TAS 119 How To Use The NEW Amazon PPC to Receive More Sales (Step by Step Plan)

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  • Hey Scott, thabks yet again for th great info! I have a question about some specific keywords. I really want to get an ad spot for a keyword but I cannot get an impression for it no matter what my budget. I have the keyword in my search terms but still no impressions. Any suggestions?

    • Hey Tim, there are a wide variety of reasons you wouldn’t show up. I would try putting the keyword into your product title (if you think it’s vitally important to show for) and try running ads that way. Additionally, if the keyword is important, you may want to look into running an exact match campaign if you haven’t already.

  • Chris was talking about “phrase search” in a campagin, how do you know which keywords this campaign is matching if you’re just doing “garlic press b”, where do you see that data of which keywords are good.

  • Another great podcast! Thanks so much.
    I have a suggestion — how about using a real life example (like my recent flop that I talked about on FB) and share the strategies with the group. I think I understand the PPC, but then since I’m not getting any sales, I wonder if it is my listing, or the wrong campaign. Thanks again.

  • Hi Scott, first, I wanna say Thank you so much for what you are doing for us. Your podcasts have been really helpful for me . I am a newbie here,so I am not sure about few basic stuff . Could you please explain me what is the difference between impressions and the clicks while running PPC. It would help a lot.
    Thanks again.

  • Fantastic podcast, thank you Scott and Chris!
    For the amount of the keyword bid, is it best to just match whatever they say is the “estimated page 1 bid” ?
    And what if the “estimated page 1 bid” for a particular keyword just has a dash in the column? Does that mean they don’t have a suggested figure, so it would be OK to bid 0.01?

    • Hey Richard, I generally will start at a flat amount (e.g. $2) and then adjust bids to slightly above the page 1 bid. Remember, you’ll only pay what it costs to take the spot and often won’t reach your bid.

      The dashes mean it’s not currently pulling a suggested bid, but that doesn’t mean no one is advertising on it. Setting that flat bid for the ad group makes sure you show for those keywords. Does that make sense?

  • Hi scott
    Thanks for your info. it helped me a lot.
    I tryed doing ppc it was successeful, but recently i keep on spending much more then i sell, what does this mean

    • Hey Mayer, it sounds like you need to trim your keywords down to what’s working and cut the stuff that isn’t! If you haven’t already, take a look at your search term report (reports > Advertising reports > Search Term Report), that should give you the insight you need.

  • A friend of mine shared the podcast 119 & It’s amazing!
    Scott Voelker regarding the setup of the campaigns (Broad, Phrase, Exact), Chris speaks a lot about having a campaign for each exact keyword.
    I was wondering if there’s a limit of how many keywords you would suggest to put into each broad campaign & phrase campaign?
    Also I assume everytime I find a golden nugget, I should put it into an exact campaign for itself so it has it’s own budget as Chris keeps mentioning?
    Again Thanks for your amazing podcasts Scott! I’ve been a bit off lately on the podcasts, but gotta get my head back into the game!
    Thanks, you’re awesome! like emoticon

    • Hey Martin (Chris here, on behalf of Scott!) We were using the word “campaign” losely in that episode. You could either put them each in their own campaign (which gets to be a hassle) or you can create a golden nuggets campaign (for each product) and then put them in an ad group within that campaign (alternatively, you could throw them all in a single ad group as well). Beyond that, if one of the golden nugget keywords seems to be eating up the campaign budget, you could break it out at that point.

      Does that make sense?

      • Hey Chris, okay so just to summarize it.
        Create a golden nugget campaign for each product & then have a different ad group for each keyword, so you’re able to sort it out if something is eating up the budget.

        Definitely makes sense!
        I was actually wondering if you’re having a page / website I could follow? Because I’m truly inspired by the whole advertising world & would love to follow you!

        – Martin

        • Hey Martin (Chris, again), that’s spot on!

          You’ll get to see all of my stuff right inside the TAS community 🙂

          Make sure you’re a member of the Facebook group and if you have questions you can always tag me there as well!

  • Scott – another poignant and timely podcast – you rock! This may require an in depth answer, but when analyzing my data from my campaigns (search term report,) I am debating whether or not to focus on ‘keywords’ or ‘customer search term,’ or make sure both are included in my drilled-down campaigns (i.e. new phrase out of broad winners.) Any suggestions? Thanks Again!

  • Hi Scott, thank you so much for another super excellent podcast with Chris. I suppose once, we have run an auto ppc for over a week and extracted keywords, we can completely stop auto ppc now while we focus on different PPCs i.e. broad, then phrase and exact as you two have advised? Or do we still keep auto ppc running? Thanks.

  • PPC, so if a keyword is doing well in Broad , we move it into Phrase , do we then pause that keyword in Broad ? then f it does well in Phrase and move it to Exact we then pause the Phrase , is that how it works

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