TAS 105 How To Protect Your Products From Hijackers and Losing Sales

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  • I still have one question running in my mind – When I created my private label brand, how should I protect from other sellers listing our item ? Should I register trademark or copyright the images in listings ?How should I tackle this with Amazon to get it resolved if I get into any problem of seller selling under my brand name please help

    • Hey Midhun, there is no way to 100% protect yourself, but if you’re not selling your product to anyone wholesale, you can be pretty sure that any one else that tries to jump on the listing is doing so against TOS. Amazon has a pretty through process for all of the different situations you may find yourself in and if you have followed the steps laid out here, you’ll be able to get them removed without much hassle.

  • Hey Scott,

    Thaks for all the great info.

    Quick question: I have completed brand registration in amazon US. Now I am selling the same item(same ASIN) in the UK(amazon.co.uk) and Germany(amazon.de). Should I register the brand in the Brand Registry again for each country – UK and Germany.

    Thank you in advance!

  • Hi Scott,

    I just wanted to say thanks for this episode and the sample cease and desist letter. It really helped me deal with a hijacker quickly. I was wondering if there are any tools that can monitor your listing and notify you of changes. I usually check my listing during the day myself, but just wanted to know if there are additional ways to monitor them as well.


  • Hi Scott, can you clarify if it is actually allowed in Amazon TOS to contact sellers with a cease and desist through the messaging system? If so exactly how we should do that? Thanks!

  • Hi Scott, I recently made huge mistake and lost over 1,000 units by accidentally displaying one time use discount on my display page. Over night 1300+ units disappeared to mostly Chinese named customers. I expect major hijacking. Is there anything I can do to prepare for the backlash coming my way? On top of thousands of dollars of shipping charges and over $10,000 lost inventory. I’m sick over this

    • Hey Jason, unfortunately since the inventory is already gone there isn’t much you can do. On the bright side, their sales (combined with your new ones) should boost the BSR of your listing so once they stock out of inventory, you’ll be in a much better position than you would otherwise be!

  • Hi Scott- My 2 cents coming from the branding/marketing world, a label on a product is NOT a brand, although it seems that everyone on Amazon is buying the same chinese products (copper mugs anyone?) and just slapping a label on the generic white box. I have ordered several items to see in person and found that there was no difference between all these “Brands”. There needs to be etching or a logo on the product itself, not just on the box. If you are really the manufacturer of a product then you would have made a new mold and put your name/logo in the mold, as well as change the product. Anything else is just buying stock chinese product and slapping a label on it, not branding, and surely doesn’t deserve to have their listing safe from “hijackers”.

  • Just a note regarding the need for a website for Amazon’s Brand Registry, I was able to get listed in the registry with just a Facebook page for the brand. I also had my domain name purchased and I did have an email address through that domain (but no website still). That was enough. Facebook pages are much faster to get up and running than even a simple WordPress page if you really want to get registered quickly without a lot of hassle.

  • Hey Scott,

    When sellers change your actual listing images or descriptions or titles, this is actually done by 3rd party software that helps sellers lists. Channel Advisor is the main program people use to help multi-channel listing. I use to use this program in my old company before I left the company and have tested it one time to change the listing. It is ridiculously easy to change someones listing using this program. By simply typing in the ASIN and the new title and adding a new picture into channel advisor you can change the listing all together. Not to say people who use Channel Advisor is using this tool to do this maliciously since I do like Channel Advisor it helps build your ecommerce company and streamline it, but this is what happens and this use to happen maybe 5 – 6 years ago more prevalently due to the cut-throat electronics market. Normally when someone tries to change anothers posts, it says you can’t change certain things like the main image because you’re not the original creator of the listing. That person can change the title, but only shows up if that person win the buy box. I’ve tested this many times because some of my wholesale vendors have other sellers who do a bad job of naming the item and putting bad bullet points and I wanted to help get the listing rank better.

    Anyways just wanted to let you know what happened to your post. Love your podcast, keep up the good work.

  • Scott, is there any way to get Amazon to remove the box that says “Have one to sell?” that is directly on the listing? I do have a registered brand, but Amazon makes it so easy for others to take advantage.

    • Hey MJ, that box will always be there since any one can list (the same) products on the site. Private labeling just helps you hedge your bet against would be hijackers, since they must be listing the same exact product (and they can’t be if you’re the only one who is selling it under your brand!)

    • Hey MJ, since Amazon owns the listing (even when you have a private label product), the box will always be there, since anyone who has the ability to resell your actual product has the ability to list and sell on your listing.

    • Hey Mike, you would treat them just like any other hijacker. Now if they only have one, let them sell out (or buy it from them to get them off) and be done with them. Sadly, the listing belongs to Amazon and not you, so as long as they are selling your actual product, there isn’t a ton you can do.

    • Hey Mike, any one with a unit of your product has the ability to list on your listing. If you want to be safe, you could always just buy the single unit they sell which would remove them from the listing and get you squared away.

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