TAS 063 The (5 Step) Long Term Plan To Succeed In Building ANY Business (not just Amazon)

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast we'll talk about The 5 Step Long Term Strategy to Grow and Build a Business. This will allow you to diversify and secure your brand.

Here's the 5 steps

1. Use Successful Platform – Amazon
2. Build Customer List Email (Episode #24)
3. Build Your Own Platform (eCommerce) – Shopify Website
4. Build Outside Traffic (Google – Facebook – Bing – Youtube Content Blog)
5. Create Deep Product Line

When Do You Start Focusing On External Channel and Traffic?

Only when…

Product 1 is Set and Selling Consistently
Product 2 is picked and Selling Consistently

In the beginning when you are first starting your Amazon business, you should only focus on one channel. This will allow you to get momentum and start receiving results. You can then build your external channel once you get to the next phase.

Links Discussed:

Building Your Customer List – Episode #24

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