TAS 125 (Success Leaves Clues) Scott’s Complete Story and Path of Becoming an Entrepreneur

Every entrepreneur has a story. It’s the path they followed to success that was either planned for accidental. But for those who know how to learn, how to work hard, and how to hustle, the path will work itself out in the way it should. Today Scott shares his entrepreneurial story with you because he wants you to see what’s possible if you are willing to keep moving and work to see yourself succeed. It’s a story of fits and starts, experiments and hard lessons learned, and the discovery that working for himself was the best thing he could do. You’ll be inspired by this blue-collar, hard-working story that has led to amazing success.

What do you do if you graduate high school with no plan for the future?

Scott grew up on a blue collar home. When he graduated college there was no college fund that had been saved up and no expectation that he’d pursue college. So when he graduated he had no idea what he was going to do with the rest of his life. Through a series of trial and error and many lessons learned from a series of jobs, he discovered that working for himself and for his own family’s needs was much smarter than working for someone else. That lead to a whole new world that you’ll hear about on this episode.

Digital product sales opened his eyes to a whole new world.

By building out and working their own photography business Scott and his wife were able to create templates and systems they could use over and over to make their workflow and process work smoothly. When Scott became aware of the fact that many people were selling their own creations online, he and his wife started talking about the possibilities. They concluded that they should give it a try and they created a photography course to put online. Scott created the course, set up the website, began promoting the launch, and they waited. Within hours thousands of dollars was coming in. It was the beginning of an online business career that continues today. Hear the details of Scott’s story and how he learned that if you want to see success, you’ve got to take action.

There will always be self-doubt and fear.

But Scott Voelker learned through his journey, from high school to present day, that those voices threaten but can’t really hurt you. You’ve got to set aside those doubts and fears and push forward to find the open doors of opportunity that you can take to a better life. It’s pushing through the obstacles and doing something, taking action, to move yourself forward to a better tomorrow. Scott’s story is inspiring simply because he’s an example of what can happen when you fight to make it happen. Listen to Scott tell his story on this episode. You’ll love it.

Success leaves clues.

All along the way Scott read, learned, taught himself the ropes in a new field of endeavor, all because he believed that if someone else could achieve success, so could he – and he believed that their success left behind clues of how they got there. It was finding those clues and understanding how to apply them to his situation that enabled Scott to flex, pivot, and keep trying when others might have quit. Today, he’s doing things he never imagined, teaching people, leading weekly webinars, and running a business that allows him to live the life of freedom he desires for himself and his family. Be sure to listen. You’ll be encouraged by Scott’s enthusiasm and drive.


  • [0:05] Welcome and introduction of this episode.
  • [3:00] The core motivation for Scott’s business efforts.
  • [5:53] Graduating high school with no vision or purpose for the future.
  • [8:32] Taking on an apprenticeship in a print shop and the disappointment of the slow path to get ahead.
  • [10:20] Working at a grocery store, Installing cable, trying other things.
  • [12:19] Getting married, taking on a construction job with his father, and the problem of being time-poor.
  • [15:22] The number one asset you can have: Hard work and hustle.
  • [16:20] Problems with the partnership in his father’s business.
  • [17:33] Scott’s discussion with his wife about what they could do.
  • [19:01] Starting a photography business with is wife and learning the ropes through self-teaching.
  • [26:00] Learning that he wasn’t content to work for others ever again.
  • [28:20] Challenges that caused Scott to realize that the business might not be the long term plan… and his entry to Ebay sales.
  • [30:57] The online sales revolution, creating their own products on DVD, and success that came from their own business materials.
  • [34:22] Scott’s first digital product and how he launched it.
  • [38:57] Finding out about Retail Arbitrage.
  • [40:00] The Amazon door opens and Scott discovers a new world of opportunity.


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  • Don’t know why, but this one is my favourite episode ever. One to play for the kids!! I think I like it because it goes through the ups and downs, tells you to never stop thinking outside the box, never give up, and look for the silver lining in dark clouds – life lessons we can all do with more of in the world today!

    Thank you for sharing this story.

  • Awesome Story Scott, It’s a very inspiring one. Congratulations on your way to success. I’ve had some similarities with your story and I can say I’m still having a hard time with some issues. Each case is different depending on the circumstances of life. But the one thing we have in common as entrepreneurs is to never give up and always take action. Hopefully soon I can share the beginning of my happy ending story. I’m working on it.

  • Great story Scott. You clearly have a supportive wife. It’s funny what little idea we have about our futures when we’re kids. You can’t plan a career path like this.

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