TAS 129 3 BIG Mistakes That Could Hurt PPC and Keyword Ranking (#1 is HUGE)

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  • Hi Scott, I have poor organic rankings, for a bundle that has variations of colour. I’ve used pipes in the title and for my parent listing the description and keyword fields are left blank, only the child listings have information entered. Could any of these be the reason why my ranking is so poor. Thankyou

    • It could be, depending on the category, I would highly suggest treating the parent listing (and all the child listings) like they were going to show up to Amazon customers, that way you don’t have to worry about missing anything!

  • Thanks Scott
    As a followup question, my product FINALLY launched this week, right before Thanksgiving. I gave away 35 of my 200 units to a review club and have gone from 9 (friends and family) reviews to 20 reviews(organic and from this review club). From Tuesday to Sunday my (non-giveaway) sales have been 4,4,2,3,1,1, which is ok for a normal launch week but I thought given what a strong shopping week this is that I would have done better. However, since every other seller is doing better, too, do I need to temper my expectations? After my second day of 4 sales I bumped my max daily ppc budget from $20 to $40, but saw my sales tail off. As of Saturday I even dropped my price and on Sunday I dropped my daily max ppc back to $20. My pics are good and my listing is strong. So are the growing pains the same regardless of what time of year I launch? Should I be concerned about this performance? Any advice?

    • Congrats!

      You put it excellently…the “growing pains are going to be the same no matter when you launch”. With all the deals going on over the last week, it’s both a tough and great time to launch a product, I wouldn’t be worried yet if I were you, just keep your eye on the prize and follow the steps!

  • Hi Scott,
    You mentioned that we don’t need to repeat a keyword in the backend if it is already in the title. Does the same hold true for the rest of the listing? if it’s in the title, don’t repeat it in the bullet points either?

    Thanks for the great tip about not repeating words in the keyword section. I used to put iphone case, iphone case with a strong grip, cheap iphone case

    I can just write Iphone case strong grip cheap black etc now right?

    I see a lot of listings out there are just trying to rank for keywords and don’t really have a sales pitch to it. Are you recommending that? I think it needs to rank for keywords and also selling the product to the customer

    Another point you mentioned is that don’t put words like Black Friday sale, TOS apart, isn’t it going to get the customer to click on it by seeing that and a massive “drop” in price

    • Hey Silvia, the bullets and description don’t seemed to be indexed the same way that the title and search terms are. I wouldn’t worry about repeating a keyword in your bullets or description but if you can think of another way to phrase it, it certainly wouldn’t hurt!

  • Hi Scott – does capitalization matter in keyword section? If one of my keywords is a competitor’s brand, should I capitalize the 1st letter as one keyword and not capitalize as a second? Or are keywords not case-sensitive?

    Thanks, Scott

  • Hi Scott,

    Great podcast!

    1) If garlic press is in the title, we do not need to use garlic press in the back end at all?
    2) We don’t need commas in the title even if it makes our title makes sense? I ask this as in the past I’ve found poor grammar decreases sales considerably.

    • Hey John, generally speaking most customers wouldn’t notice the grammar difference, if you’ve noticed that it impact your sales, by all means include it…just keep in mind that it may impact your ability to rank on other keywords. If you have it in the title you wouldn’t need to include it in the back end, correct!

  • Hi Scott,
    I wanted to ask you about the important of “Verified Reviews” on Amazon. Does a verified review (I think this means the reviewer purchased the product on Amazon) hold a lot more weight in the Amazon rankings? Or does it not matter if the reviewer is Verified?
    Also, have you had any experience using review generation sites like Snagshout.com? Is this a good way to get reviews?

    • Hey Mark, reviews themselves don’t seem to play a major role in ranking (where the help is conversion, which pushes ranking). The verified review badge is something Amazon uses to let customers know they “know” the person bought the product from Amazon and therefore it can be trusted.

      I’ve used a few of those sites, generally with good success. Your best bet would be to reach out to the TAS facebook group and see which sites they currently like the best!

      • Hi Scott,
        Thanks for your reply! I wanted to follow up since I know I am missing something…did you just say that reviews are not important in the rankings on Amazon? I thought reviews were the most important! How does “conversion” factor into that?
        Thanks again,

        • The number of reviews themselves doesn’t seem to help you “rank for search terms” on Amazon. It’s SALES that help you rank on Amazon (does that make sense?). Reviews help more of people who land on your listing turn into buyers, which in turn helps you rank higher for the keywords that drove those visitors to your listing in the first place.

  • Scott I know I am a bit off topic here. First of all thank you for your wonderful advice. But I wanted to know is if you are also experiencing slow sales since about mid October. My product is one page 1 out of millions of results (6 million) on at least 4 main keywords and my sales are almost dead. Last month I was selling 30 units / day and now it’s around 10-15.

    • Hey stanislav, My sales have generally started to go up hill recently due to the growing traffic in Q4. Slumping sales can be a variety of things but are not something you need to fret TOO much about right away. First, take a look at your keyword placement, if that has stayed fairly consistant (in terms of your competitors) it’s most likely a seasonal slump. Take a look at google trends (google insights) and search for your product to find out if that’s the case!

    • My sales have taken a dive too, probably since October. I couldn’t figure out why, then I decided to check Google trends. Sure enough my product is going through a low cycle right now.

    • Hey Sungmin,

      You don’t need a comma either place (and should avoid using them in your search terms) outside of what you want to use for proper grammar. As far as I’m concerned, I’d rather save the character and use it for something else!

  • Hey Scott,
    Thanks for sharing the tip about the commas! Do you believe the same holds true with commas separating keywords in the title as well, not just the backend?


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