TAS 056 How Greg Mercer Built His 6 Figure Per Month Amazon Business

Greg_Mercer_InterviewIn this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast you'll hear how Greg Mercer built his 6 figure per month Amazon business. He shares what he is currently doing to further scale his private label business.

Greg is also the creator the popular product research tool…Jungle Scout. He shares why he decided to create this tool, but also how it saves him hours during the research phase.

In this interview Greg also shares what his criteria is for choosing a product and how to come up with ideas to research.

We actually share a similar approach to choosing a winning product, which I've publicly shared in past episodes. If you want to hear that episode…click here.

Here's a snap shot of the basic criteria:

  • 1. Priced between $19 – $45
  • 2. Lightweight & Small (Fits in Shoebox)
  • 3. Sells 10 per day or more
  • 4. Sourced at 1/3 of selling price
  • 5. Ships by Air
  • 6. Under 500 reviews

Greg explains in more detail what he looks for, but these are the basics.

Enjoy the interview!

Links Discussed:

The BSR Cheat Sheet (Selling 10 Per Day)

Jungle Scout Research TOOL (10% OFF)

NEW Jungle Scout Web App – Discovery Tool

*If you purchase through my link I will earn a small commission * I work for coffee 🙂

Watch the video that Greg created walking you through the steps he uses to find products.

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Join the discussion

  • One of the basic criteria mentioned for a potential product is that it is sourced for 1/3 the selling price. Is that taking into account all costs, i.e, shipping etc?

  • Scott thanks so much for all your amazing content. It seems the link for the cheatsheet is not working. Just thought you might want to know.

  • Hello Scott,
    Amazing episode! I have enjoyed listening to you sent I came across your podcast a few months ago. I sincerely appreciate you taking your time to share this invaluable information with everyone. I do have 1 question, I signed up for Jungle Scout, but have not received the list of products that was discussed in the talk. Again, thank you so much!

  • The BSR cheat sheet link doesn’t go to a cheat sheet. It goes to the JungleScout promo. Is that correct?

  • Loved the video! Please convey my thanks to Greg for making it and you for posting it. It validated the way I’ve been using Jungle Scout and provided an extra tip (spying on the competition) that I look forward to adding to my research process.

  • Thanks so much Scott and Greg! I really enjoyed hearing Greg’s story and is a true inspiration to what we are working to accomplish. Thanks so much for the BSR rank sheet…I love looking at numbers! 🙂

  • Oh my, in the first 5 minutes of using Jungle Scout I have sorted out my next few products and most importantly, eliminated what I thought would be a good product. What a brilliant and simple to use bit of software. This is the best research tool for Amazon I have seen so far. Thanks to Scott for bringing Greg onto the pod cast. You both rock!

  • First time listening to your podcast, but definitely not the last. Great stuff! I just started the research phase and am anxious identify some potential products.

    If you do bring Greg back on (and you should!), I’d love to hear more about his team, how he’s automated his process, etc. For example, does he have VAs that monitor inventory and place reorders? Those types of details would be very interesting and helpful.

    Thanks again and great podcast!

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