TAS 059 The Missing Piece – Are You An Entrepreneur?

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast we're going to discuss the pros and cons to becoming an entrepreneur.  The truth is that not everyone is cut out for becoming one. It takes a strong…driven individual and lots of hard work.

In the show I break down the two different business models.

Business Model #1

1. Work for Someone Else – The 9 to 5 Model
—They Handle Everything – You Work To Build Their Business
—You Go Home – Turn Off The Business
—Small Raise or Bonus (12 Months)

Business Model #2
2. Work For Self – Own Boss
—You Create and Build Your Business
—Make Own Hours
—Unlimited Salary
—Full Responsibility


What it Takes to own your own business and become Entrepreneur.

1. Having Strong WHY?
2. Understanding Business 101 – What It Takes
—A. Legal
—B. Accounting + Taxes + Insurance
—C. Marketing – Advertising
—D. Diversification – Revenue Streams

3. Willing To Take Risks
—A. Lose Money
—B. Lose Time
—C. Willing To Fail

4. Self Motivate & Discipline  – Work Everyday

5. Have Backup Plan – Investments and other Channels

So, if you are someone that wants freedom and is willing to put in the work…go for it!

Post Your WHY…In The Comments Below

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Join the discussion

  • My why: I want to be free. I’m at a point in my life where I can’t stand someone telling me when and where to be and how long to be there. This is my life and MY time and I will use it how I see fit.
    From my experience, employers these days believe they own you for 8 hours a day. I had a bad experience at a lumber mill I worked at where none of the mill workers got a raise for 3 years, all the while the salesmen rolled up in new cars every other week. Scott, your “rant” at the end of this episode hit home HARD. I feel the exact same way. That job at the mill set me on this path. Now I’m a janitor for people who do nothing but complain about minor things everyday but I’m working my way towards freedom. I’ve had some success selling my own hand made product on eBay but I struggled to find accurate and most importantly COMPLETE information on how to make a full income online and/or amazon for a couple years now and I finally found your podcast Scott! You put it all out there without an upsell to be seen so thank you for helping me reach for my why!

  • My why is my three boys. I want them to see you can do anything as long as you work for it, and don’t listen to the people that say you can’t.

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