TAS 150 The Secret to INCREASING Your Chances of SUCCESS in Business and LIFE

The temptation is always there to look at people who are successful and think that everything just happened to go their way. But that is seldom true. Most people who are very successful got to that point because of determination, a positive, can-do mindset, and hard work. That kind of mindset doesn’t come naturally for most people. We tend to let discouragement, difficulties, and missed opportunities sidetrack us from the goals we desire to reach. In this episode, Scott’s going to talk about the importance of mindset, surrounding yourself with the right people, and how each of those things impact your success in Amazon sales, and in life.

What kind of mindset do you have?

Is it a positive, can-do mindset, or is it pessimistic one? Your mindset is one of the things about you that most determines your level of accomplishment, success, and happiness. And the good news is that it’s one of the things that’s well within your control to change. It’s not always easy to change… in fact it can be quite hard, but it’s a change that will revolutionize your life once it’s made. So how do you go about changing your mindset? Scott has some great, actionable advice about that very subject, on this episode of The Amazing Seller, so make sure you stick around.

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

Jim Rohn is credited with this timeless statement, and its truth resonates deeply in most people. So look around you. Who are you spending your time with? How are the impacting the way you look at life? The way you behave? The opportunities you have and the things you attempt? If you’ll take the time to look, you’ll begin to see just how true this statement is, and hopefully you’ll also begin to see that you can actually do something about it. On this episode Scott talks about how to surround yourself with people who are supportive of your private label dreams and gives you three practical ways you can begin to do it today.

How to meet great people who will support your dreams.

We’ve all met a “Debbie Downer,” someone who seems unable to say anything encouraging about the ambitions you’re pursuing. That’s not the kind of person you want to hang around for very long because she’ll begin to rub off on you, even if you’re the most positive person. How do you get out of those kinds of relationships and find relationships that will support you as you move to the levels of success you desire? One way is through the TAS Facebook community. It’s a place where so many like minded people hang out that you’re sure to find at least a few who think like you do and want what you want. Listen to Scott’s advice about how to use the community to find supportive relationships, on this episode.

Do you want to attend a Q & A hotseat event?

Scott’s been thinking how fun it would be to host an event for Amazon private label sellers, a sort of Q & A hotseat event where everyone could interact, help each other brainstorm issues and problems, and learn from each other as well as from a couple of speakers. It’s not an idea that’s fully formed yet, but Scott would like to know if you’re interested. It would be a very limited capacity event, and would be an event that would have an entry fee. If you’re at all interested, you can get your name on an information list to find out more details as they become available. Head over to www.TheAmazingSeller.com/live to get your name on the list.


  • [0:05] Introduction of the topic: Business and life success.
  • [0:42] The importance of mindset for increasing your chances of succeeding.
  • [3:47] A very important question: Who are you hanging out with the most?
  • [7:55] Why you CAN recondition your mindset.
  • [9:20] An example of how your associations make a difference.
  • [18:57] How do you meet the great people you need to surround yourself with?
  • [27:30] A possible event Scott has in mind.
  • [32:16] Do you know a videographer? Scott’s looking for one!
  • [33:33] The power of taking action to meet people.



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TAS 150 : The Secret toINCREASING Your Chances of SUCCESS in Business and LIFE

SV: [00:00:03] Hey, hey. What’s up, everyone? Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller podcast. This is episode number 150 and I am really happy and excited to be able to say episode 150. That’s another milestone. That’s awesome. I’m really, really excited to be able to share today’s topic with you which is the secret to increasing your chances of success in business and in life…
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[00:00:29] I’ve thought about this. I’ve thought about what should I use as a topic for episode 150? I wanted it to be business related but I wanted it to also be mindset type stuff. I think if you’re going to be successful, you have to have the right mindset for this business or life in general. If your life is organized, your business will be organized and your goals and all of that stuff will come in full alignment. Let me just say that what I’m going to be talking about a lot today is not even about strategy and as far as how to get ranked better and how to get more reviews and all of this stuff. It’s not about that today. What it’s about today is increasing those chances for you to succeed in business or in life when you are trying to achieve these goals and you’re getting sidetracked or you’re getting frustrated, or you’re just starting to see that your level of thinking isn’t where it needs to be.

