes done in 5 days..lol

    Question about “Brand Registry”
    So lets say I create a brand SAMs, from what I am reading, I apply for brand registry only under a category lets say HOME & KITCHEN?
    Does that mean my brand SAMs is not protected under category TOYS and I cant sell toys under that brand.
    Surely, I can have multiple brands but makes hard to manage so many websites, marketing etc… you know what I mean?

    • Hey Max, each brand would be protected for whatever category you’re selling in. You may have to reapply for protection under a different category (like toys), once you have a product in that category. since most brands only sell in one category, but they wouldn’t STOP you from getting brand registry across multiple categories. Make sense?

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