TAS 166 Ask Scott Session #47 – Amazon FBA Questions

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  • Hi Scout,
    I have a question on unfulfillable items. You mentioned you will choose to ship them to you. But if I choose to dispose of the item. What is the removal fees?

  • Hi Scout,

    Nice podcasts, everyday I am listening in my car and at my work place.

    Thank you for giving more idea on Amazon selling program, my confidence level to sell products on Amazon is increasing every time when I listened these podcasts.
    I have few question after product in on live in Amazon site, reply to these questions when you get a chance.

    How to Advertise our products in Amazon

    What is pay per click

    How to do give away program once product is in live in Amazon site

    • Hey Mouni, all of those are covered in some of the podcast episodes that you’ll listen to (if you haven’t already).

      Amazon has a platform to advertise inside your seller central account, once you’ve set up your account you’ll see it in there.

      Pay per click means you pay whenever someone clicks your ad (this is the style of ads that Amazon uses)

      You can create a giveaway inside of your seller central account under the promotions tab!

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