TAS 072 5 Tips For Using Google Trends To Predict The Future For Maximum Sales

What is Google Trends? Do you know how to use it to maximize your product sales?

We’ve all heard of Google. It’s the monster search engine of all search engines. But did you know that among the suite of free products Google offers, there’s also a thing called Google Trends? It’s a FREE (Did you hear that? Free!) tool that is based on the Google Search results and algorithms that shows how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total search-volume across various regions of the world, and in various languages. What that means is that you can see how and when particular search terms are being used, when they are used more, and when they are used less. If bells are not going off in your head about how useful this can be to your Amazon FBA business, just give this episode a listen to find out how this free data can impact the way you research products and get ready for peak buying seasons.

Scott’s experience with Google trends – and why he decided to share this with you

As you know from listening to The Amazing Seller, Scott is FOR your Amazon business succeeding. He knows you can do it and wants to see you make your dreams come true. Recently in a conversation with another Amazon seller Scott was asked what he was learning through his Google Trends data – and Scott had to admit he’d not been using Google Trends very often. That was enough to prompt him to go back and check out Google Trends again and he came away convinced that it is an amazing tool for analyzing product trends. As he became more convinced, he decided that he had to share his top 5 uses of Google Trends with you! Listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller to find out the best ways to use this amazing tool!

Are you ready for your peak sales season? Do you even know when it is?

Google trends can tell you. Honest. All you have to do is go into the GT interface and put in your search terms and Google Trends will show you how often that search phrase has been used, and even the times of year it is used most. That is a huge insight into the possible sales cycle of your product that enables you to prepare by stocking up on inventory, getting your products ordered and ready for that peak season. Of course there’s no guarantee that you’re going to sell more products just because there is a past trend of search activity surrounding your keywords, but it’s more information about past sales than you had before. Learn more about using Google Trends as you listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller.

Are you considering a new product? Do you know how to tell if it’s sold big in the past?

You need to do some product research. You need to validate that the product you think is going to be a good seller is actually a good seller. That’s where the free results you can get from Google Trends comes in. You can research the past demand and search activity surrounding potential products or product lines that you are considering for your Amazon business. It could be just the product validation you’ve been looking for to make you feel comfortable investing in a new product. Don’t miss out on Scott’s tips for how to use Google Trends to do effective product validation, in this episode!

Are you dreading the “slow time” in your product sales cycle? What if you could find products to fill in those down times with more sales?

Google Trends can help you do exactly that! How do you do it? Start by researching your existing products in Google Trends. You’ll likely find that the search frequency of your related keywords is low at the same times of the year you currently experience lower sales. Now you know exactly when you should expect the downtime in your current product line sales. Next you go back to Google Trends to find new potential products that sell well during your current slow time. By doing this you could find a way to balance your sales cycle to keep your sales consistent throughout the year. Find out exactly how Scott recommends going about it in this episode of The Amazing Seller.


  • Welcome to the show, from Scott!
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  • Why Scott wanted to share with you about Google Trends.
  • What Google trends does in regard to showing your product history.
  • How Google trends can help you validate products.
  • Google trends can help you prepare for in-demand times of product sales.
  • How Google trends will help you keep aware of declining or growing markets and niches.
  • Use Google trends to give you insights on potential products.
  • How to use Google trends to fill in your 12 month sales cycle with products that are in demand during your typical “slow” months.
  • The advantages to using Pay-per-Click to build your base of keywords to improve your keyword ranking in Amazon.


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  • This may be obvious, but it’s also a good idea to look at the Regional Interest in Google Trends to verify there is strong demand in the U.S., if you plan on using Amazon.com.

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