TAS 065 What Are The Best Seller Rank Numbers for Selling 10 Units Per Day? (The 10x10x1 Strategy )

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast I will share what I call the 10x10x1 strategy and how to implement it in your business.

We also talk about the numbers and how just 10 sales per day per product can compound and create a very nice income.

1 Product – $100 per day = $3,000 Month – $36k Year
2 Products – $200 per day = $6,000 Month = $72k Year
5 Products – $500 per day = $15,000 Month = $180k Year

Greg Mercer Podcast Episode #56
Here’s a snap shot of the basic criteria:
•    1. Priced between $19 – $45
•    2. Lightweight & Small (Fits in Shoebox)
•    3. Sells 10 per day or more
•    4. Sourced at 1/3 of selling price
•    5. Ships by Air
•    6. Under 500 reviews
Greg looks for the Top 10 Spots doing $3,000 in sales or more
—The Spread should be Over More Than 2 sellers
—Prove that their is depth

What are the BSR numbers estimates for 10 sales Per Day?
-Baby 2,800
-Beauty – 5,500
-Health & Personal Care – 8,500
-Home & Kitchen – 13,000
-Kitchen & Dining – 5,500
-Patio-Lawn & Garden – 3,200
-Pet Supplies – 3,400
-Sports & Outdoors – 7,800
-Toys & Games – 5,800

The bottom line is to find products that you can sell 10 units per day at $10 profit.

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  • Hey Scott, thanks for great podcast and all the amazing information. I was wondering about your comment on having 5 products before starting a new brand. Assuming that one has own private label, what does it mean 5 products in a brand? Does it mean 5 products in one area like Kitchen equipment? It dones not mean for every 5 products we create a new brand?

    • Hey AT, we typically like to find 3-5 complimentary products before we launch our first one in a space. If you have 5 related products (like all kitchen equipment) that can make for a very strong brand.

  • Hi Scott, do you have any idea what the figures are for uk bsr or where I can find them? Also do you think it’ll be harder to achieve this rule given the smaller population over here.
    Thanks again, cant thank you enough for doing this!

  • Hi Scott, thanks for your podcasts. Started listening two weeks ago and it motivated me to order my first test samples which should be arriving next week. How do you estimate avg sales per day from the BSR? Do you use fbatoolkit? If so, how reliable is it? If not, what other tool do you use to estimate avg sales per day for a product. Also, fbatoolkit does not have amazon.ca BSR/sales per day data. I am in Canada and will be starting on amazon.ca. Any advice for determining sales per day from amazon.ca BSR? I’m sure you are extremely busy, if you do get a chance to answer my question thanks in advance.


    • Hey Alan, if the tools (like JungleScout) aren’t giving you numbers back, you can always use the 999 trick. Add 999 of the product researching to your cart..Amazon will give you a message saying there are only xyz in stock. Repeat that for a couple days and the difference in the inventory level will give you sales per day!

    • Hi Alan, how are sales on Amazon CA? I am thinking about getting into the market but want to determine viability. Thank you!

  • BSR is still a little confusing Scott. For the product I have in mind, in the top level category (sports & outdoors), the BSR for the first two pages of listings ranges from 2000-250,000. You say it should be approx 7500 and below for Sports and Outdoors, but on how many of the listings? There’s only a handful that fall under a 7500 BSR on the first to pages.

    • Hey Charlie, you’ll generally want to look for a product where the AVERAGE bsr across the first 5 or 10 listings comes under that maximum (it varies by category but an average of 6,000 for the first 5 or 10 listings is usually a good place to start!).

      Does that make more sense?

  • The problem that I encountered is that the niche or product I am in has become saturated that the $10 profit has been eaten up by PPC.

    So my problem is the tough competition. If I don’t use PPC to get the $10 profit I don’t get the traffic. If I use PPC, the CPC is too high to get a decent impression in order to get clicks and get sales to rank better and that eats up the profits.

    On average my PPC converts 10% so if I want to have PPC and still get profit I have to raise price. But then raising price would equate to less sales and more refunds.

    What to do?

    I thought of stopping PPC and dropping price just to get at least $3 or $5 and ditch the product for good.

    • Hey Ryan, if you truly can’t get ppc to work for you in the market, you have a couple options. It sounds like you’ve already checked a few off. The first thing i’d look at is the number of reviews. If you have fewer reviews than the competition, that can be an issue with ppc. The second thing I would take a look at is the keywords you’re bidding on. If you haven’t already, give episode 119 a listen and try your hand with that strategy. You’ll be surprised at the difference it can make!

      Lastly, if all else fails, you could always liquidate, but chances are…one of those other options may do the trick.

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