You’ve probably heard the saying “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” You’ve probably heard that. If you haven’t, you just did. I do believe that. That there was written by Jim Rohn, which I 100% believe in. I do believe that. I’ve even got a couple of stories here I’m going to share with you that I think proves that. Really, what I wanted to do here is open your eyes to it but then also give you some ideas and some strategies where you can start surrounding yourself with more of these people that are going to help you and increase your chances of success.

If you have people in your life right now and you may not even know that they’re in your life and that they’re contaminating the water that you drink, in a sense. If you haven’t read the book The Compound Effect he talks about that as far as our brain is … We’re inputting this information and these thoughts and these influences in our brain. That’s ultimately how we react and how we take action in whatever we do in life, whether it’s good or bad. It’s kind of like if you put in dirty water, you’re going to go get dirty water out. If you put in clean water, you’re going to have clean water coming out, right? It’s a really good analogy and it’s a great book, by the way, too if you guys haven’t read that or listened to it. I have an audio book of it and I definitely advise anyone to check that out because he talks a lot about the people that you associate yourself with are ultimately the ones that are going to help you get to that next level.

[00:02:49] You may be limiting yourself and you could start hearing these negative thoughts like, “Why are you even trying that, that Amazon thing? It sounds like a scam. That doesn’t work.” They’re just bringing you down and then by doing that it makes you start doubting yourself. Or you get people that are just always in that tone. “Yeah, I don’t know. Today is just not going good.” You hear that tone. Me personally, I need to hear people like this right here. I need people that are going to get me excited. That are going to be like, “Forget about that. So what? That one launch that you did on that product didn’t work out like you thought it would but you learned something from it. Let’s take away what we learned and then let’s move on to the next thing and let’s try it again. Or let’s pivot and let’s do something different.” I want someone there that’s going to give me that pat on the back but also be real, be true and be able to say, “Listen, yes, you’re struggling but it’s okay. Okay? It’s okay.”

What I wanted to also say here … Again, I’m going to give you a couple of stories and I’m also going to talk about something pretty exciting that I want to share with you. I’m going to give you ideas on how you can connect with like-minded people, people that are going to help you get to that next level. I want you to start right now though before we do anything. I want you to ask yourself a couple of questions. I want you to ask yourself right now who are you hanging out with the most? Think of the five people that you’re hanging out with the most. Just think about that for a second. Then really start to say to yourself, okay, are those five people, are they … Let’s see. Do you think a lot alike? Do you tend to see that little bit of a trend now? Are you kind of similar? Do you have things in common and all that stuff? Usually when we hang out with people it’s because we have things in common, right?

That’s the first thing. Now let me ask you this. What’s their attitude like? What type of person are they? Are they like, “Hey, what’s going on? How’re you doing today?” “We’re doing good.” “All right. I’m so excited about this weekend. I can’t wait. We’re going to go do this, we’re going to do that.” Or “Oh, my gosh. I went to work the other day and we had this in-work party and we had a great time.” Or is it constantly like, “I hate my job. Yeah, 9 to 5. It sucks. I just wish I could get out this.” Is it that? If it is, recognize it, okay? What’s the income like? Think about the five people that you’re hanging around with. What’s their income like? Probably you’re going to be an average of that income. If everyone around you is making 45 thousand dollars a year or 55 thousand dollars a year and you want to make 200 thousand dollars a year, guess what? You’re pretty much locked … I’m not going to say 100% locked but you’re pretty much limiting yourself because those people aren’t trying to increase their income. You don’t hear how they’re doing it or what they’re doing to create a larger income for themselves.

That’s another thing that you’ve got to look at. Then the other thing is the outlook on life. Is the outlook on life … You know someone that’s a smoker, let’s say. Someone that smokes cigarettes they know that it’s bad for them. Actually, I’ll tell you a little story. I had a guy that was coaching Little League. He’s a regular dad just like me and he was a good guy. Really, really liked the guy a lot. He coached another team, not my team. He coached a team. We were buddies. We were friends and stuff. Again, here’s where your associates are at. I only associate with him at the ball field because his lifestyle was different. He was a pretty heavy drinker. He smoked a lot. It wasn’t my type of person that I’d hang out with outside of the baseball field, let’s say.

With that being said … and I know it sounds kind of bad, right? He’s a drinker and a smoker and he’s hanging out with kids. I get that but he was a good dad, he just had a different outlook on life because probably of his upbringing and all of that stuff. We can recondition that but he had this “I don’t care if I die in 10 years because I’m smoking. It doesn’t matter. I’m going to die someday.” You’ve probably heard that before too. “I don’t care. I’ll just keep doing it because I’m going to die someday anyway,” right? You’ve probably heard that, right? I don’t look at life that way. I look at it like I want to be able to try to do something today so I can extend my life here because I want to be here. I enjoy life. I want to enjoy my family. I want to be able to do fun things but that’s just me.

