TAS 089 How To Use Facebook Ads In Your Amazon Business with Rick Mulready

You’ve heard Scott talk about a variety of strategies surrounding the use of Facebook groups and fan pages. But in this episode it’s going to move to whole new Facebook level. Scott’s got Rick Mulready on the show. Rick is known as “THE Facebook Ad guy” and after listening to this conversation, you’ll understand why. Rick’s taken the time to truly understand the tools Facebook has created in its advertising platform and he’s unloading a ton of information in this episode about how you can make the most of Facebook ads to build an email list, drive up your product reviews, and ultimately sell more products.

rick mulready - the Facebook AD guy
Rick Mulready – the Facebook AD guy

Did you know you can use Facebook ads to drive traffic to discounted products – and get more true purchase reviews on Amazon?

With Facebook Ads you can drill WAY down into the demographics to choose exactly the right people to present your promotions to, and since people are usually on Facebook to share with family and friends, you want to make sure your “ads” are not sales-y. One of the best ways to do that is to present people with a fun opportunity or deal – a 99 cent product, etc. in exchange for an honest review on Amazon. Can you image targeting your product to the exact people who have already expressed interest in it or similar products, then asking if they want an almost-free copy of your product? Your email list opt-in will likely go through the rough. Hear how “The Facebook Ad Guy,” Rick Mulready suggests you go about doing exactly that, on this episode of The Amazing Seller.

What is granular targeting, and how does Facebook make it easy?

Granular targeting is a term used lately to refer to the ability to dig deeply into the statistics about your target market so that you can get your ads in front of people who are more likely to like what you’re promoting, with pin-point accuracy. Facebook has almost written the book on granular targeting by utilizing the voluntary stats of its users to let you create ads that dig into the interests, buying patterns, discussion patterns, and self-disclosed interests available in their profiles and usage habits. Facebook ads allows you to use all that data to specify who you want to see your ads and who you don’t. Rick Mulready unpacks how to do it on this episode of the podcast, so make sure you listen to get those great tips.

Why you should keep track of your numbers to make Facebook ads work best.

Here’s the scenario: You create a Facebook ad to highlight a free giveaway of your product. Within a few days you have 15 more people than normal who have taken you up on your offer. That’s an increase, and you’re really happy! The Facebook Ad must be working. But what might happen if you tweak your audience or change your settings just a bit? Would it turn that 15 conversions into 20, or 30, or 50? You won’t know unless you watch the stats (numbers) on how your Facebook ads are doing. In this episode Rick Mulready covers that topic and what seems like hundreds more, unpacking his head full of knowledge about Facebook and Facebook ads.

Retargeting, Facebook pixels, and how to catch the ones that got away.

It’s amazing, but true. You can use some of the tools Facebook has created to virtually stalk those who have come to your website through a Facebook ad, but never took the action step you wanted them to take. You’re able to follow them to another website and re-present your offer to them in a gentle reminder that they were interested and might be missing out if they don’t take action. People who use retargeting see their sales conversions go up by leaps and bounds. Rick Mulready covers Facebook pixels and how you can use them to retarget your ideal customers on this episode of The Amazing Seller.


  • [0:05] Introduction of the topic of Facebook Ads and the introduction of Rick Mulready, the Facebook Ads guy.
  • [1:46] Rick’s background and how he got into Facebook advertising.
  • [5:30] What Rick sees his business focus being about – teaching people how to leverage Facebook to advance their business.
  • [6:50] The first steps to building a list from Facebook – setting a clear goal and taking advantage of Facebook’s granular targeting.
  • [10:34] Scott’s typical Facebook strategy deconstructed by Rick, and Rick’s additional advice.
  • [13:14] The importance of keeping track of numbers to maximize your Facebook conversions.
  • [16:36] The difficulties of dealing with email in Facebook and how to do it right.
  • [18:23] Using Facebook ads to drive traffic to a discounted product to increase reviews quickly.
  • [20:11] The services out there that you can pay to get good reviews of your products, and why Facebook ads do a better job for less cost.
  • [22:30] The power of having a targeted audience when creating Facebook ads.
  • [25:17] How you can do “interest targeting” using Facebook ads – an amazing benefit of using Facebook to drive traffic.
  • [28:22] How “interest targeting” benefits – in real terms.
  • [30:02] Using Facebook pixels – what they are and how you can use them to drive traffic to your products.
  • [34:43] Understanding retargeting and how you can do it through Facebook.
  • [37:10] The best practices for using images and videos on Facebook ads.
  • [40:28] How video is working on Facebook for starting a relationship.
  • [42:15] What are the best lengths for Facebook videos?
  • [43:16] Using Facebook’s video metrics to improve your videos for better conversions.
  • [44:09] Tips for writing better headlines for Facebook ads.
  • [46:40] How to get in touch with Rick.
  • [49:15] Scott’s recap of the conversation.


Art of Paid Traffic Podcast – Rick’s podcast show

Rick’s upcoming live training – August 25, 2015 – www.RickMulready.com/Scott  

Scott’s free workshop  – https://www.TheAmazingSeller.com/workshop


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  • Minus the review groups, are the practices here for list building via Facebook ads still acceptable under Amazon’s Terms of Service?

    • Hey Yuliya, building an email list is fine under Amazon TOS. As long as you aren’t requiring that people leave a review, if you offer them a discount on your product.

  • Great podcast once again.

    Running a promo via Facebook ads has come up a bunch on this podcast, but I’ve never heard the last link: After they click the ad and enter their email address, they get sent to a landing page. How does that landing page give out unique codes?

    I’ve struggled with this and haven’t found a good answer.

    • Hey Paul,

      the easiest way with unique codes would be to email them their unique code and use the landing page (after the form fill) to give them the instructions on how to order. Alternatively, you could use the “master” code on the landing page. That being said, you’d want to be careful with the second strategy since you would have less control over how many people redeem the promo code.

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