TAS 129 3 BIG Mistakes That Could Hurt PPC and Keyword Ranking (#1 is HUGE)

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  • Hey – awesome podcasts – I never miss one! I am having a few issues with backend kws not ranking – I have tried to put them into the bullet points and still not happening – some of them are on line 1 so should I try moving them onto a different line? Some of them wouldn’t be right in the title though as they aren’t seed kws. Any thoughts on what to do to get them ranking (they are relative to the product) Thanks so much and keep up the great work – Have a good day!

    • Hey Jules, AMZ looks like they are monkeing around with this at the moment, it wouldn’t hurt to put them in different places and see if they start indnexing.

  • Most of the small and big companies, think organic traffic can’t be increased without posting content on a daily basis. Some experienced and newbies SEOs also depend on content for posting, but it is not true. If you have little bit experienced about organic traffic and zeal to achieve your target, then without having content you can generate good amount of traffic for your business.

  • Hi scott
    Thanks so much for all that you do!
    I just listened to this podcast and Im tottaly confusted, becouse I have lunched my product sevrel weeks ago and I noticed that it was nowere to be found only when search my whole title so i called amazon and what that employee told me that its becouse I have put in to much kewwords to rank for and my title is also covering to much so it gets lost, he guided me thru the whole process told me to delete me exesting backend kewwords and he gave me the 7 best keywords for my product and told me not to add anything else also he told me i “SHOULD” put a comma after each kewword and then told me to shorten my title i made it much shorter and he looked at it and said that now its good and since than i started to rank for that kewwords that i wanted
    now im totally confuesed listing to this podcat!!!
    do you think that i should change back my keywords and title to pack in as much as possible?
    looking forward for your reply
    thanks in advence!

    • I would generally suggest packing in as much as makes sense. Obviously you still want it to be readable, but if you can string together a keyword rich title you’re almost always better off!

  • Hi first time listener and now full time listener. This stuff was absolute gold.

    I do have a question. I started a campaign for keywords I picked out from various sources about 400 in total. For manual phrase match. I let it run and 30 mins later it tells me it is out of budget but only spent 2.84. I have no clue why that would be. Have you had a similar problem?


      • Thanks Scott. You were right it was a lag. Was my first campaing. Now i know better. 🙂

        One last question if you dont mind. Have you had to deal with click fraud using amazon ppc? If so what tools or tips do you recommend to avoid it. Thanks a ton.

        • “Click fraud” isn’t something i’ve personally had to deal with a bunch and really doesn’t seem to be THAT common, the biggest thing to keep in mind there is to look at your clicks versus your impressions, if you’re blowing through your budget very quickly with a low ratio of clicks to impressions, there may be something going on. All you really can do is reach out to Amazon and ask them to take a look at it for you!

  • Hi Scott,
    Thanks for all the great advice but how do you feel about putting your brand name in the title, for example: Scott’s Brand Garlic Press…?

    • Hey Mai, there is nothing wrong with putting your brand name in the title, but chances are you can use that space for keywords that your potential customers would be searching for ! If that’s the case, always default on the side of getting more customers 🙂

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