TAS 070 Ask Scott Session #16 – FBA Amazon Questions

Our weekly “Ask Scott” episode is here and Scott’s going to take 5 questions from listeners just like you. You can ask your question by going to www.TheAmazingSeller.com/ask .

Q1: Facebook groups and product promotion

The first question covered in this episode of The Amazing Seller has to do with using a Facebook group to promote or highlight an Amazon FBA product. The listener has a group with several thousand members and is curious how she can go about leveraging that group the most to increase her product sales. Scott’s advice has to do with the level of interaction and connection she’s having within the group to establish herself as the owner and expert in the group, as well as some practical tips about when and how to promote her products through that group.

Q 2: Price points and how to set the right price for your product

Question number 2 in today’s episode of the Amazing Seller is from a listener who is curious how to go about setting the right price point for his product when the Amazon results show a wide variety of prices already being asked for similar products. This is a great question and Scott dives into the details of what to consider in terms of similarity of products, the sales of those products and how to set a price that is advantageous to you and attractive to your buyers.

Q3: Amazon PPC campaigns

Amazon PPC campaigns are some of the best ways to drive traffic to your products and thereby increase conversions and build a customer base. But you can spend a whole lot of money and get very few results if you don’t set up those campaigns the right way. This question focuses on that very issue and Scott provides some great insights regarding what to consider when you set up your Amazon PPC campaigns to save you money and get the best bang for your buck overall.

Q4: Setting up discount codes for your Amazon products, and how to use review sites like Tomoson.

A listener asks Scott how to go about setting up discount codes for products so that he can do some promotions, and the answer Scott gives is pretty simple. Listen to find out how to set up your own discount codes. A second question from the same listener has to do with how to best utilize review sites like www.Tomoson.com to increase product reviews, and thereby rank higher in Amazon’s search algorithms. This is very helpful stuff, so listen in to hear the answer.

Q5: The value of using “suggested keywords” to promote your Amazon products

The final question on today’s “Ask Scott” episode of the Amazing Seller has to do with the value of the suggested keywords Amazon gives when setting up keyword campaigns. In Scott’s view, those suggested keywords can be very helpful in dialing-in your ppc campaign to get actual buyers to your products and increase your customer base through sales. Find out how to go about that using the suggested keywords as you listen to Scott’s answer to this listener question.


  • Hello from Scott!
  • How to submit your questions for Scott.
  • Scott’s invitation to you to attend one of his free workshops.
  • How to get started launching your Amazon business.
  • iTunes reviews from listeners like you!
  • LISTENER QUESTION 1: When and how should I use my Facebook group to promote my products?
  • LISTENER QUESTION 2: How should I evaluate the price point on a product?
  • LISTENER QUESTION 3: How can I set up Amazon PPC campaigns the right way.
  • LISTENER QUESTION 4: How can I set coupon codes for products? How to use Tomoson’s review site.
  • LISTENER QUESTION 5: Can you elaborate on what you mentioned in your conversation with Greg Mercer about suggested keywords?


Submit your question to Scott – https://www.theamazingseller.com/ask

Workshop videos you can usehttps://www.theamazingseller.com/workshop

Get started selling on Amazonhttps://www.TheAmazingSeller.com/start

Jungle Scouthttps://www.junglescout.com/

Tomosan Review site – https://www.Tomoson.com

Episode 56 – Review of Jungle Scout – https://www.theAmazingSeller.com/56

PPC resources from Scott – https://www.TheAmazingSeller.com/ppc


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  • Scott,
    You’ve mentioned a few times you’re planning to move south. You have many options but there is only one real answer to your question: Charleston. I’m a teacher — not in real estate in any way, so not trying to sell you on anything but the destination — if you have questions, feel free to ask. Would be happy to be able to offer you information in return for all you’ve provided me.
    Thanks for all you do,

  • Hey Scott,
    Thanks for answering my question (#3 on this podcast). I just wanted to add the benefit of having multiple SKUs as the same parent/child variation is when you setup the Amazon PPC campaigns (Auto, Amazon and Google suggested, Converting), it is real easy to pause or make active the various SKUs in each of the campaigns once one SKU takes off in sales. Or you might want to run one product for a week then select another variation for the following week.

    The other thing I found useful is to do capitalize the first word, then capitalize all first words, then all capitals. This is very easy to do in Microsoft Word. Found some gems by doing this.

    Once again, thanks heaps for sharing your knowledge.
    All the best mate.
    Canberra, Australia

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