I want other people in my little five person circle or 10 people circle or whatever, I want those people to have those same type of views. If they don’t then I’m going to start getting some of those thoughts and being like, “Yeah, you know …” Or the saying “money doesn’t grow on trees.” You’ve probably heard that before, right? I’ve heard it. When I was growing up my dad was like, “Hey, money doesn’t grow on trees”. Why did he say it? Well, because his father said it and then his father said it. If you think like that you’re limiting yourself to, “The only way I can get a lot of money is if it grows on trees.” We just basically limited our thought process. I don’t think of it like that. I think of it if I want money I’ve got to go out and find a way to get it. The way to get it is to go out there and create businesses.

[00:07:43] I’m going off on a tangent here and I apologize. I’m a little pumped up here and excited about this because I do believe that a mind shift can change so, so much. It really, really can. All right? Again, I want to say that you can change this. If you’re one of those people that are thinking like this or you have those thoughts, you’ve got reevaluate. You’ve got to do a little bit of an audit on who you’re hanging out with. Then not saying you have to totally remove yourself with them, maybe you need to lessen the amount of time. You then have to find people that you want to surround yourself with that have a better attitude or have a bigger income, that are striving to do better in life, that have a better outlook on life, whatever. You need to replace a person … Not replace but you have to add someone into your daily diet. That’s really, really what it comes down to because you are going to become like the people that you’re hanging out with. It’s just human nature and it’s just the way we start taking on traits.

It’s funny, my wife- another little story- my wife’s cousin and her husband, really good friends with them as well. Good people. Him and I we joke around a lot. We start talking in not a different language but it’s just a different way that we talk. It’s just like a different tone and stuff. When I go over there I instantly take on that. It’s not in a bad way. It’s just kind of like a joking, goofing around way. It’s just funny how my wife says, “Every time you go over to John’s house you always start talking like him and he starts talking like you.” I go, “I know. It’s the weirdest thing.” It’s because we just start to adapt to that environment and to our little thing. All right? Just a little funny story there.

[00:09:20] Let me now go into another story here and how this definitely helped someone that I just recently had on the show. Her name was Amber Patterson. You may have heard that, episode 140. Amber, I know you’re listening so, again, congratulation on all your success and also on your cousin for introducing you to this. Here’s what happened with Amber. Amber was at a Christmas party with her family, the ones that she’s surrounding herself with. She had someone that was in her family, a cousin and his name is Country. He basically was telling her about this Amazon FBA thing and this private labeling thing. She was kind of like, “What’s he doing now? He must be a guy …” I could just assume that he’s probably a guy that’s kind of dabbling a little bit here and there. She was hearing him talk about what he was doing and she was like, “What’s he doing now,” and everything. Then she started listening and asking a little bit more questions. Then she was like, “I’m going to go ahead and look into what he’s doing. I’m not going to let him go and do it all by himself.” It’s kind of like a little bit of a competition now, right?

Here’s where that little friendly competition comes in where she got intrigued by it. She started listening to the podcast, by the way, because he turned her on to the podcast. Thank you Country for doing that. A funny story here, Country, if you’re listening, Country his last name is actually Musik. Country Musik. I’m not even kidding. He actually said it’s kind of an inside joke but people don’t believe that that’s his actual name but it is. Country and then Musik. I think it’s spelt with a K at the end. Anyway, Country he brought this idea to Amber and then Amber said, “I’m not going to let him go out there and do this thing without me,” kind of thing. She went ahead and said, “I’ll go ahead and see what happens.” She started listening to the podcast and started educating herself.

Long story short, she went ahead and launched her first product and then I think a second and a third. Maybe not a third. I think it was at least a second. Around the holidays in the fourth quarter she was doing over 150 units a day when all she was doing is following the 10 by 10 by 1 model, which is basically 10 units sold per day, 10 dollars profit, 1 product. I teach that stuff in my workshop. She wanted to do this just to see what he was doing and not let him go and do it without her. Now they both are running … Actually, Country just posted that he has someone interested in buying his FBA business and acquiring that with a couple of partners. He’s deciding if he wants to do that or not because he could exit that and maybe start a new one but he could cash out on that and make a little bit of money. Not a little bit, probably 15 or 20 x’s in that income for that business.

