TAS 123 5 Ways to MAKE Your Product Stand Out and SELL on Amazon

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  • Thanks for another great podcast Scott. I have been researching on a lot of great products which are oversized or heavy and due to their high cost prices and shipping prices, I have been skipping them till now. I have some great ideas on how I can make these products work really well on amazon but right now the investment part is holding me back. Once I start earning atleast 20k per month on amazon, I will then be able to put these plans in action. Eagerly waiting for that time. Keep up the good work 🙂

  • I’ve just done a few weeks research and finally settled on a idea which is a product bundle. I’m not in a position to make the bundles up myself (I’m in Europe, products are coming from China, and want to sell in USA). Any suggestions please on who I could get to make bundles up for me?

    • Hey Nina, I would think most 3rd party fulfilment centers and even most FBA inspection companies would be able to repackage the bundle for you and send it off to Amazon. Your best bet might be to head over to the TAS facebook group and see what other international sellers are doing for their bundles. If all else fails, one of your manufacturers would more than likely to bundle for you before shipping the products!

  • I was thinking the same thing about selling oversized items! The whole purpose of selling PL products is finding the right niche. If more and more people are entering the market, you just got to reproduce the same process. Go and find a niche! If the new niches become oversized items, there will always be a way to still make good margins on them I believe! But good reminder Scott! And cool tips to differentiate the product. Peace from Belgium

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