TAS 059 The Missing Piece – Are You An Entrepreneur?

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast we're going to discuss the pros and cons to becoming an entrepreneur.  The truth is that not everyone is cut out for becoming one. It takes a strong…driven individual and lots of hard work.

In the show I break down the two different business models.

Business Model #1

1. Work for Someone Else – The 9 to 5 Model
—They Handle Everything – You Work To Build Their Business
—You Go Home – Turn Off The Business
—Small Raise or Bonus (12 Months)

Business Model #2
2. Work For Self – Own Boss
—You Create and Build Your Business
—Make Own Hours
—Unlimited Salary
—Full Responsibility


What it Takes to own your own business and become Entrepreneur.

1. Having Strong WHY?
2. Understanding Business 101 – What It Takes
—A. Legal
—B. Accounting + Taxes + Insurance
—C. Marketing – Advertising
—D. Diversification – Revenue Streams

3. Willing To Take Risks
—A. Lose Money
—B. Lose Time
—C. Willing To Fail

4. Self Motivate & Discipline  – Work Everyday

5. Have Backup Plan – Investments and other Channels

So, if you are someone that wants freedom and is willing to put in the work…go for it!

Post Your WHY…In The Comments Below

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Join the discussion

  • My why:
    1) Lucy, MowMow, Maggie, Sparkles, Blindie, Honey Badger, Little Brown Sugar, Captain Jack Sparrow, Professor Mittens, Silvio, Dori (my pets are my life and my why)
    2) So my boyfriend and I can enjoy life, and have freedom over our time.
    3) I want to pay my house off so I know my animals will always have a home. Most of them have come from terrible situations and I want this security for them.

  • My WHY is to make time for my fiancée and make her my wife, have a nice home to live in, and do more of what I enjoy, to have more time to do the things that are important.

  • Hi Scott
    My WHY: Was in business for 8 years – which had me stuck because I was so hands-on and control-freak!! Yes, I said it! Control freak! Now I sold up and Amazon here I come. Why?? So that I can TRAVEL! Love to travel … we sail a lot, and maybe the sailing is the biggest part of my why. I want to sail away for a week without having to worry because Amazon will travel with me.
    Thank you for a GREAT GREAT GREAT show!! (I am such a risk taker, you just won’t believe! Now, I need to get my product selling … getting there!)

  • Right before you said it on the podcast….I said my family. I work 12 hour shifts overnight almost every night including weekends to just “make ends meet” It is time for a change. I had all my eggs in one basket before this job with another job….9-5…that I was going to retire from…then one day was let go. I am done with that.

  • Hey Scott and TASers!
    As I listen to your podcasts in order, I’ve just revisited this excellent episode.

    My why: I have one main “anti-why” (away from motivation) -I’ve been teaching kids piano who don’t bother turning up for lessons half the time; when they do, they haven’t practised.

    My why: I want to fund my orchestra to put on 12-20 concerts per year. Plus when I’m not doing that, I want to take my girlfriend and me to live in Italy! We love it there!

    When I go into work with the dismal students, it reminds me to work harder on my business!

  • My why…..to make money for myself and not make someone else rich, to have freedom to schedule my own time, to not be a hostage of corporate garbage.

  • Hey, Scott! Wow, I’m surprised to see not one comment here yet for this episode. I guess everybody’s busy hitting up the awesome Facebook group. Anyway, here is my why: AUTONOMY! It’s time for ME to take control and do the steering. There’s no need to work for someone else to help them get a nicer Mercedes, just to be under-appreciated and underpaid in the meantime. And if I’m going to be micro-managed, I’m gonna do it to myself. So….freedom…..that’s what it’s about for me. I’m glad I found your podcast. It has really motivated me (and so many others, I’m sure). Keep up the great work!

  • Thank you for this podcast! This is one of my new faves:) my “why” is also my family. I am a mother of four young boys, my oldest of which is an extremely talented competitive gymnast and this Sport is incredibly expensive (we spent $9000 on gymnastics last year with all the traveling and everything). My husband and I both work full-time to support our children but it does not seem to be enough so I started doing online arbitrage through FBA. Slowly but surely I am gaining momentum. This podcast, full of some profound realities, was a confirmation that I am heading in the right direction. Thank you for that! I hope to quit my full-time job in the next year (depending on how well my private label product does) and spend more time with my boys so that we can do the things that we love to do without sacrificing our lifestyle.

  • My family, my two boys Harrison (4) and Keaton (2), My family, my time, my life, my sanity. Thanks Scott, you’re the best

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