Anyway, just wanted to show that that there was because that person, Amber, had someone in her family that she associated herself with that was doing this. Then she was like, “I’m going to go ahead and look into this.” Then she did and then that elevated her thing. Now she went from not having an Amazon business to having an Amazon business and now doing 150 units per day, running out of stock, not knowing if she’s going to be able to get more stock and couldn’t keep up with the demand. That happened because she associated herself with someone. In this case it was a family member but that family member was a go-getter going out and doing this type of stuff. If you’re around a family member or members and they’re not doing this stuff and they’re happy and content with their 9 to 5 then that’s the type of person they’re going to be. That’s fine because some people aren’t built to be an entrepreneur. If they are doing that, you’re probably going to start thinking to yourself that that’s normal and that’s the way that everyone should be.

Typically we think of it like this. I don’t think of it like this but a lot of people do. We get out of high school, we go to college, we pick a major and then we major in that. We get out, we get a job in that and then we work for that company. That’s been for the past, oh gosh, I don’t know how many hundreds of years probably. That’s basically you’re doing a service. Not the college aspect of it but you get out of school and you work. That’s pretty much it. The college element that’s been probably in the last, I would say, 50 years would probably be more where it’s kind of like that’s their tradition to go through. For, gosh, hundreds of years it’s been you’re doing a service and you’re getting paid all the way back to even the farmers.

My father being on the farm, him growing up a lot of his older brothers and sisters they only went to the eighth grade. As soon as they got to the eighth grade it was like they were a farmhand. Now they’re on the farm and they’re going to basically work on the farm. That was just ingrained into him. He was able to bust through that cycle. He went on to be an entrepreneur himself, ran his own successful construction business which I worked for. If you haven’t listened to my story, that is episode 125. You can go check that out.

It’s like … Wherever I was going with this. You really have to ask yourself what are the type of people you’re hanging out with? How can I get around more people that are going to help me get to that next level and change my thinking in a good way that’s going to elevate my thinking so this way here I can go after bigger and better things. All right?

Another little story I want to share with you. Now, this doesn’t just apply to business. This applies to life. Here’s a quick story. My son who’s 17 his name is Scotty. We named him Scott but we call him Scotty because if we didn’t, I’d be turning my head and he’d be turning his head at the same time. 17-year-old kid. Good, good basketball player. Good baseball player too but a really great basketball player. He’s really trying to hone in on that sport. He’s a senior. He’s going next year to a basketball prep school in North Carolina and then from there he’s going to try to get some type of a scholarship to go to like a D2 basketball school. That’s his goal. Why does he have these goals? Well, because he’s got a father that says, “You’ve really got to map out this plan here, son. You’ve got to figure out what you want to do. Once you figure out what you want to do then you’ve got to go after it. Then you’ve got to break it down to what’s going to get you there.”

A quick story is he is always playing different types of teams. You have teams that are really, really good and then you have teams that are not so good. Those teams that are not so good, not just him but the whole team starts to play down to the competition. Have you ever seen that? Have you ever seen when a really, really good team plays down to the competition? They just feel like, “We got this so we’re just going to get sloppy.” You can’t do that. You have to think that you’re playing the best team every single time. I think Michael Jordan had said that. It doesn’t matter if he’s playing the worst team or the best team, he’s going to go out there and treat it as though it is the best team. He’s not going to let up. He’s not going to feel sorry for them if they’re not doing well. That’s their deal. They should have been prepared or the coach should have did a better job. Or they should have got better players or whatever. You have to go out there with the mindset that you’re playing the best. That’s what I told him. I said, “Listen, you have to go out there and …” I can see it instantly. If he’s playing a really, really good, high caliber team his whole actions, the way he walks on the court, the way he plays defense, everything is different because he’s playing a better team. He knows he has to up his game.

The point here is you have to go after higher things or higher level thinking type of things so this way here you can push yourself. Okay? Don’t just say, “That’s as good as I can be.” You need to get around people that are going to inspire you and that are going to motivate you to want to be better. Also people that are doing better because then you’re going to be like, “I can’t let that person do better than me.” It’s almost like a friendly competition like Amber did. Amber is like, “I’m not going to let my cousin here do this without me and then he’s going to be successful and I’m not. I’m going to go ahead …” Now they have a friendly competition as far as sales and units sold and all of that stuff. It helps you push yourself to that next level. All right?

