TAS 097 Ask Scott Session #25 – FBA Amazon Questions

It’s always nice to have a trusted and experienced person to ask about questions that you have, in any area of life. That’s what Scott hopes these Friday “Ask Scott” episodes can be for you. He’s got 3 (actually 6) questions lined up today dealing with everything from customs fees to hijacked product listings. It’s a great show with some very practical, relevant content that should help you avoid some pitfalls and ramp up your business.

What is this I hear about a $2,500 limit on product costs to avoid customs fees?

There is a little bit of truth to the question, but it’s not that you avoid customs fees altogether. What happens is this: When you order products from China or other territories outside the United States, and the total product cost is over $2,500, your products are bumped into a different category where your order is processed by customs manually. That incurs additional customs fees that you will have to pay. Scott’s not sure if $2,500 is the exact limit, but received that information from a DHL representative. Listen to this episode to learn how Scott avoids that fee now.

Scott, help! My product listing has been hijacked!

It’s a very maddening thing when you go through the work to get your private label products purchased and sent in to Amazon and then someone else takes advantage of all your work by listing their product on your listing and works hard to get the “buy box.” What should you do? That’s the exact situation one caller is in and he asked Scott how to handle the situation. Scott’s response includes a “cease and desist” letter that one of the TAS community members uses to address those issues in her business. You can listen to hear how she uses the letter and what kind of response she gets.

When sourcing products through Alibaba, do you focus only on factories or manufacturers, or do you use any company?

The Alibaba listings can be confusing, especially when many companies have similar names. In today’s episode a listener asks Scott what to do when there’s an “XYZ wholesale company” and an “XYZ manufacturing company,” and an “XYZ Medical company” and they all offer the same or similar products.  Should he go with the one that seems like the actual manufacturer or does it make a difference? Scott’s answer is focused more on the terms of the deal than the type of company it is, and he goes into his thinking in detail, so listen in!

If you’d like to get your Amazon FBA or Private Label question answered…

All you have to do is ask! Go to www.TheAmazingSeller.com/ask and leave your own voice mail, asking your question. Scott would love to include your question on an upcoming episode and answer it at the same time! Don’t be shy… get over there right now and ask your question!


  • [0:05] Welcome to this episode of “Ask Scott.”
  • [0:30] How you can submit your question to Scott.
  • [1:10] Scott’s excitement about Periscope and how he’s using it to connect with listeners.
  • [3:05] Sign up for one of Scott’s live workshops (free). Register at www.TheAmazingSeller.com/workshop
  • [3:57] QUESTION 1: Isn’t there something about a $2,500 limit on customs to make sure you don’t have to pay too much for customs fees?
  • [10:32] QUESTION 2: What should I do when my product listing was hijacked by somebody else? I’ve connected with Seller Central but am finding it difficult.
  • [17:21] QUESTION 3: Do you only work with factories through Alibaba? Does your payment to DHL cover customs fees? Have you used E-Packet and how does it impact the duties and customs fees?
  • You can ask your question by going to www.TheAmazingSeller.com/ask
  • Your invite to Scott’s free seminar. www.TheAmazingSeller.com/workshop


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