TAS 076 Ask Scott Session #18 – FBA Amazon Questions

This is another one of Scott’s great Q&A episodes where he answers listener questions about specific issues when offering products on Amazon FBA or as a Private Label product. The reason Scott does these Q&A episodes is simple: There are lots of questions that come up AS you are doing the work of establishing your business. You need the ability to ask somebody who has been down the road to answer those specific questions, and Scott wants to be that person. In answering your questions it’s not only going to benefit you, it will help other listeners as well. So listen in and apply the answers you hear to your own business, and get started building your own Amazon FBA business.

Can I use existing traffic going to a website where I feature Amazon Affiliate products to feature my own products?

Scott was so excited to hear this question because it shows how smart the listeners to the Amazing Seller podcast are, and that this listener in particular was thinking outside the box to take advantage of an already existing traffic flow. This guy has established himself as an Amazon Affiliate, which pays 7% to him from each sale of an Amazon product he refers through his website. He’s got a substantial amount of traffic already and thought it would be a great idea to somehow feature his own product on that site to get even more profit for himself. Scott thought it was a great idea! You should listen in to hear how Scott advises him to go about it.

Patented products can be a tricky issue. How should you handle the possibility of selling a similar product?

This listener has found a wonderful opportunity in a certain product, but recognized that the product most like it in the Amazon marketplace is patented. Should that raise red flags? Should she take special steps to make sure her product does not infringe on the patent of the existing product that’s for sale? You might be surprised to hear Scott’s answer, so be sure you listen in to hear his answer to this perplexing question.

UPC codes to differentiate your product from others that aren’t selling so well

A listener has found a product that he believes will sell pretty well, but the other product that’s already listed on Amazon has very few reviews, a poorly formatted listing, and isn’t selling very well as a result. He’s wondering if he could get his own UPC for the product, create his own listing, begin soliciting reviews, and soon beat the existing product. Scott’s main concern on this one is not about the UPC code, but about the sales. Can you figure out why that’s his concern? Listen in to find out what this listener should be thinking about first.

Multiple products build a business, not just an income.

This listener knows that and asked Scott what to do when he wants to use a small amount of capital to launch many products within the same niche at the same time. He wants to get the sales flowing while the opportunity is hot and establish his brand with a number of items. Scott gives some solid advice on that approach to help the listener navigate the process of launching multiple products so he doesn’t make mistakes and waste his time and money. Listen in to find out how Scott advises him, on this episode of The Amazing Seller.


  • Welcome to this Q&A episode!
  • One situation where Scott had the opportunity to meet with a TAS listener to discuss Amazon sales and the T-shirt design for the upcoming TAS T-shirt!
  • If you have a question for one of these Q&A episodes, submit yours!
  • Today’s questions:
    • How can I use my Amazon Affiliate traffic to offer my own product?
    • How do I deal with products that seem like great options but have a patent on them?
    • How can I create my own UPC code so I can differentiate my product from others?
    • What is the best way to launch multiple products at the same time? Is it too risky?


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