TAS 116 Behind The Scenes of Top 500 AMAZON Reviewer (with Kizzy Rucker)

This interview episode of The Amazing Seller is bringing you information that you’ve probably never heard before. That’s because Scott’s gone out of his way to track down and schedule this conversation with Kizzy Rucker, an Amazon Top 500 reviewer. Why would Scott do that? Because understanding the weight and significance  Amazon gives to reviewers, and especially those it deems prominent reviewers, could greatly impact the way you solicit reviews, get people to leave them, and even approach top reviewers to ask them to check out and review your product. This is an amazing conversation you’re going to love!

Why would a person try to become an Amazon Top reviewer?

Kizzy Rucker, who is a Top 500 Reviewer on Amazon, says that there are a wide variety of reasons people might work to become a top reviewer on Amazon. For some it’s as simple as getting free or reduced price products. For others it’s the prestige of getting the little badge on the side of their profile that shows them as a top reviewer. For others, there are black hat, unethical practices they engage in to use their top reviewer status for personal gain. But for Amazon sellers, the Top Reviewer badge is a sign that a review by that person could mean a lot for your product in terms of sales and in terms of credibility. Find out more form Kizzy as she shares the inside world of an Amazon Top reviewer on this episode.

Do Top Reviewers actually lend clout to your product if they decide to review it?

Think about it from a buyer’s perspective. If you are considering a product and notice a Top Reviewer has reviewed the product, you would likely pay close attention to what they had to say simply because Amazon sees them as an important source of feedback. Now imagine if that reviewer left a glowing review or a video review that sang the praises of the product. You’d be much more likely to consider that product above others because a somewhat reputable source said it was worth buying. On top of all that, Amazon likely bumps products higher in search results simply because they have reviews by those recognized top reviewers. Find out how to take advantage of the top reviewers for your products, on this episode of The Amazing Seller.

Did you know there is software that can help you contact the top reviewers in your niche?

It’s true. A product Scott has mentioned numerous times on The Amazing Seller podcast, Amisuite, has functionality that enables you to find those top reviewers, research the actual products and reviews they’ve left on other products within your niche, and give you the proper way to contact them. But you want to make sure that if you do contact those top reviewers to ask them to review your product that you do it in a personal, considerate way? What’s that look like? You’ll have to hear this episode of the podcast to hear what a top reviewer herself said about that issue. You’ll be surprised at the kind of things that happen behind the scenes of a top Amazon reviewer.

What is the best way to go about asking an Amazon Top Reviewer to review your product?

Kizzy Rucker is a top 500 reviewer for Amazon and has her own particular ways of dealing with and responding to review requests. She says that the top reviewers all get many, many emails a day asking for a review on products. Her recommendations are simple: Keep it short and get to the point. Be real (an obvious form letter will get you deleted right away). Show that you’ve done your homework and know something about the reviewers’ likes and past reviews. Make a connection on a personal level. Don’t pester the reviewer after the product has been sent. Trust them to do their job. Hear more of how Kizzy sees review requests from Amazon sellers on this episode.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction of this episode and why he thought it was important to do this interview.
  • [3:04] The benefits of sellers and reviewers being able to communicate in an open platform.
  • [3:48] How did Kizzy get started as an Amazon reviewer and how did she make it to the top 500 in Amazon’s eyes.
  • [7:41] When did Kizzy think she could become a top reviewer on Amazon?
  • [8:37] What is an Amazon top reviewer? What is the payoff for the reviewer?
  • [10:19] Why reviewers focus on staying within a certain rank as a reviewer.
  • [12:18] What does being a highly ranked reviewer accomplish for Kizzy?
  • [18:18] What’s a good email a seller should say to a reviewer?
  • [20:25] How does Kizzy get most of her contacts asking for reviews?
  • [21:25] Scott’s insights into how many reviewers are contacted.
  • [25:45] The types of things top reviewers like to review: something different.
  • [29:03] What you have to do to become a top reviewer.
  • [30:06] How Amazon reviewers are rated and ranked.
  • [37:00] Kizzy’s biggest desire when receiving an email from a seller.
  • [40:05] What Kizzy says about follow up emails.
  • [42:23] Things that make reviewers take a step back from a seller.
  • [46:39] Scott’s review of the conversation.


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  • Hi Scott,

    Any thoughts on how the strategy for contacting Top Reviewers has changed since the Amazon TOS change? Assuming that offering them free product doesn’t fly anymore.

    Are they still open to being contacted for reviews on products they would have to buy at market price?

  • Is there a direct way to contact the top 10,000 reviewers without using a paid piece of software?

  • I really love your show Scott, even though at the moment I am more concentrated on eBooks and publishing. What I found really interesting about this interview was that it was unique – not sure anyone has interviewed a reviewer before. I am now looking to interview an Amazon Reviewer who does mainly eBook reviews (which I know Kizzy doesn’t) – how did you go about tracking Kizzy down in the first place – did you trawl through the listings to find her, or use something like AMSuite, or did you just end up chatting to her accidentally?

  • I asked Amazon Central if it’s ok to contact Amazon top reviewers via email and ask them to evaluate and review a product that’s provided free of charge. They said yes, but you may only contact ONE reviewer for a review. Regarding review services, Amazon’s TOS state that “You may not intentionally manipulate your products rankings, including by offering an excessive number of free or discounted products, in exchange for a review.” Unfortunately, I would suspect getting a third party to send out massive review requests from many people to BOAST your product ranking violates TOS.

    • Hey Randy, the tricky part of their TOS is the phrase “Manipulate your product rankings” I don’t see using a blast service as a problem to get your initial set of reviews as long as you’re doing it for the REVIEWS and not attempting to manipulate your BSR.

      Keep in mind that giving away products for free in exchange for an HONEST review is ok, but paying a reivewer to do the review in any other way is not!

      • Thanks Scott. Btw – I forgot to mention that I really appreciate your podcasts and info, it’s an extraordinary resource and service you provide! This topic is particularly interesting to me as I’m days away from launching my first product. I was under the impression from more than one source, that the whole point of using a blast service was to indeed raise (manipulate) your BSR. My business coach has advised against it for the risk of getting my account suspended.

        • Quite the opposite (at least in my book) the promo/blast would be to get reviews! Some sellers may use it for a bsr boost, but that (in my opinion ) would be against TOS. Hope all is well!

  • Scott, I really appreciate you going at the topic of reviews from the reviewer side and hearing their thoughts. Thank you.

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