TAS 104 The Exact Steps To Generating $30k in 3 Weeks (interview with Scott Thomas)

Every person who takes on the challenge of building their own business through Amazon’s Private Label options dreams of hitting it big with real product success from the start. Today’s episode highlights a guy who did just that. Scott Thomas and his partner stepped out of the ecommerce realm to try their hand at Amazon simply because the Amazon Sales platform is such a powerful machine for drawing in customers and closing sales. Even with their experience in Ecommerce they were shocked at how quickly their products took off. Hear the whole story on this episode.

The importance of quality checking your first order, yourself.

Scott and his partner put in their first order from a supplier in China and received it within a few months rather than having it sent directly to Amazon. They are very glad they did because there were a number of things wrong with the order. If it had reached Amazon as it was shipped things would have gone very wrong. Scott recommends that every Amazon Seller check their first couple of orders themselves to make sure everything is dialed in and the supplier knows exactly what to do every time. Hear more of Scott’s advice on the Amazing Seller.

A novel way of getting the first 20 sales of his product and the impact it had.

Scott Thomas and his partner have gone through Scott Voelker’s material and knew they could get sales and reviews by offering discounts on their product. But they had a hunch that if they had full price sales within the first few days of their product being listed, they’d bounce higher in the rankings almost immediately. So they explained what they were doing to 20 close friends and asked them to purchase their product at full price to help them get things rolling. Those 20 sales came in within a few days and things happened exactly as they suspected. Find out more about how Scott combined that tactic with Amazon PPC in this episode.

How should you go about determining modifications to make to your Private Label products to make them unique and more appealing to buyers?

Scott Thomas discovered that one of the best ways to find out what consumers want is to spend time reading posts in the forums where your ideal customers hang out. They often talk about specific products and their gripes and gratitude surrounding those products. From there a ton of ideas come up that enable Scott to make the modifications that people buying their products actually want. That’s just one of Scott’s tactics and you can hear the rest by listening to this episode.

Get on board Scott Voelker’s free live workshop to learn how to do Amazon Sales.

If you’ve never attended one of Scott’s free live workshops to learn the basics of how he sells products on Amazon, you’re missing out. Scott walks through is product selection and launch process step by step so you know exactly what to do. And as a bonus, he answers questions at the end of every workshop session. If you want to connect with Scott and other Amazon Sellers as a part of the next workshop, you can! Go to www.TheAmazingSeller.com/workshop to sign up.


  • [0:05] Welcome and introduction to this episode with Scott Thomas, an Amazon Seller who has hit it big!
  • [1:10] A shout-out to Ebony McClary, a member of the TAS Facebook group.
  • [3:21] Scott’s background: where he came from and how he got started in Amazon FBA.
  • [9:00] The importance of branching out, even beyond Amazon.
  • [10:25] How Scott chooses products and why it was important that they checked the quality of them, themselves.
  • [14:43] Why Scott launched a “side product” instead of his main product first.
  • [16:15] What Scott did to get his first sales – including asking friends to help by purchasing the product at full price.
  • [17:30] Turning on PPC from the beginning: Why and how it worked.
  • [18:40] Scott’s theory on why his products sold so well, including the organic sales factor VS PPC.
  • [20:22] Inventory issues: Running out of stock and being forced to buy more product without much data.
  • [21:30] The Power of Amazon: Just over $25K in sales within 2 weeks, compared to Thomas’ previous ecommerce business.
  • [24:00] Still selling after raising the price.
  • [26:29] A new product, customized and in the pipeline.
  • [28:00] What is Scott’s criteria when researching a product in Jungle Scout.
  • [29:50] How Scott determines the variations and improvements to make to his products.
  • [31:28] The strategy behind building a Shopify store and using social media.
  • [34:51] Specifics regarding Instagram and how Scott approached it.
  • [38:46] Thanks to Scott Thomas for being willing to come on the show and Scott’s parting advice.
  • [42:41] Your invite to a live workshops – www.TheAmazingSeller.com/workshop


Scott’s free workshop  – https://www.TheAmazingSeller.com/workshop

www.TheAmazingSeller.com/FB – the TAS Facebook Community

Get your Amazing Seller Tshirt – www.TheAmazingSeller.com/shirt (all proceeds go to charity)

www.TheAmazingSeller.com/56 – Greg Mercer’s view on prodcut research.

Jungle Scout – product sourcing software


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  • Hey Scott for a third party out in China to check the product before being shipped for the fulfillment is there some resource for contacting them? Someone reliable out there?

  • Awesome information, thank you for putting this out there. If you don’t do any variation from an existing product, do you latch on to that existing listing, or would you still make your own listing? The former seems more like wholesale.

    • Hey Shad, if you’re buying someone elses product, you would sell on their listing, if you’re buying (and PLing) your own product, it would go on its own listing.

  • Hi Scott,
    I have a specific question about something that your guest said on this podcast. Why did the guys tell people to use the specific keyword? Does this have a different effect than just having people click directly on your listing? Is this verifiable and quantifiable?


    • Hey Mark, if you’re referring to this versus a super URL, they can be used to acomplish the same goal (keyword ranking). It doesn’t seem that SuperURLs are as effective as they used to be (all anecdotal evidence) and having people search for the product and buy it (versus coming directly) is a much more natural way for people to find the product (and for you to get credit for a sale on that keyword. Does that make sense?

  • Hey Scott,

    Another great podcast! I found your podcast a couple of weeks ago and have been listening to lots of the episodes! They are all great!

    Just one thing, this episode is cut off in Youtube. (I usually listen to it on Youtube). You might want to check it on Youtube.

    But thank you again for creating these awesome episodes!


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