Then like with my son I said to him, I’m like, “Listen, now what you’ve got to do is if you want to be around people that are taking this game serious then you’ve got to go find those people. You’ve got to play with people that are more dedicated to the game, not just people that play school ball and then that’s all they play. You’ve got to have people that are in the gym all the time and they want to be in the gym rather than saying, “I’m going to take Saturday off and I’m just going to go play video games.” Or are you going to take Saturday, still play your video games if you want for a couple of hours, whatever. From there you better be in the gym two hours as well or three hours.” If you guys follow me on Periscope you guys see me in the car a lot. I’m sitting there parked and I’m there waiting for my son as he’s in a workout session, private session with one of our trainers that is training him that he’s putting in the work. Okay?

I don’t want to, I guess, toot my own horn but it is because I know that this is really important to him. Also, I know it’s important for him to put in the work. If he puts in the work and surrounds himself with more of those people that are going to help him get to that level then he just has to do the work because the mindset is going to be there. It’s huge. Again, going back to the basketball thing, if he shoots five threes and they don’t fall, do you think his confidence goes down a little bit? Sure, it does. You’ve got to find a way to take that and switch that. This way you’re going to say, “Those five didn’t fall. This next one is going to fall, baby. This next one is going to fall.” All right?

[00:18:57] In business if you launched a product and it didn’t launch well or it didn’t do what you wanted it to do, the next one is. Or “I’m going to fix this one.” You have to have that determination and you have to find people that are going to help you, and nudge you, and promote you, in a sense, motivate you, inspire you, all of those good words. They’re going to help you. All right?

Now the next question is Scott, how do you meet these people? How do you meet all these great people? You have to go find them, all right? They’re not just going to come to you and go, “Hey, want to come into our little group here? We’re all talking about this and we’re going to elevate our game.” No. You have to, again, do the work. It’s not just going to happen overnight but there are places that you can go and you can start making these relationships. All right? The very first place that I would recommend that you go is the TAS Facebook community. Totally free. Over 21 thousand people in there.

Are there 21 thousand people in there that you’re going to say are all matched up to your thinking and your lifestyle and all that stuff? No, absolutely not. Guess what? You can go in there and start listening to conversations. See if people are talking about things that are interesting to you or that have the same mindset as you and then you can just reach out to people. Reach out to those people. Private message those people and say, “Hey, would you be interested in maybe talking once a month on Skype?” Something like that. You don’t have to travel if you don’t want to. You can just say, “Hey, can we get on the phone? Can we get on the cell phone?” There’s ways to get in touch with each other just by using the internet or your cell phone. There’s really no excuse.

The Facebook community, the TAS community that is, everyone there is all about private labeling. That’s why they’re there, right? You’ve already got that part checked. Now you just can look for people that resonate with you or that might even be in your area, which I’ll talk about that in a second. Then you can do a real live in-person type of hang out. The first place that you want to go if you are not connected is the Facebook community for The Amazing Seller podcast. That is found at theamazingseller.com/fb and that is for Facebook. So theamazingseller.com/fb. All right?

The other thing … I’m going to give you three different ways here that you can meet people that you can start to build this little power network, this little mastermind if you will, that will help you and start to get you on a different diet, in a sense. It’s the same thing with, like, health and fitness. If you don’t have people that are around you that are taking on that same mindset it’s harder. You’re sitting there eating a salad with chicken and you’ve got someone over here eating a whopper from Burger King or a big fat deep fried chicken sandwich or something and you’re sitting here eating your little salad with chicken. If you’ve got other people that are going to do the same thing as you or similar, it’s going to make it easier for you. You’re not tempted with these temptations and stuff. I’m not saying you can’t do that because it is a mindset thing. I’m just saying when you surround yourself with those people it’s going to be more likely that you’re going to succeed with what you’re going after. Okay?

The local meet-up thing. If you go to meetup.com, that’s meetup.com, you can go there and you can search for whatever you want to find a meet up for. You can search for a FBA private label group. See if there’s one in your area. There might already be one started and then you can contact them and join. Or maybe you want to go ahead and create your own. Take the initiative yourself and create your own so this way here you can form it. You can handpick who you want to be there once they start to come. A good friend of mine, Danny Brewer, he’s done this. He went to a local meet-up in his area and since then- it’s been a couple of years, I think- he’s kind of taken over that group. A lot of those people were just doing, like, retail arbitrage. They weren’t really doing private labeling and he wanted to really move into private labeling. Then he started to get people that were coming that were coming for private labeling too then he kind of took over that little meet-up.

