TAS 059 The Missing Piece – Are You An Entrepreneur?

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast we're going to discuss the pros and cons to becoming an entrepreneur.  The truth is that not everyone is cut out for becoming one. It takes a strong…driven individual and lots of hard work.

In the show I break down the two different business models.

Business Model #1

1. Work for Someone Else – The 9 to 5 Model
—They Handle Everything – You Work To Build Their Business
—You Go Home – Turn Off The Business
—Small Raise or Bonus (12 Months)

Business Model #2
2. Work For Self – Own Boss
—You Create and Build Your Business
—Make Own Hours
—Unlimited Salary
—Full Responsibility


What it Takes to own your own business and become Entrepreneur.

1. Having Strong WHY?
2. Understanding Business 101 – What It Takes
—A. Legal
—B. Accounting + Taxes + Insurance
—C. Marketing – Advertising
—D. Diversification – Revenue Streams

3. Willing To Take Risks
—A. Lose Money
—B. Lose Time
—C. Willing To Fail

4. Self Motivate & Discipline  – Work Everyday

5. Have Backup Plan – Investments and other Channels

So, if you are someone that wants freedom and is willing to put in the work…go for it!

Post Your WHY…In The Comments Below

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  • Yeah, I’ll post a why probably somewhere where I’ll get a more encouraging view than my ordinary social network. Sure, part 1 is I desperately need to get out of my job. For a large list of reasons that grows daily. But that’s hardly enough motivation.

    My true intent is I desire to create a production studio. I’m taking a harder path to get there, but less risky. The problem is the projects I am developing require time to get things off the ground. And I know I can make it successful, but it will likely take longer to be profitable than I can work another angle that can help free up my time and maybe even raise capital to help fund this venture. Bottom line is I realized there are flaws in the way everyone is trying to make it in media, leaving their fate to the hands of others, land an agent to book a commercial that will hopefully get you money to focus on the rest of your career, or some sort of path that relies on too many stars aligning that hinge on others choosing you. This was the best option I can find, to start low and slow and grow into something that with less time I can have my hands free enough to make things I want to make, not having to make the things people say I should make. And maybe finally have a little peace while (likely) I end up working twice as hard at something that makes me not even mind.

  • My WHY?
    My husband!! He has worked 1/2 days (6 am to 6 pm…..that is his little joke,) for our family for over 20 years! It is time to give back to him….. I want him to enjoy some freedom away from work! I love him dearly and my mission is to make this happen!
    As Scott would say….. “TAKE ACTION!” Well…. I am doing just that! 🙂

  • Thank you, Scott. Great episode…was very moving for me.

    My why: my fiancé is working herself to death. Not because she loves her work (which she does), but because she has to. We live a modest and humble lifestyle, and both earn a decent living, but struggle to make ends meet. It is breaking my heart to see her exhausted and in declining health because she just can’t stop.

    My why is this: I am hustling and working at this business to one day be able to tell her, “Baby, you can quit your job. No more. Today, you can rest. ”

    My why is to support my family, and allow my partner to live in a way that feels natural and healthy and nourishing.

    Thank you again for the reminder and for all the excellent info and motivation.

    In gratitude,

  • Hi Scott
    My why is my freedom I am listening to your podcast going to my evening work
    Thanks for all you do
    Milan Italy

  • Another great podcast! My WHY: my family; to be able to help my hubby by funding the remodeling of our house; to be able to visit to my children and grandchildren; to be able to go on volunteer ministry assignments with my husband! Great idea to have us WRITE DOWN our why’s — keeps us motivated!

  • My Why would be that I’d like to be making enough money that I can leave my job to travel and do the things I want to do while I’ve got money coming in as I do them. I’m about 2 months into FBA PL and making about 2 sales per day. Thanks for everything that you do Scott, love the podcast 🙂

  • My why is to be able to leave something (besides memories) for my grandchildren to take over and grow the business to an even greater level. I am currently sharing with them everything I’m doing and have them listening with me to your podcast which we truly love.

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