TAS 056 How Greg Mercer Built His 6 Figure Per Month Amazon Business

Greg_Mercer_InterviewIn this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast you'll hear how Greg Mercer built his 6 figure per month Amazon business. He shares what he is currently doing to further scale his private label business.

Greg is also the creator the popular product research tool…Jungle Scout. He shares why he decided to create this tool, but also how it saves him hours during the research phase.

In this interview Greg also shares what his criteria is for choosing a product and how to come up with ideas to research.

We actually share a similar approach to choosing a winning product, which I've publicly shared in past episodes. If you want to hear that episode…click here.

Here's a snap shot of the basic criteria:

  • 1. Priced between $19 – $45
  • 2. Lightweight & Small (Fits in Shoebox)
  • 3. Sells 10 per day or more
  • 4. Sourced at 1/3 of selling price
  • 5. Ships by Air
  • 6. Under 500 reviews

Greg explains in more detail what he looks for, but these are the basics.

Enjoy the interview!

Links Discussed:

The BSR Cheat Sheet (Selling 10 Per Day)

Jungle Scout Research TOOL (10% OFF)

NEW Jungle Scout Web App – Discovery Tool

*If you purchase through my link I will earn a small commission * I work for coffee 🙂

Watch the video that Greg created walking you through the steps he uses to find products.

If you want to watch larger video on Youtube – Click Here


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  • Please explain acronyms and abbreviations. We all jump around from Pod to Pod. Newbies hear BSR, etc. and etc. which rolls off your tongue, and we’re lost. I think your work is fantastic, and appreciated. Slow the train down and don’t assume we understand the language. Anxious to learn, just need a moment.

  • Did Greg mean same brand when he said ‘try to get 2 or 3 of the same products in the same private label’ i.e use one brand on several products.

    Thanks Scott.

  • The link to the BSR Cheat Sheet doesn’t seem to be working, it just forwards to Jungle Scout. I would love to be able to see the cheat sheet if it is available.

    • You will need to add you email on that page to be sent the downloads. Then you will be emailed the downloads.

  • Hey Scott,
    Thanks for another great episode. I have been using the Jungle Scout extension for over a month now, and I absolutely love it. It’s great to get a birds-eye view of how well a product or competitor is doing in seconds with just a click of a button. Although the price has gone up since I purchased it, it’s still an awesome tool to have in the toolbox for a private label business and I highly recommend it.
    On a side note, I’ve jumped all the hurdles to this point and received my first shipment a few days ago and will be sending it into Amazon this week. I’m pumped to get it up and selling by using all the tips you’ve provided on your show!
    Thanks for the awesome podcast and the weekly motivation!


  • Hey Guys, great podcast – Had a few questions about jungle scout:
    1. How many products/pages can i scrape per day? Is there a limit per day?
    2. Do i have to click “extract results” for each page? Or is there any sort of automated button to pull products from multiple pages?
    3. How fast is jungle scout? How long would it take to pull say 100 pages?
    4. I never saw the BSR / Sales Frequency chart, where can i find that?

    Cheers and thanks!

    • I believe as many as you want. I’m not sure if this can be automated. I don’t think so. It’s pretty fast, but will have to do with your internet connection too.

      The chart should have been sent to you after requesting it. You can contact greg@junglescout.com and ask for it again.

  • Hi Scott and Greg,
    first of all I think everybody is totally fine with the fact to bring someone to the show that does not everything for love 🙂
    When he can share and give value: Perfect! When he had developed something that potentially will make our live easier – even better!
    I trust you Scott to not throw in some expensive rubbish here 🙂 Therefore, Scott: Please let the tools comming! This is really an important topic – maybe you can dedicate one or more podcasts to tools (free and paied..?!) Would love to hear more about it!

    Greg, one question:
    I read that you collect feeback to get an UK version running – what about a version for Germany? Far away?


  • This episode was awesome and I’m now a Jungle Scout user, woot woot!
    It’s a really cool tool and has me geeking out on Amazon stats..hoping the people around me will care but always realizing they don’t! Perhaps I need to get out to Chang Mai with Johnny FD and the hustlers out there having a nice time.
    I had question: how important are seller types? Is it beneficial if Amazon isn’t selling the product directly, and it’s just FBA’ers? Given that the numbers are good?

    Thanks for making a great show!

    Edward S

  • Another very good Podcast. Thank you again Scott for your persistent effort to reach out and help others.
    Got a lot of good information from the podcast, and working hard to apply them.
    Thank you.

  • Hey Scott, I loved this episode, After joining the private label classroom I’ve been going through the podcast episodes from episode #1 but when this one came out I HAD to listen to it out of order.

    I heard you say that greg is in Cambodia. I’ll be in S.E. Asia this winter and would love to run into him. How open is Greg for meeting a fellow motivated action taker like myself?

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