Again, you just need to take charge and do that if you want to. Again, you might be saying, “I’m not that type of person.” You can be that type of person to just at least get the ball going and then you might get someone in that group that’s going to take the initiative to run things. That’s the way that you can do this. Again, I always say it comes down to choices. It really does come down to the choices that we make. If we want it we have to do it. You have to go out there and take action like I say every single day and every single time that I’m speaking here. It’s so, so important.

All right, so local meet-ups that’s a great way to do it. The other thing you can do is just post it in the TAS Facebook group and say, “Hey, I’m wondering is anyone in the Seattle area? That’s where I’m from and I’d love to do a TAS private label meet-up. Is anyone interested?” Then you can start seeing if people are going to say yes. If you only get three or four, perfect. That’s a perfect size. You could do that. I did one. Actually, I told people I was going to North Carolina and South Carolina to look for houses in the summer and I had four people reach out to me. Actually, one person reached out to me and said, “Hey, we do a local meet-up in North Carolina. I noticed that you’re coming down here. Would you be interested in stopping in and having a cup of coffee with us?” I said, “Absolutely.” We went. We met at a little coffee shop. We sat there for, I don’t know, an hour and a half, two hours and it was awesome. Again, you’ve got to go out there and you’ve got to let people know that you want to do this and then you’ll get people that are interested. I can almost guarantee you, if you post something in the Facebook community you’re going to get people that are going to say, “Yeah, I’m in this area,” or “I’d love to. Yeah, let’s do it once a month.” You’ll be surprised at what that does for you. All right?

That’s the first thing. Okay? Second thing is online Facebook groups themselves. Not just the TAS community, there’s other ones out there. I found one that I was following for a long time before I even had the podcast or before I even had my own. That one there is where I met a few people that I still associate with. I’ll mention the little story here with Chris Schaeffer in a minute. Online Facebook groups they’re great places to be able to, again, just reach people. If it’s not the TAS group you’re still going to find good people there but I would definitely say go over to the TAS Facebook community. You’ll find a lot of great people there as well.

The thing you can do here is again you can say, maybe you don’t want to do an in-person meet-up, “Let’s just meet maybe once a month and we can do a Skype session. Or maybe we can do a Google hangout.” You can basically ask the group where they’re from and say, “Let’s do a local meet-up,” or “Let’s just do a hangout together online. Let’s do a Google hangout. Let’s do a Skype session,” something like that. You can do online. You can do both. You can do one a month online and you can do one every quarter in person if you’re local. You can do that as well. All right? That’s a great way, again, to meet these types of people.

The next thing I want to talk about is live events. Live events are a great, great way to be able to meet people. There’s not a ton of the live events out there right now that are going on on an ongoing basis but when they do come up, depending on the event … There’s some events that I’m not a huge fan of. It doesn’t have to be just private labeling either, to be honest with you. It could be just like business and marketing in general but yeah, if it’s private labeling it’s going to be even better. These are places that you can meet people that are building businesses. That are building a business for freedom, let’s say. Then you can network with these people and then you can build relationships with these people.

There is an event coming up. It’s called the PROSPER Show. I’m not affiliated with it at all. I don’t get an affiliate commission or anything like that. I will leave a link in the show notes if anyone is interested. I believe it’s going to be middle of February. I don’t know the exact date. James Thomson actually he was just on the show. We talked about hijacking. He’s an ex Amazon employee. He’s got a whole bunch of people coming that are experts in different parts of the Amazon FBA type business. It’s a pretty big event. It does cost money to attend but again, you have to say to yourself, “Is it worth my time to go there and not just learn from the speakers but also connect and build these relationships?”

[00:27:20] The other thing that I’m going to mention here right now, and this is kind of like an unofficial announcement so it’s not official. I’m going to let you guys in on what’s going on and what I’m thinking. I’ve been playing around with the idea of doing some type of event, really small event. I’ve had a lot of people ask for it especially after we did the event in Texas. We did a very unofficial … I went to Podcast Movement. Some of you may know that. I went there, hung out with some other podcasters and stuff and networked and stuff and learned a little bit more about that space. I told people I was going to be there in Texas and I had over 40 people show up just to basically shake my hand and meet and talk, which was awesome. It was unofficial. I said, “If you guys want to come, I’m going to be there. I’d be more than happy to have a drink with you.”

