TAS 077 The Secrets to using Feedback and Reviews that Drive More Sales – with Chris Guthrie

Chris Guthrie is a superstar when it comes to Amazon sales. He’s made tons of cash through the Amazon Affiliate program but has also moved into the realm of his own Private Label products being sold on Amazon and is making a killing. He’s especially adept at building product niches on the back of product feedback and reviews, taking advantage of Amazon’s built in algorithms to move products up in the Amazon search rankings. Listen in to the extra-powerful conversation on The Amazing Seller podcast.

Chris Guthrie
Chris Guthrie

Why are reviews of your product so important?

Reviews are proof to a potential buyer that your product has not only been purchased, but has been enjoyed. Internet sales nowadays is highly dependent on customer reviews – they are the social proof that your product is what it says it is, and that you are a reputable seller to purchase from. If you don’t have a significant number of product reviews on Amazon, your products are going to languish at the bottom of the search results, not even being on the table as an option for the people who are searching for what you sell. How do you get more reviews for your products? In this episode Scott talks with his guest Chris Guthrie about several strategies you can use to solicit feedback from your customers to boost your product listings in Amazon search.

What about feedback? Should you ask for it? What if it’s negative?

There are plenty of Amazon FBA sellers who are afraid to ask for feedback because they believe that if they receive negative feedback about their products, they will take a hit in Amazon’s search algorithms. While that’s possible, a better strategy, which Scott addresses in this episode with Chris Guthrie, is to bury the negatives with tons of positives. Asking for feedback is yet another way you can boost your products in Amazon search. Scott and Chris also reveal some simple ways you can get rid of the results of some of your negative feedback, all in this episode of The Amazing Seller.

Plant your flag in a product niche and build your business from there.

That’s some of Chris Guthrie’s advice for new Amazon sellers. He believes that once you do your initial product research and find a product that you can take action with, you should do your best to get a quick “win” with that product and then branch out into other related products from there. You have to be interested in more than just making money, you have to build your business around a certain niche of products so that purchasers of your first product will be open to buying your next product as well because they’re comfortable buying from you because of their good experience with your first product. Find out more about how Chris suggests you go about doing just that, on this episode of The Amazing Seller.

Did you know you can automate a request for feedback from your Amazon customers?

That’s what Scott does, as does his guest, Chris Guthrie. In fact, Chris has created a software solution to do exactly that. Scott’s been using it and loves the simplicity and ease of use – and has seen his reviews rise to over 600, with 4 to 6 new reviews coming in on his products every day. Even if you can’t afford a product like Chris’ you can still solicit feedbacks and reviews from your customers through Amazon’s contact options. Don’t neglect this important step in boosting your products in Amazon’s search algorithms.


  • Welcome to this Q&A episode!
  • Scott’s introduction to Chris Guthrie – an Amazon pro
  • How Chris got started – and a quick word of advice for those doing Amazon sales on the side.
  • Why Amazon feedback and Amazon reviews are so important for private label products.
  • How Chris started going after low competition products and found his preferred niche.
  • Why Chris believes Amazon to be a great opportunity for people.
  • An overview of Chris’ software Amasuite – and how he first created it in February 2012.
  • Using reviews to beat the competition and position your products higher.
  • Be careful using friends and family reviews on your products.
  • How to “plant your flag” in a certain area and expand from there with additional products in the same or complementary area.
  • Chris’ thoughts on Tomoson and what he’s heard about its usefulness for generating reviews.
  • Why Chris is more interested in how products are actually selling rather than the review count of the product.
  • Getting your first “win” is very, very important for a number of reasons.
  • How Chris views Amazon’s top 10,000 reviewers. What is their usefulness and is it worth chasing them down for reviews of your products.
  • The most important question to ask about your business decisions as it relates to your Amazon sales.
  • How to drive more traffic to your products through websites, groups, etc.
  • The value of feedback in Amazon’s system and why you should do your best to solicit those for your FBA products.
  • Scott’s method of soliciting feedback that has produced over 500 reviews on his products.
  • How Chris Guthrie follows up on product sales to solicit feedback and reviews for his products.
  • How Scott deals with negative feedback and the impact it has had.
  • Why you should present yourself to your customers as a PERSON, not a company.
  • How Scott used Feedback Genius and Chris Guthrie’s new product Salesbacker to do the actually follow up with customers through automated methods.
  • What makes Salesbacker THE go-to product for automated FBA Sales follow up.
  • Why it’s important to solicit feedback and reviews even if you have to do it without paying for an automated service.
  • Chris’ 6o-day trial offer to The Amazing Seller listeners… with no credit card needed.
  • Final advice from Chris for wanna-be Amazon sellers.
  • Chris’ new podcast – https://www.SalesBacker.com/podcast

Video Demo and Walkthrough of Salesbacker


Amasuite 4  – Chris Guthrie’s software

The podcast episode that describes Scott’s email sequence – https://TheAmazingSeller.com/10

Salesbacker – (My Tool Of Choice Now) – This was built for the Private Label Seller in mind. It focuses on both Feedback and Reviews for more control of your follow-up emails.

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Contact Chris at Chris@salesbacker.com

How to get Chris’ 60-day trial offer – https://www.TheAmazingSeller.com/reviews

Chris' new podcast – https://www.salesbacker.com/podcast


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