TAS 057 Is It Too Late To Start Private Labeling on Amazon? My Thoughts

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast I decided to discuss my thoughts on “Is It Too Late To Start Selling on Amazon?. This is what a lot of people are thinking and is stopping them from getting started.

Warning: This episode is a little bit of a rant. I want you to understand that selling Private Label Products on Amazon is no different than any other “How To Make Money Online” stuff in the past.

There will always be opportunity and people that try to GAME the system and that's were you can rise to the top.

Here's a couple examples that first come to mind.

  • 1. Building Niche Websites
  • 2. Creating and Selling Kindle Books

Both of these still work, but you have to build quality stuff and play by the rules. In this episode I break it down and hopefully help you realize that the business model of Private Labeling…is still a great option to make an online income.

Here's the 5 important steps to consider when choosing a product to sell.
1. Do The Research (Dig Deeper) 10 sales per day = More products
2. Make a Better Product – Add Features – Listen to reviews
3. Add an Accessory (Not an eBook)
4. Play By The Rules (The Long Game)
5. Get Good At PPC

Enjoy my RANT 🙂

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  • This was the first episode of the podcast I listened. It was so good I went to the first podcast and have been listening to them all in order and taking notes. So this morning I just hit play on this episode again, not knowing it was the one that got me going, and soon realized this was my starting point in all this. Now our first product is picked and we’re just waiting for CNY to end to order samples. Thanks for all you do. God bless you, Scott.

  • Thanks for the rant Scot. For my 2nd product choice I followed a lot of this advice. I went after a product that was way lower competition and lower BSR then found a similar product no one (at the time) was selling. Hoped to sell 5-10 a day but I’ve averaged about 15+.

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