When that happened a lot of people said, “Scott, you should really just do your own event here. I’d love to be able to come to an event.” I’d be like, “I don’t really know. I don’t know if I want to take on that responsibility. I just … timing and all that stuff. My kids are pretty active. I don’t want to have to travel much.” I was asked … Actually, this year I have two speaking engagements currently. One of them is in Miami at the end of May which I’ll let you know more about that. Before that, actually at the end of April there’s another event which I’m not going to say the actual event yet because it isn’t 100% locked in. Almost. It’s pretty much up to me. I have to commit to it and I’m pretty sure I’m going to. There’s that one there.

What happened here is I said to myself rather than me go and do a total 100% event for TAS, why don’t I just do an event at the end of that other event? That other event is, I believe, Friday and Saturday. What I decided to do was possibly- and this is “possibly”. I’m doing air quotes- possibly do a one day event for just about, I don’t know, under 40 people where we would actually go through and talk all about the Amazon business. More than that, we would do hot seat sessions and strategy discussions, live Q&A and of course, networking.

Again, this would be for a very, very small group. It’s something that I really want to do. I’m almost, almost 100% from committing to this. Once I do I will let you know about it because I want to be able to give you guys first chance to be able to come to this if you are deciding to. Hey, you might even want to come for the whole weekend. Like I said, I’m going to be speaking on Saturday at this one event but then I’m looking to have my own little one day event which would be on a Sunday. That would be a full day event where it would just be, like I said, a small TAS breakout session where we would do hot seat sessions, strategy discussion, live Q&A and networking. That’s kind of like the rough idea and outline of it. I know just from the response from the past when I did that one little meet-up and I had a bunch of people saying I should really do one of these other ones. I didn’t even really announce it to the podcast audience. I just announced it on the Facebook page. When I did that, like I said, I had well over that. So I would expect that we’ll probably end up selling that out pretty quickly.

If you are at all interested, I would love you to go over to this special link that I set up. You can get on a little bit of a waiting list and kind of like a pre list where you can hear more about it once I decide if I’m going to do it 100% or not. You can head over to theamazingseller.com/live. Again, that’s theamazingseller.com/live. This will be a paid event, okay? This will be something that you’ll buy a ticket to get in and within that we’re going to have a really awesome day. Also like I said, we’re going to have hot seat sessions. You’re going to pop up in the hot seat if you want to and then from there we’re going to take some time to go over your situation. Everyone in the room can add to it and help each other. It’s not just going to be like a newbie event. This will be for people that also have products that are already currently selling, or people that have products that are in the launch phase, or people that want to create another brand. It’s just I want to be able to sit down and do these hot seat sessions live and also get interaction from everyone else that’s attending there. That’s why I want to keep it really small. All right?

Again, if you’re interested in getting on that little pre list head over to theamazingseller.com/live. I will be sending out any updates and stuff just to that small list of people that sign up for that and I’ll give you all the details once we know more. I’ll also mention it here on the podcast of course but that email list will be the one that will be getting all of the notifications before everyone else. All right? Again, I just wanted to say theamazingseller.com/live. Again, not 100% sure it’s going to happen yet but pretty close to being sure and it’s starting to come together.

[00:32:16] The other thing I want to throw out there is if any of you know a videographer … I know I’m kind of just throwing this out at the end. If you guys know a videographer let me know. Email me at scott@theamazingseller.com. Again, that’s scott@theamazingseller.com. Let me know. What I’d love to do is have someone that’s a videographer that’s also into the private labeling stuff that may be a podcast listener. They might want to come out and actually film some of this live event that we’re going to be doing and of course, we would take care of that person. If you know a videographer or if you are a videographer just contact me and then we can discuss the details and all of that good stuff. We’re not expecting to record the entire event but we just want to get some parts of it just because it’s our first event. We want to be able to capture some of this and actually talk to people and all that good stuff. So yeah, if you are a videographer, if you know someone definitely reach out, contact me. Again, this isn’t going to happen until the end of April but I figured I would put it out there now. This is 2016 by the way so if you’re listening to this in 2017 it’s probably already passed but you can probably still head to that link and get some information. All right?

