TAS 060 3 Tips To Rank Higher For Keywords And Increase Organic Sales (The Right Way)

In this episode of The Amazing Seller podcast we'll discuss why ranking for keywords is so important and how you can plan for the future. You'll learn the correct way for ranking using simple techniques.

Here's 3 ways that you can improve ranking for keywords inside of Amazon.

1. Keywords in Title + Bullets + Description

2. Promotions – Walk People Through The Steps
*Email > Go to Amazon > Search Garlic Press
>Find Product by (Your Brand) > Click on Listing
> Add To Cart > Use Code > Finish Check Out

3. Use Amazon PPC – Focus on Top Keywords and Bid Aggressively
—The Break Even Strategy

Tip for Improving Ranking

Modify your listings Title, Bullets and Description after  data comes in from PPC.

Tips for Finding Keywords:

Use Google Keyword PlannerMerchant WordsKeyword Inspector

Links Discussed:

Podcast Episode #19 – Discovering Keywords

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  • Hi Scott,

    Thanks for the incredible help! You give SO much!

    In this podcast you taught about the importance of keywords in the title, in bullets and in the description.

    I am curious what you think about the keywords in the back office of the Amazon listing. The area where keywords are inserted but no one sees them. How much do these keywords matter, and will adding them there be as relevant as adding keywords in the title, bullets and description?

    Mike Schaefer
    HappyMoon Home Essentials

    • Hey Mike, outside of the title section of your listing the “back office” is going to be the second most important! Bullets and description don’t have nearly the impact (on rank) that the title and back office do!

  • would it just be easier for the customer to find your product if you just give them your superurl with your product in other to find it faster?

    • “easier” yes. More effective? Probably not. Something like a Super URL is easy for Amazon to target and exclude from their algo as a factor that would have impact, the “true organic search and purchase method” is not, because it’s exactly how a normal customer would find and purchase your product. Both seem to be working for now, but the long method will probably continue to be effective into the future.

  • Hi Scott,
    When asking family and friends to enter keywords to purchase your product, should they all be asked to enter the same keywords or should they each vary them slightly?

  • Hi Scott,

    Thanks for your podcast. Absolutely love it. Really appreciate all the time and energy you put in to teach us. I have a question on placement of the keywords in the product title. Say, I’m selling wheel covers for Dodge Caravan. When I research for possible keywords on Merchantwords.com, the result returns most searches for “dodge wheel covers”. Now, when I put these keywords in the product title, does the order matter? Like “dodge wheel covers” versus “wheel covers for dodge”? Does proximity of the individual keywords matter? Do they have to be together to match the possible search string? Or can they be anywhere in the product title? Thanks again.



    • hey Nawab,

      As best we can tell, Amazon uses a broad match algorithm when it comes keywords, so the order doesn’t seem to matter too much. That being said, the order does matter to a certain extent when it comes to how things are phrased in the title and how the come across to the buyer. Obviously you want these to come across as naturally as possible and should phrase them the way that makes the most sense for your customer.

  • I’ve a PL on Amazon and using 2 PPC, auto and manual. The PPC ads bring sales, but do I find out if there are organic sales instead of PPC sales?

    I’m a ASM4 member, but I find your podcasts are more helping now that my product is listed on Amazon.

    Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge. I sincerely appreciate it.

  • Scott,
    Your podcast is changing our life – even if our products flop, your take on how to go about starting and running a business rings so true with our (my wife and partners and I) motivations. It is truly a pleasure to tune in to everything you share on the podcast, INCLUDING the more abstract discussions such as the recent “entrepreneur” discussion. The big picture is often left out because many of us get so stuck on the details of the selling of products. The day-to-day stuff, if you will. So, we appreciate when you discuss these other important factors involved with being successful in our line of work. Please keep up the good work, and know that you are truly connecting with fellow humans out here who answer their “why” question very similar to the way you do, and truly appreciate all of the assistance that your endeavors and honesty provide.
    Taking action, Enjoy,
    Terra Friendly LLC

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