TAS 058 Ask Scott Session #12 – FBA Amazon Questions

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast I answer your questions that were submitted by Voicemail about selling private label products on Amazon.

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The question asked and answered today were:

  • 1. How to get reviews for products if I live in The UK?
  • 2. How to rank higher in Amazon PPC?
  • 3. How to look at trends in the market?
  • 4. Where to get good high quality product images and 3 rendering models?
  • 5. How to address negative reviews and improve the number of positive ones?

Links Discussed:

FREE Private Label Workshop

TAS Private Facebook Group

Rich Turnbull UK Seller Interview – #21


Facebook Review Group

Upgraded Images – Product Shots



Upwork.com – Odesk.com

Feedback / Review Follow Up Strategy


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  • Hi Scott,
    Amazing podcast and thank you very much.
    Can you please repost the link for the “Facebook Review Group”, the one here seems not the same.
    Thank you.

  • I didn’t know Fiverr and Upworks were so versatile. I’d also never heard of Upgradedimages. $40 or so on Fiverr seems so low for photography compared to hundreds of dollars you would give a professional photographer. Do you feel that the quality difference is noteworthy? It just sounds too good to be true for quality photos. I suppose that you send them your sample unit (sample with your branding of course) pre-production?

    • I should have said PAY a professional photographer. Obviously they are providing a valuable service and we are not just giving them money.

    • Hey Mike, generally the more professional the better when it comes to things like product photos, but if you use the $40 ones just to get started you can always use a professional photographer down the line!

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