[00:33:27] I wanted to end here with another quick story. This one here is really just about the power of meeting people by doing something. What I mean by that is by actually taking action, taking the initiative and then putting yourself out there so you can meet people. Let’s talk a little bit about the podcast. The podcast came because I wanted to find other people and surround myself with other people that were doing even better than I was so they can motivate me and share their stories with myself and others. Then also it helps me learn by regurgitating it, by talking about it and reiterating it. That’s the podcast. Now, because of the podcast I also was fortunate to meet a lot of really cool people that I’m really good friends with now. Again, I’m watching them and they motivate me and inspire me to do better because they’re either doing better or they’re doing different things and I want to try this. It does broaden the thinking and elevates your game.

The quick story about Chris Schaeffer, you guys may or may not know Chris. Chris is actually a really good friend of mine now. Him and I do the workshops together, we do our private label classroom together. Me and Chris met before the podcast. We met in another Facebook group. We met because he was answering some of the questions I had, I was answering some of the questions he had. We just started talking and we just could tell that we were a lot alike. I think I actually was the one that took the initiative. I reached out to him. I said, “Hey. I’m not sure if you’re interested but I’m starting to form a little mini mastermind of people that are doing Amazon business and they’re actually selling products right now.” I didn’t want to have just new people in the beginning. I wanted to actually have people that were already started and through that phase because that’s where I was and I wanted to move forward. He said, “Yeah, I would love to.”

Then from there I started seeing a couple of other people and then I reached out to those people and they said yeah. Before you know it, we had a six or a seven person mastermind which was awesome. I met a lot of friends and I still talk to a lot of those people today from that first initial thing even before the podcast. Again, I eat my own dog food. I don’t eat dog food but you get what I mean. I actually did that and that helped me get to where I am today and continues to get me to where I want to go. All right? Again, I just want to say it’s really, really important that you surround yourself with people however you do it but do it, all right? Take action and do that, okay? Surround yourself with like-minded people. A lot of you said, “Scott, just listening to you helps me keep inspired, helps me keep motivated.” Then keep listening, all right? Keep listening. If you know people that could benefit from the podcast, by all means share it with them. Okay?

A little bit of a warning here. If you don’t think that they like the way that I teach or the way that I talk or the way … then don’t. I only want to be able to help people that genuinely want that help and that are a lot like us. Again, not everyone is for everyone. If you get into a mastermind and you see that someone is not like you or that doesn’t have the same views then you’ve probably got to part ways and that’s okay. I only want to be around people that are like me and that have similar thinking beliefs and all of that stuff, but also that want to elevate their game. It’s huge to be able to do that. I know I’m kind of rambling now and I apologize. Again, you guys know I ramble and a lot of you say, “Scott, I love it when you ramble.” Sometimes I’ve just got to say, “Scott, okay, get on with it.” All right?

That’s pretty much going to wrap up this episode. I hope that this has been helpful. I’ve done a few other ones in the past that talked a little bit about mindset and a lot of people said, “Scott, I needed that. Thank you so much.” I hope that this is going to be similar to that episode to where you can say, “That really made me rethink some things and I’m going to reevaluate.” You might have to come back and listen to this again in another three months and see if you’re on track or if you went off track and then just get yourself back on track, all right? That’s it. That’s going to wrap it up.

Again, if you want information about this live event that’s going to be very, very small, it’s going to be at the end of April. I think it’s going to be May 1st. I’m not going to officially say that but I think it’s going to be around that timeframe. We are looking at possibly having it in Denver. That’s where that first event is so that’s where that event would be as well. Denver, Colorado is where it would be just to give you a heads up there. Again, that would be May 1st and I believe that’s on a Sunday. Again, I’ll know all the details as we move forward here but it’s starting to really take shape. If you guys are interested and you want to get on that list, head over to theamazingseller.com/live, all right? We haven’t even named the event yet. We’re going to come up with a name. We haven’t even named it yet but theamazingseller.com/live if you’re at all interested in joining us for one full day. We’re talking one full day of breakfast, lunch, some snacks, some drinks, coffee, hanging out. That’s what we’re talking about, all right? If you’re interested in that, definitely, definitely go sign up for that.

All right, so that’s it. That’s going to wrap up today’s episode. Guys, remember I’m here for you. I believe in you. I’m rooting for you but you have to, you have to- come on, say it with me. Say it loud. Say it proud as we always do- take action. Have an awesome, amazing day and I’ll see you in the next episode.


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