TAS 137 Andy Irvine Cracks $10k in 30 days by Hustling and Taking Action (Here’s How)

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  • Thanks heaps for this. It’s great to hear Andy’s story, and I greatly appreciate the platform of TAS! I just got my final samples made for my private label product, and I’m about to put in that first order. Exactly the same as Andy mentioned “hovering for about 10 minutes before sending the money” haha! I’ve searched for Andy, but can’t seem to find a blog or anything. I’m also in Australia and would love to shout him a beer,


    • Hi,

      Can you please give us a feedback on your experience so far ? Was it as success ? how much have you done ?

  • Hi Andy and Ryan,

    Its great podcasts. I have few questions related to Product selection and Selling Amazon. If you do not mind please share your email id

  • Hi Scott and Andy! Great episode! I’d like to ask either or both of you how does a non-US seller deal with the IRS’ mandatory 30% withholding tax?

    • Hey Ryan, that’s a tough one since I’m not an accountant (or international). Your best bet would be to ask your friendly neighborhood accountant! You may also want to pose the question inside the FB group and see what other international sellers have been doing!

  • Just a question for Andy, does he use payoneer (or equiv?) and keep his money is USD? to save the hassel with exchange rates? and therefore only changing back to AUD at the best time? If keeping money in USD I then presume he has that account registered with Amazon and then buy and pay for stock from this US account? How do you get on with tax, who do you pay, the US or back to our ATO? Thanks Scott for all that you do. I am based in Perth, WA, a kiwi living here.

  • This episode is just absolutely amazing – it sort of summarizes everything you have to do from the scratch!
    Great job.

  • Just listened to Andy Irvine podcast-great info,I learned a lot. Question: when Andy had his product shipped directly from China to Amazon Warehouse in the US via UPS, was he able to take advantage of Amazon’s UPS shipping discount on the International shipment? Or did he have to pay UPS Standard rates for the International shipment ?

  • Hi Andy,
    Great interview, thank you for sharing.
    You talk a lot about the give-away promotions to boost BSR and rise up the rankings.
    Can you write about how you do this? Is this through a service like Zonblast?
    Thank you.

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