TAS 087 6 Tips To Build Your Own Launch List For Sales and Reviews

An email list is an asset that is yours forever.

It’s a tool you can use to make your products known to people who are perfectly matched for them, and no company or person can keep you from using that list to increase your sales, reviews, and success. If you aren’t building an email list right now, you’ve got to start. You can use the tips Scott shares in this episode to get a jump on the process, using mostly free tools. And in the end, even if you do need to invest a small amount of money in building your list, you’ll recoup that cash quickly once those you target through your email campaigns begin responding to your products. Find out how to do it on this episode.

Amazon won’t give you the email address of people who buy your products. But that doesn’t mean you can’t build an email list of your own.

How can you do it? It’s really not that difficult to figure out, and once you do it, you’ve got a “launch list” to market to for every new product in your niche that you develop and place on Amazon. Imagine the impact of being able to target your new products directly to people who have already expressed interest in your products. You’ll have a jumpstart on Amazon reviews, sales, and ultimately, success. In this episode of The Amazing Seller Scott is going to give you his top 6 tips for building your own email list.

How you can use a Facebook fan page to capture emails and build a community.

Anyone can create a Facebook fan page… it’s really pretty simple. But how do you get people into the group? Even more importantly, how do you get people into the group who are truly interested in what you have to sell? That’s where Facebook ads come in. For a very small amount you can specifically target people who have already indicated that they are interested in the types of things you sell. You can set daily limits on what you spend, tweak your ad campaign at any time, and cancel when you feel it’s done all you need it to do. This is one of Scott’s favorite ways to build a fan page, which you can then use to build your email list. Find out the details on this episode.

Tomoson is another way you can build an email list of people who want what you have to sell.

Tomoson is a website dedicated to connecting review bloggers and the people who have products needing reviews. That sounds like you, doesn’t it? Using their platform you can locate bloggers who are interested in reviewing the kinds of products you sell, make contact with them offering to send them your product in exchange for a review, and increase your exposure through their review and through the things they say about your product on their blog. It’s a great way to increase interest in your products with the potential of building your email list with the addresses of those who respond. Find out how Scott uses Tomoson on this episode of The Amazing Seller.

You can also use Amasuite to find and filter reviewers who are interested in the type of products you sell.

Amasuite is Chris Guthrie’s amazing tool that helps you research and filter through the Amazon listings to find the exact products that might be big sellers. But there’s tons more to Amasuite than just product research. You can use the filter functionality in the program to find people likely to review a product like yours so you can reach out to them for a review. It’s another amazing way you can get your products into the hands of interested reviewers, which in turn can increase your product’s profile in Amazon. Find out how Scott uses Amasuite to gain more subscribers to his email list, and how you can get $100 off the software – in this episode.


  • [0:05] Introduction to building your “launch list.”
  • [1:58] Your invitation to one of Scott’s live workshops.
  • [2:41] A shout out to “Geekerson” – one of the TAS iTunes listeners.
  • [4:39] An asset that is YOURS, forever – your own “launch list.”
  • [5:26] Create a Facebook fan page and post to it daily.
  • [9:45] Run ads to funnel people to your Facebook fan page.
  • [11:40] Build your own email list using Facebook ads & an autoresponder, or using Tomoson.
  • [15:26] Contact the top Amazon reviewers asking for reviews on your product.
  • [16:51] Scott’s invite to talks to a “Top Amazon Reviewer” – any takers?
  • [18:32] Use Amasuite to find and filter the reviewers that apply to your product (get $100 off using Scott’s code – www.TheAmazingSeller.com/ams – affiliate link)
  • [21:16] Build an email list using the reviewers of your competitor’s products, or people interested in your niche (again, using Amasuite)..
  • [26:19] Why building an email list is vital to your future sales and success.
  • [27:28] Recap of the 6 tips to build your own email list.



Scott’s free workshop  – https://www.TheAmazingSeller.com/workshop

www.Tomoson.com – an additional way to promote your products.

Amazon’s Top Reviewers


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